Editors at the Huffington Post were accused of spreading anti-Semitic hate Friday after blasting a headline featuring an offensive racial slur in reference to Steve Bannon’s departure from the White House.

The website proclaimed, “GOY, BYE,” in a bold headline featured prominently on its splash page after news that White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon was out.

Editor Lydia Polgreen tweeted a screenshot of HuffPo’s front page, crediting editor Chloe Angyal for coming up with the idea.

“Goy,” or goyim, is defined by the Oxford Dictionary as an informal, derogatory Jewish name for a non-Jew.

Numerous Twitter users took offense to the leftist media outlet’s use of the term, especially in light of the nation’s current racial tensions.

Some users also asked the Anti-Defamation League if they would condemn HuffPo’s use of the slur, before ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt thanked them for changing the headline.

At 10:17AM Polgreen stated she was “Looking forward” to the foreseeable controversy the tweet would stir, but by 12:15PM the editor appears to have realized the headline was in bad taste and issued clarifying statements justifying use of the slur as “edgy” and “playful.”

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