Lawyers for Apple are asking a federal judge in New York to delay proceedings in a court fight over access to an iPhone seized from a drug dealer in Queens, citing the ongoing battle over an iPhone used by one of the San Bernardino attackers.

A judge in Brooklyn last month denied the FBI’s request to force Apple to open the New York phone, but the Justice Department has appealed that ruling.

Since then, the FBI disclosed that it may have found a way to open the San Bernardino phone without Apple’s help. Because of that development, Apple’s lawyers are asking for a delay in the New York case.

On Monday, the FBI notified the judge in San Bernardino that an “outside party” suggested a method for unlocking an iPhone left behind by Syed Farook. On Thursday, FBI Director James Comey said while many such ideas had been proposed before, “It looks like we now have one that may work out, and we’ll see.”

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