A bloody riot broke out during a “law and order” rally in Portland, Oregon, between the leftist group Antifa and the right-wing organization Patriot Prayer.

Saturday night’s downtown brawl lasted a little over a minute as riot cops quickly showed up to end the chaos.

No arrests were made after Antifa agents used bear mace and batons to fight against the patriot group, according to local media.

Originally, the “law and order” rally was Patriot Prayer’s effort to indict the city’s mayor, Ted Wheeler, on his mismanagement of the city’s police force.

Specifically, last week’s incident involving Antifa thugs blocking roads and inciting drivers while calling anyone who wanted to be left alone a “white supremacist.”

Additional footage of the city’s failure to enforce the law can be seen below:

Local authorities are still investigating Saturday’s brawl as of this reporting; political violence appears to be escalating as the midterms draw closer.

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