Apple head honcho Tim Cook tweets, “We must keep fighting for the kind of world we want to live in. On this #DataPrivacyDay let us all insist on action and reform for vital privacy protections. The dangers are real and the consequences are too important.”

They are real alright, thanks to Tim Cook.

Meanwhile, a fourteen-year-old discovered a spy glitch on Apple’s FaceTime app.

The Apple Insider reports:

On Monday, reports of a massive FaceTime flaw surfaced on Twitter. Present in current versions of iOS, including the latest iOS 12.1, the bug enables a FaceTime caller to eavesdrop on a recipient device’s audio even if that person does not answer. Camera access is also granted if the recipient interacts with hardware buttons on their iPhone, for example pressing the power button to decline the call. Perhaps most troubling was the relative ease at which the bug is exploited. A nefarious party simply calls another FaceTime user and manually adds the originating number to the call as a third party. Once added, audio from the recipient’s device begins streaming without an indication that a call is live.

It appears that as the Department Of Justice and Capitol Hill deliver swift penalties to China’s invasion of privacy, Silicon Valley continues to violate our basic right to privacy with little repercussions other than David vs. Goliath lawsuits.

Infowars version with live comments:

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