Cahal Milmo
The Independent
June 16, 2008

Police wielding batons clashed with protesters last night when a demonstration against George Bush’s farewell visit to Britain turned violent a few hundred metres from where the US President was dining with Gordon Brown.

Within the shadow of the Houses of Parliament, officers dressed in riot gear skirmished with several hundred demonstrators who had been attending a rally organised by the Stop the War Coalition.

The Metropolitan Police said 25 protesters were arrested. In some cases, squads of police in riot gear had swooped upon individual demonstrators, picking out their target then barging through the crowd to detain them.

Police drew batons and truncheons in an attempt to push back a crowd which at 6.20pm moved from the rally on Parliament Square to try to gain entry to Whitehall. A squad of riot officers and horses were later sent to reinforce the barricade as protesters chanting “George Bush, terrorist” and “Bush go home” repeatedly tried to break through the reinforced crowd barriers and concrete blocks.

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