A member of the violent Antifa movement publicly threatened a pro-Trump journalist’s young daughter, vowing to target conservative commentators “and their kids”.

Cassandra Fairbanks, a reporter who formerly identified as a Bernie-supporting Democrat but later switched her allegiance to Trump, received the threat from a group identifying itself as the ‘Arizona Antifa Front’.

“Some of us know you very personally cass, and know just how afraid you can really get. Be careful doll, for ur duaghters sake,” the tweet read. The word ‘daughter’ was misspelled.

The individual deleted the tweet, but only after she was forced to do so by Twitter to regain access to her account.

However, in a subsequent tweet, the threat was re-stated.

“We’ll catch you another time cass, this isnt the last you’ve heard (or seen ;o ) of us honey.”

The account then sent out a threat to conservative commentators and Trump supporters that their children would be targeted too.

“u better believe we have no prblm threatening ur leaders and their kids. Watch ur back alt-reichers. No one’s off limits,” read another tweet.

While numerous alt-right Twitter users have been permanently suspended in recent weeks for expressing unpopular opinions or engaging in alleged “harassment,” the tech giant presumably doesn’t think that threatening people’s children constitutes harassment since the Antifa account is still active.

Fairbanks later identified the culprit as a woman and said she would be contacting the FBI about the threat.

Fairbanks also shared tweets she had received from another Antifa supporter who made vulgar threats against her daughter and hoped for her to be “hit by a car”.

A change.org petition to declare Antifa a terrorist organization has been signed by thousands of people. Given that the group engages in violence to further a political objective, the designation is completely apt.


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