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Saddam's in Custody?'s Saddam Capture Archive -- Click Here

Saddam Hussein's Loyalists Infiltrated U.S. Operations in Iraq

ABC News

Among the documents found in Saddam's briefcase when he was captured last weekend was a list of names of Iraqis who have been working with the United States — either in the Iraqi security forces or the Coalition Provisional Authority — and are feeding information to the insurgents

Was Saddam actually captured on December 13?

Al Bawaba

Nearly a week after the arrest of Saddam Hussein, some serious questions regarding the ousted leader's capture have started to emerge; questions that may unfortunately remain unanswered.

Dubious Link Between Atta and Saddam


A document tying the Iraqi leader with the 9/11 terrorist is probably fake.

Col. Hickey tells his troops to keep quiet about Saddam capture

Video Clip

It sounds like Hickey is giving them what turned out to be the official story before warning them to shut up about what really happened. Why would Hickey need to tell them that he was found 'literally hiding in a hole' if they had found him? They would already know this. This is consistent with reports claiming Saddam was handed over to the US by Kurdish militia on November 20-23.

Saddam Captured: You don't think....?

Flash Animation

Police State

While Saddam was Captured: Stealth enactment of the "Patriot II" legislation
Various Sources

While CNN and other media outlets are rejoicing because of the capture of Saddam Hussein, Bush again introduced new legislation last Saturday which increased the federal powers to investigate and reduces the privacy rights of American citizens

Bush Cabal Hides Patriot II Police State in HR 2417

Rep. Ron Paul/Rep Dennis Moore

"What most concerns me about this conference report, though, is
something that should outrage every single American citizen. I am
referring to the stealth addition of language drastically expanding FBI powers to secretly and without court order snoop into the business and financial transactions of American citizens..."

Chip implant gets cash under your skin


Applied Digital Solutions of Palm Beach, Fla., is hoping that Americans can be persuaded to implant RFID chips under their skin to identify themselves when going to a cash machine or in place of using a credit card.

Minn. Shuts Down Controversial Police Database

Local 6

A massive state-run database of confidential police files was shut down Thursday out of concern it violated privacy laws, officials said.

Metro installing cameras to help with Bowl traffic

Houston Chronicle

Metro installed two remote-controlled cameras atop a downtown building Thursday, part of a test to see whether the bird's-eye view will help it manage traffic and trains during the Super Bowl festivities next month.

Conspiracy Tonight

Mad Cow

In exclusive interview with Amanda Keller; Getting "beyond conspiracy" with Peter Jennings;  the 9/11 conspiracy of silence begins to crack... in Germany.

US News

Of Course, It Wasn't Neither Presidents' Fault...
Tough Talk on 9/11 Clarified Kean says he's not placing blame yet


The head of the independent commission investigating the Sept. 11 terror attacks yesterday stood by his comments that the attacks were preventable but said he was not pointing fingers at anyone in either the Bush or Clinton administrations.

High-Ranking Officials Admit 9/11 Could've Been Prevented

The Memory Hole

"They don't have any excuse because the information was in their lap, and they didn't do anything to prevent it." — Senator Richard Shelby, then ranking Republican on the Senate Intelligence Committee; member of the joint intelligence committee that investigated 9/11

Critics: Convicted felons worked for electronic voting companies


A manufacturer of electronic voting machines has employed at least five convicted felons as managers, according to critics demanding more stringent background checks for people responsible for voting machine software.

$14.6 billion later, Boston's Big Dig wraps up


The two-mile-long underground road will ease commutes - at least for a while - reconnect the city with the harbor, and replace an eyesore of a highway with a necklace of green spaces.

Cats try to eat incapacitated owner at LA apartment


A group of hungry cats began to eat their 86-year-old owner after she suffered an apparent stroke and couldn't get up for nearly a week, officials said Thursday.

Protect Yourself From Dangerous, Contaminated Drinking Water
The Water Supply

Drinking Water Pathogens and Their Indicators: A Reference Resource


Cryptosporidium : A Drinking Water Supply Problem 

University of North Carolina

Several waterborne outbreaks of cryptosporidiosis have occurred over the past ten years in the United States and a great deal of concern has been raised about this organism and drinking water supplies.

E. coli 0157:H7 in drinking water -- US EPA


Fecal coliforms are bacteria that are associated with human or animal wastes.  They usually live in human or animal intestinal tracts, and their presence in drinking water is a strong indication of recent sewage or animal waste contamination. 

Prozac, other drugs detected in streams and their inhabitants


number of aquatic and amphibian species are being exposed to small amounts of everything from Prozac to perfume to birth control pills that make their way into U.S. rivers and streams.

Had Enough? How do You Protect Yourself?

Give the gift of Health -- Protect Yourself and Your Family with Powerful British Berkey Water filters

Big Brother

Big Brother spies on Britain


In Britain, Big Brother really is watching you almost everywhere, according to civil liberties campaigners alarmed by the proliferation of spying machines in trains, buses, high streets, sports stadiums and perhaps soon even in clothes.

Soon, Marketing Will Follow You


To hear Paco Underhill tell it, the scene in Steven Spielberg's futuristic Minority Report, in which Tom Cruise's character is besieged by video advertising targeted directly at him as he walks down the street, is, even today, more than pure science fiction.

New World Order

Bilderberg Almighty

Prison Planet

The Bilderberg does not plan to stop with the establishment of its New World Order and its semi-secret, behind-the-scenes control over all mankind.  Its plans include total dominion over the planet including its atmosphere, oceans, land, and all creatures whether great or small, existing or yet to be created.

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Iraq Aftermath/War on Terror News

Haliburton! The Best People to Rebuild Iraq!

Mark Fiore

Truck Blast Kills 2 U.S. Soldiers in Iraq


U.S. military tanker truck exploded on a road outside Baghdad on Friday, and witnesses said it killed two U.S. soldiers and wounded one

Bremer survives assassination attempt


NBC reported on Thursday that Bremer escaped unharmed when his convoy hit an explosive device and came under small arms fire as it drove from Baghdad airport.

World News

Grand Irony: Solzhenitsyn congratulated on 85th birthday by Russian President Putin

Courier Press

Solzhenitsyn, most notably, is the author of the three-volume "Gulag Archipelago," the definitive and irrefutable account of the Soviet Union's extensive system of slave labor camps where millions perished from overwork, torture or neglect. Solzhenitsyn knew. He served 10 years in one.

UK: Govt Urged to Ban Tobacco


Bans on smoking in public places have already been introduced in parts of the US and Canada, Thailand, and southern Australia.

Date set for princess's inquest


The inquests into the death of Diana, Princess of Wales and Dodi Al Fayed will be opened on 6 January 2004, it has been announced.

He crushed two prisoner's skulls with bones: Court blocks Sharon appointment


Ehud Yatom said in an interview five years ago that he had used a rock to crush the skulls of two Palestinians shortly after they were captured during a bus hijacking in 1984.

Problem-Reaction-Solution: Jewish settlers shocked and outraged that at least four Israeli soldiers were arrested for selling ammunition to Palestinian militants


Two of the suspects, both brothers, lived in the Adora settlement where four Jews were killed during a Palestinian attack on 27 April.

Soldiers 'sold ammunition to Palestinians'

London Telegraph

As she prepared the Sabbath meal yesterday, Shiri Shefi was haunted by the thought that the bullets used by Palestinian gunmen to kill her five-year-old daughter Danielle could have been supplied by a neighbour in her settlement.


British arms dealer 'led dirty bomb plot'

This is London

A British man is facing charges of plotting to supply a terrifying crude nuclear device to al Qaeda terrorists in America.

US Urges Citizens to Leave Saudi Arabia


Nonessential American diplomats and the families of all U.S. officials in Saudi Arabia should leave, the State Department said Wednesday, stepping up its warnings about risks in the country.

Bin Laden Approved Bombings


Osama bin Laden personally approved last month's suicide bombings in Turkey but wanted them to hit US military interests, not civilian targets, investigators interrogating a suspect said

U.S.: ‘Credible threat' of major attack in Italy


Italian authorities have clamped unprecedented security coverage over the Vatican and other Christian landmarks after receiving a "credible threat" of a Christmastime terrorist attack, senior U.S. officials said Wednesday.

Second Amendment

Pro-Gun Group Sees 'Hollow Victory' in Arming Cargo Pilots

CNS News

A pro-gun group says a new law allowing cargo pilots to carry concealed weapons may be a "hollow victory," if the Bush administration continues to limit the number of pilots who are certified to carry weapons in the cockpit.

World War III

China calls Taiwan's Chen 'immoral', vows to 'crush' independence drive


China vowed to "crush" any attempts by Taiwan to seek independence, calling the island's President Chen Shui-bian "selfish" and "immoral".

Science and Health

Junk Science: Earth is 20% darkers say experts

London Guardian

Experts say global dimming is probably down to tiny particles such as soot, and chemical compounds such as sulphates accumulating in the atmosphere. "Data from 100 stations around the world show that the amount of black carbon in the atmosphere is twice as big as we assumed..."

First private rocket ship goes supersonic

new Scientist

The first piloted and rocket-powered craft to have been developed by a private company made its maiden flight on Wednesday, over the Mojave desert in California.

Exclusive Infowars News in Focus Archive

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