An Antifa member who sustained a superficial flesh wound to the leg screamed and cried while a leftist comrade LARPing as a medic unnecessarily applied a tourniquet, footage from Tuesday shows.

The video shows an Antifa rioter, who had received a scrape along his leg with no blood loss, shrieking in pain while a peer fixed a belt around his leg as if he was bleeding out.

The episode drew the mockery of many on social media, who pointed out that the Antifa member’s laceration appeared superficial and non-life threatening, evidenced by the lack of blood loss.

As we’ve reported, Antifa aren’t exactly the sharpest knives in the drawer.

Here’s a rioter setting himself on fire in attempt to burn down a government building from last week’s riots in Fayetteville, North Carolina.

Here’s video from 2019 showing another Antifa provocateur trying and failing to light an American flag on fire.

Remember, these are the people who want to control your life.




BLM and ANTIFA Release Joker Jubilee Of Violence

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