Anti-Islamization activists in Denmark visited Roskilde Mayor Joy Mogensen’s house at 5am to blast out a Muslim call to prayer in protest against Mogensen’s support for the construction of a new mosque.

Stop the Islamization of Denmark (SIAD) paid a visit to both Mogensen and Bishop Peter Fischer Møller after both appeared in a photo-op to promote the building of the new mosque, which will be the first in Denmark to include minarets, a distinctive tower structure typically found adjacent to mosques.

Activists fear the new mosque could get approval to broadcast the early morning call to prayer on loudspeakers after Parliament rejected a proposal from the Danish People’s Party that would have prohibited the Islamic call to prayer throughout Denmark.

Bishop Møller later claimed that he hadn’t been awoken by the stunt, prompting members of SIAD to vow to get louder speakers and pay him another visit.

The incident is similar to when Swedish activists visited a wealthy neighborhood of pro-multicuturalism leftists to broadcast the same call to prayer early in the morning.


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Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of and Prison

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