Apple is threatening to block Parler, a new social media app that was in talks with President Trump’s campaign manager.

Apple demanded that Parler remove “offensive content” from its site or else face expulsion from the App Store.

“Obviously by offensive they mean conservative content. Twitter is exempt from this clause as they generate more hatred than any platform in history,” said Parler’s founder John Matze. “Twitter is exempt from this clause as they generate more hatred than any platform in history.”

Last month, it was reported that Matze was in discussions with Trump’s campaign manager Brad Parscale about hosting the president on the platform as a bulwark against censorship.

“As conservative distrust of social media giants rises to the top of Washington’s political agenda, Parler has also gained the notice of some bona fide Republican leaders: Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale and Utah Sen. Mike Lee both began posting on the site this month,” Politico reported in May. “According to one person close to Trump’s campaign, the president’s team is considering setting him up with an account on the site.”

“A senior Trump campaign official said that there was no imminent plan to have the president join the platform, but that Parscale is scouting Parler.”

On Wednesday, the White House announced it would host a social media summit on July 11 in which it will host “digital leaders” of various social media platforms.

Additionally, President Trump stated “we should be suing Google and Facebook and perhaps we will” during a Fox Business interview.

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