Update: The Hill has issued a correction to its article after we pointed out that Alex Jones does not own, operate or have any relationship with the Austin, Texas, radio station recently shut down by the FCC:

Update #2: FCC Chairman said the following:

It is important to make clear that our pirate radio enforcement efforts — including this one — have nothing to do with the content of pirate radio stations air. We act against pirate radio stations because they are violating the law by broadcasting on the FM airwaves without a license.

As a content provider, Alex Jones and Infowars is not affiliated in any official capacity with the radio station recently shut down by the FCC, and it doesn’t appear that any journalists who inaccurately reported this e-mailed us for comment prior to running this false story.

Jones woke up Thursday morning to the “news” that he supposedly owns a “pirate” radio station in Austin, Texas, which is, of course, patently false.

Alex Jones released the following statement:

We do not operate any radio or TV stations anywhere in the country.

Claims that we are running an illegal radio station in Austin, Texas, are a complete and total hoax by mainstream, corporate media to imply to the world that our broadcast is somehow illegal.

We legally and lawfully transmit our broadcast like every other TV and radio show in the world to affiliates that have licenses on cable TV, broadcast TV and AM/FM radio.

Media reports to the contrary are implying that our broadcast is illegal by preying on the public’s ignorance on how broadcasting works.

We do not have a radio station. This is a giant hoax. There are thousands of “micro” radio stations across the country that we have nothing to do with, including the recently shut down station.

These stations run anywhere from a tenth of a watt up to a couple of watts with a range of about two miles.

The claim that “our station” – which is not our station at all – has been taken down for not having FCC authorization is falsely implying that our broadcast itself is somehow illegal.

Now we see where this is going: the FCC will send letters to stations that rebroadcast me, because we’re free-to-air, and imply that running my broadcast is illegal.

This is an attempt to poison the well of radio and TV stations across the country.

And this is the establishment attempting to completely deplatform us through our free-to-play transmissions which are completely lawful and legal that anyone can pick up who wishes to.

Infowars has also released this official statement:

Mr. Jones does not own, operate, or have any relationship with that radio station or its owners. It is not his “flagship” station, and as the FCC will confirm, the FCC’s actions were in no way related to the fact that the station may have broadcast Mr. Jones’ programs in the past. The FCC has acted against the station’s owners because of its operation without a license, in violation of FCC rules. This has absolutely nothing to do with Mr. Jones and his programming. Recent news articles convey the entirely false implication that the FCC’s actions were directed against Mr. Jones.

In short, Mr. Jones has no involvement in the ownership, operation, or conduct by the radio station, and it is not his “flagship” station.

Additionally, we were not even aware that the “micro” radio station in Austin, Texas, still existed, which is understandable because we’re not affiliated with its owners. Apparently they were rebroadcasting our free-to-play transmission on their own accord.

The Associated Press claimed the station “served as the flagship outlet for conspiracy theorist Alex Jones,” but as mentioned above we do not own or operate the station:

Just because a radio station we’re not affiliated with happens to operate in Austin, Texas, doesn’t make it our “flagship.” According to the definition of “flagship:”

Again, we do not own the pirate station and we were not involved in its production.

Here’s completely false headlines from the New York Post and the Washington Post:

And here’s the lead sentence from the New York Post, which is wrong:

Again, Alex Jones does not own a radio station in Austin, Texas. “Alex Jones’ flagship radio station” is a completely false statement.

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