Matt Ryan
March 24, 2011

Citing “a lack of interest”, Apple has rejected an app that allows users to see a meter showing how much radiation is being given off by their iPhone in real-time. The app, previously praised by Apple for its clever engineering and creative design, is reported to have been rejected by Steve Jobs himself. Israeli developer, Tawkon, submitted the app on multiple occasions to the App Store, only to have repeated denials. An email from Steve Jobs gave a short, two-word explination as to why the app wouldn’t see approval, “No interest.”

The email from Tawkon CEO Gil Friedlander explains the purpose of the app isn’t to discourage use of the iPhone, but to give users enough information to use the device safely. Based on the short response, one can only assume that Apple’s official stance reflects an attitude that if they don’t think an app is good for their image, it isn’t good for their users.

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Apple has recently been under intense scrutiny over the iPhone 4’s flawed antenna which loses signal if users hold the device a certain way. The radiation metering app demonstrates that the iPhone releases an increased amount of radiation when struggling to find a clear signal.

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Mobile phone radiation has been a topic of intense debate and controversy. Recent studies have shed light on potential risks associated with cellphone use. Some scientists are actually claiming that cell phone radiation is good for you, while other studies prove cellphone use has a direct affect on brain activity with side effects still being studied and discovered. Scientific findings surrounding cellphone usage has been a virtual tennis match with some studies showing a direct link between usage and cancer and others coming up inconclusive.

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In any case, while scientists are still discovering new potential risks associated with increased use of mobile phones, it’s curious that Steve Jobs would determine there is no interest in an app that works to help users learn more about exactly how much radiation their iPhones actually emit.

For anyone that is interested in the app, it has been released and made available through Cyndia, an iPhone jailbreak.

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