On Friday, Lisa Marie Pane and Emily Swanson at the Associated Press betrayed more than a little sadness that “The slaying of five dozen people in Las Vegas did little to change Americans’ opinions about gun laws.”

This unfortunate (in their view) polling result was achieved despite a ridiculous weighting of the poll’s sample towards Democrats accompanied by a failure to identify the overall political outlooks (vs. party affiliations) of those who were sampled.

The AP article was very difficult to find at the wire service’s main APnews.com website. A search there on “gun control” (not in quotes) failed to return it. The search term “gun control” is in the article but not the headline, and the term “gun control” was oddly not used as a tag.

The article does appear in a search on “NORC,” the polling firm currently partnering with AP — but even then, at least in my browser, only after scrolling past about a half-dozen rows of repetitive and annoying mini-panels. Even ignoring the page design problem, who would ordinarily use “NORC” as a search term?

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