Leftists and Democrats attempting to shut down Donald Trump are violating his constitutionally protected and guaranteed right of speech and assembly.

On Saturday Mike Holmes wrote for Lew Rockwell’s website:

In reading and watching the recent anti-Trump blockades and semi-violent disruptions it seems obvious that this highly organized movement is explicitly calling for violating candidate Trump’s protected civil rights to assemble and speak before his supporters.

As a libertarian I’m all for protest and dissent. However that doesn’t include preventing people with whom we disagree from speaking to or assembling their supporters or fans. Legitimate protest/dissent doesn’t including shutting up the other side by force or threats of force.

You may recall in the 80s and 90s nearly all of the organized KKK and white supremacist groups were put out of business by the federal government over charges and convictions for violating or conspiring to violate the civil rights of their targeted victims. The federal Justice Department and their Office of Civil Rights was very active in pursuing groups who acted or conspired to act against someone’s right to vote, assemble, speak, travel,  participate in civic life or live peacefully with their neighbors. That included running for public office.

Flash forward to now: while some of the anti-Trump protests appear to be limited to exercising free speech, the emergence of national groups organized and united to prevent Trump from speaking at his public rallies crosses a dangerous line. How is the recent blockade of a Trump rally in Phoenix AZ not an intentional and organized effort to deprive Mr. Trump of his constitutional rights to speech and assembly? And the civil rights of those who want to hear him speak, without being threatened or blocked by angry protesters? They shut him down in Chicago, and now they publically announce that this is their objective everywhere they can muster the muscle to do so.

Since this is part of a nationally organized coalition of anti-Trump groups, how are they any different from the extremist right-wing or racist action groups of the past? In this case the “conspiracy” to violate his rights is not hidden, but instead blasted throughout Social Media by self-righteous activist-organizers who explicitly call for shutting up Trump and shutting down his national GOP primary campaign.

I am not an attorney but a mere US citizen. But something stinks about this.

So far there has been little or no public comment about this odd situation. Just imagine what would happen if, say, anti-Hillary organizers publicly planned and called for aggressive and disruptive means to prevent candidate Clinton from speaking at her rallies? Or preventing her supporters from reaching campaign venues? Recall her past loud complaints about the “vast right-wing conspiracy” against the Clintons? Instead the establishment media is replete with victim blaming Trump for supposedly “inciting” violence. Didn’t Bull Conner once say that about black civil rights marchers in Selma?

What’s sauce for the KKK and white supremacists is sauce for the Soros, et. al.  funded “shut down Trump” Social Media  conspiracy. Bragging about it on the Internet or Twitter doesn’t turn threats of violence into harmless dissent. Not when these threats are manifested at Trump events.

Attorney General Loretta Lynch, your phone is ringing. Better answer it soon.

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