Anti-Trump protesters surrounded a woman wearing a MAGA hat Wednesday at an El Paso, Texas, memorial to last weekend’s shooting spree that killed 22 people.

A CBS reporter noted, “Tensions get heated at the site of the memorial in El Paso when a woman wearing a #MAGA hat is surrounded by those who oppose Donald Trump and his visit to El Paso.

A woman in the crowd can be heard shouting “We don’t negotiate with terrorists.”

Several prominent Democratic politicians objected to Trump’s visit to El Paso, blaming him for the shooting and arousing the white supremacy behind it. Former Texas Congressman and Democratic presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke has quick to blame Trump for the massacre and has continued to accuse the president in both interviews and social media statements.

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Congressman Castro, a presidential hopeful for 2020, recently threatened to doxx Trump supporters in an effort to shame them publicly.

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