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  Ft Bragg: Israelis give a course in urban warfare Six children die in fresh US blunder  
  17 students file suit over school drug raid Taiwan Stands up to Two Unelected Dictators  

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Dwane Green
Lawyer for two of the Goose Creek Students Suing the City of Goose Creek for Being Terrorized During a Drug Raid Last Month At Their School

Police State

17 students file suit over school drug raid

The State

Seventeen Stratford High School students are suing the city of Goose Creek and the Berkeley County school district in federal court, alleging police and school officials terrorized them in a drug raid last month

Goose Creek student Raid might have broken drug-dog rules

The State

More than 100 students were in the hallway that morning as a police dog passed close by, barking and excitedly sniffing their backpacks. At one point, the dog grabs a backpack with its mouth and shakes it. At another time, the dog jumps briefly on its hind legs onto his handler as they check students huddling in an alcove.

Raid at High School Leads to Racial Divide, Not Drugs


For many residents of Goose Creek, a pleasant bedroom community north of Charleston, it was particularly disturbing that though blacks make up less than a quarter of the 2,700 students at the high school, two-thirds of the 107 students caught up in the sweep were black.

High court to debate Miranda rights, again

USA Today

Police in Rolla, Mo., wanted a confession from suspected killer Patrice Seibert. And they didn't want any lawyers mucking things up by advising her not to talk.

Protect Yourself From Dangerous, Contaminated Drinking Water
The Water Supply

Drinking Water Pathogens and Their Indicators: A Reference Resource


Cryptosporidium : A Drinking Water Supply Problem 

University of North Carolina

Several waterborne outbreaks of cryptosporidiosis have occurred over the past ten years in the United States and a great deal of concern has been raised about this organism and drinking water supplies.

E. coli 0157:H7 in drinking water -- US EPA


Fecal coliforms are bacteria that are associated with human or animal wastes.  They usually live in human or animal intestinal tracts, and their presence in drinking water is a strong indication of recent sewage or animal waste contamination. 

Prozac, other drugs detected in streams and their inhabitants


number of aquatic and amphibian species are being exposed to small amounts of everything from Prozac to perfume to birth control pills that make their way into U.S. rivers and streams.

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US News

Most Federal Agencies Flunk Internet Security

Washington Post

Most federal government agencies have failed to adequately protect their computer networks from hackers and other online threats, the fourth year in a row that the government has earned low marks on a computer security report card issued by a congressional oversight committee

Schiavo case prompts Florida campaign by right-to-die group


The $60,000 campaign by the Denver-based End of Life Choices - formerly the Hemlock Society - includes newspaper ads in Tallahassee, Orlando, Tampa and Miami, and speeches throughout the state this week by organization officials.

Clark says he's not ruled out Hillary Clinton as possible veep

On the presidential campaign trail Tuesday, Wesley Clark said he has not ruled out Hillary Clinton as his running mate, if he wins the Democratic presidential nomination.

In Flip Flop, Schwarzenegger Opposes Groping Probe


California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger changed his position again on Tuesday and said he would not investigate allegations that he had sexually harassed women over a long period.

Xinhua Finance to buy U.S.-based Market News

China Daily

Xinhua Financial Network Ltd., a news agency part-owned by the Chinese government, said on Tuesday it will buy U.S. financial news service Market News International Inc., giving it a firm foothold on Wall Street.

Supreme Court Upholds Political Money Law


The Supreme Court upheld key features of the nation's new law intended to lessen the influence of money in politics, ruling Wednesday that the government may ban unlimited donations to political parties.

Big Brother

Big brother is watching the Net


A summit on who should run the internet, what human rights should apply in cyberspace and the ways to bridge the digital divide is about to start in a few hours from now

Getting a loan? Big Brother wants to know

lansing State Journal

" Not only do we verify the information," Huber wrote in an e-mail to me, "we also have to check the person's name against the Office of Foreign Asset Control's list of Specially Designated Nationals."

VeriChip signs S. Africa distributor

South Florida Business Journal

VeriChip Corp., an Applied subsidiary, makes VeriChips, under-the-skin radio frequency identification devices about the size of a grain of rice.

Co. aims to sell VeriChip as credit card

Seattle Post-Intelligencer

For the forgetful bionic man or woman in your life, here's a credit card they can't possibly leave home without: a microchip the size of a grain of rice implanted in the arm.

New World Order

Ft Bragg: Israelis give a course in urban warfare

Taipei Times

Israeli counter-insurgency specialists have been sent to Fort Bragg to teach US special forces how to keep an unruly Iraqi population under control

China, U.S. to Share Banking Information


The China Banking Regulatory Commission and U.S. Comptroller of the Currency, which oversees American banks, signed an information-sharing agreement Tuesday, the Chinese agency said on its Web site. It said the two sides plan to formalize the agreement after further talks.

"For a Cooperative World Order"

Interview with Federal Chancellor Gerhard Schröder

Javier Solana's draft European security strategy calls for a world order that is based on "effective multilateralism." It also seeks an important role for the international institutions and envisages strategic partnerships with Russia, Japan, China, Canada and India.
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Iraq Aftermath/War on Terror News

Six children die in fresh US blunder

London Guardian

The US military announced today that six children and two adults were killed during a US attack on a weapons compound in south-eastern Afghanistan, the second bungled operation in the country to leave child victims in as many days.

Iraq to Stop Counting Civilian Dead


Iraq's Health Ministry has ordered a halt to a count of civilians killed during the war and told its statistics department not to release figures compiled so far

Separate Attacks In N. Iraq Kill 2 U.S. Soldiers

WMURC Channel

Two U.S. soldiers were killed and four were wounded in separate attacks Wednesday in the northern city of Mosul, the military said.

High Payments to Cheney-Linked Halliburton for Fuel in Iraq


The United States government is paying the Halliburton Company an average of $2.64 a gallon to import gasoline and other fuel to Iraq from Kuwait, more than twice what others are paying to truck in Kuwaiti fuel, government documents show.

U.S. Shuts Out France, Germany for Iraq Work


"It is necessary for the protection of the essential security interests of the United States to limit competition for the prime contracts of these procurements to companies from the United States, Iraq, coalition partners and force contributing nations," Wolfowitz said in a notice published on the web site

World News

Defendant part of big cannibal scene, detective tells court

London Guardian

The detective who investigated Germany's infamous cannibal case told a court yesterday that he had stumbled upon a vast cannibal scene in Germany - involving several dentists and other professionals

UK: Jail Cut for Man Who Stabbed Burglar to Death

The Scotsman

" The problem, of course, is that after you arm yourself with a knife and then there is an incident it is all too easy to use it with disproportionate force and make use of a weapon which is wholly disproportionate to the danger in which you are in and this is what happened in this case.

Second Amendment

Ban on Plastic Guns Extended 10 Years

LA Times

President Bush quietly signed legislation Tuesday that would extend for 10 years a ban on plastic guns that can be slipped past airport metal detectors or through X-ray machines

World War III

Taiwan stands up to two unelected dictators


Brushing aside a warning from George W. Bush, Taiwan's president reiterated his plan to hold a referendum alongside elections next March, but said neither independence nor the status quo with China would be at issue.

Taiwan's Chen still bent on referendum plans despite personal rebuke from US

Channel News Asia

Just hours before the US President delivered a stunning personal rebuke to President Chen Shui-bian over his referendum plans, the Taiwanese leader was still assuring his supporters that the island's first referendum will proceed as planned on March 20.

Science and Health

How Dare They Create Agricultural Systems! More Junk Science: 'Prehistoric man began global warming'


From 8000 years ago, atmospheric levels of carbon dioxide began to rise as humans started clearing forests, planting crops and raising livestock, a scientist said on Tuesday. Methane levels started increasing 3000 years later

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