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Millie Weaver challenges anti-Trump protesters to walk with her to see if Trump supporters are as bad as the mainstream media says. The ending is amazing and will leave you speechless.

Anti-Trump protestors verbally abused Infowars reporter Millie Weaver at a Trump rally where they called her “Nazi b*tch” and asked her if they could “grab [her] p***y,” as highlighted by The Daily Caller.

Weaver even decided to expose the crassness of the anti-Trump crowd to one of its more mild-mannered protesters by escorting him to the pro-Trump gathering where the difference was night and day.

“He wants to know if he goes [to the Trump rally] he’d be safe and welcomed,” asked Millie to a MAGA visor-wearing woman who immediately hugged the man originally from the anti-Trump crowd.

“I will welcome you with open arms,” said the woman. “We’re all one people right?”

But, before the guest could get too comfortable in the Trump camp, Weaver brought him back to the anti-Trump side to reveal to him the very different treatment an outsider gets in that camp.

“We’re going to see if I get treated with love and tolerance,” said Weaver while gearing up to cross the divide. “We’re going to bring a Trump supporter to see what happens.”

If the interlopers weren’t being yelled down by megaphones or pushed around, they were having cigarette smoke blown in their face.

“They blew smoke in my face,” said Weaver. “The guy just blew a cigarette in my face.”

Even the man who Weaver brought on the odyssey was getting wise to the radical left’s antics. They had to leave the chaotic scene.

“Wouldn’t it be great if liberals actually practiced love?” asked Weaver. “All I ever see or hear from them is intolerance and profanities.”

This is just one of the many videos uploaded by The Daily Caller that exposes leftists harassing police officers, more conservatives, and college students.

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