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  rmy Stops Many Soldiers From Quitting Bush Pushes to legalize illegals  
  Selling the war with lies Priest and peace activist was harassed by a National Guard Unit for His Stance on the War  

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John Dear
Priest and peace activist
who was harassed by a National Guard Unit for His Stance on the War

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Soldiers at my front door
A National Guard unit that's headed for Iraq taunted a pacifist priest in a small town in New Mexico In early morning , soldiers

Iraq Aftermath/War on Terror News

Revealed: how MI6 sold the Iraq war
The Sunday Times -- The government yesterday confirmed that MI6 had organised Operation Mass Appeal, a campaign to plant stories in the media about Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction.

Sound Familiar?

Flashback: Office of Strategic Information
Propaganda Critic -- The Pentagon's Office of Strategic Information was created shortly after Sept. 11 to build public support abroad for the U.S. war on terrorism.

Flashback: Rumsfeld Says Pentagon Plan Won't Include Lies
New York Times -- the officials left the door open to a range of secret military information activities intended to deceive adversaries, including hiring outside firms that would be authorized to spread inaccurate or misleading information overseas.

Iraqi Council Flexes Muscles
LA Times -- The U.S.-appointed body is increasingly defying the coalition and pushing its own vision of a free and self-governing Iraq.

US official running Iraq Contradicts Tony Blair's claim Saddam Hussein had laboratories for developing weapons of mass destruction.

US News

U.S. Orders Armed Officers on Some Jets
AP -- The Homeland Security Department said the directive, which is effective immediately, will further enhance security on commercial and cargo aircraft flying to, from and over the United States.

Mad Cow: BSE-infected beef spreads to eight US states
AP -- America's task of convincing the world it had the BSE outbreak under control grew more difficult yesterday after the US agriculture department announced that infected meat had been distributed more widely than initially believed.

U.S. Mad Cow Link Raised in Creutzfeldt-Jakob Cases
Yahoo -- Family and friends of victims of Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease , the fatal brain disorder sometimes linked to mad cow disease, on Friday questioned whether the victims contracted the condition from contaminated U.S. beef.

Nassau County Aviation Unit intercepts small plane that Circled the Statue of Liberty

Army admits it has deliberately shortchanged Guard on gear
STL Today -- Concerns about the equipping of Guard units have been heightened since one of the Illinois-Iowa unit's helicopters was shot down Nov. 2, killing 16 soldiers.

International Baby-Smuggling Investigation Reaches Bay Area
Tampa News Network -- It reads like the script from a bad movie; Shady bankers, slick lawyers, and impoverished women in South America exploited into selling their babies to rich families in New York, Miami, Israel, and elsewhere

Army Stops Many Soldiers From Quitting
Washington Post -- The three are among thousands of soldiers forbidden to leave military service under the Army's "stop-loss" orders, intended to stanch the seepage of troops, through retirement and discharge, from a military stretched thin by its burgeoning overseas missions.

The Relatively Charmed Life Of Neil Bush
Washington Post -- When you're Neil Bush, rich people from all over the world are eager to invest money in your businesses, even though your businesses have a history of crashing and burning in spectacular fashion.


Saudi Official Denies Suicide Pilots Report
Arab News -- Saudi Arabia yesterday denied a British newspaper report that security forces seized two planes packed with explosives near Riyadh's King Khaled International Airport, foiling a plot to blow up a British Airways jet.

Report: Al Qaeda Targeting Ocean Liners
FOX news --
Al Qaeda has turned its terror sights to the sea, targeting luxury cruise liners in an expansion of its "jihad" against the West.

Bush's New Year's Wish: Another Attack?
OPed News

U.S. has new anthrax fears
SF Chronicle -- Al Qaeda suspects say group wants to obtain pathogens for attacks

60 bombers ready to strike: Taliban
The Mercury--
The Taliban spokesman said other suicide bombers would attack ISAF troops, coalition forces and people working for the United Nations and non-governmental organisations (NGOs).

Drug money sustains al Qaeda
Washington Times -- Osama bin Laden's al Qaeda network has become deeply involved in international drug trafficking, using the money to buy arms and, possibly, radioactive material for use in a so-called "dirty" nuclear bomb, senior U.S. officials say.

Joseph Farah lumps leftists, Neo-Nazis and Anarchists in with Al-Qaeda

Police State

The Pentagon Declares War on America
GlobalResearch -- The "domestic war on terrorism" hinges upon the Pentagon's doctrine of homeland defense. Mountains of repressive legislation are being enacted in the name of internal security.

Bush signs parts of Patriot Act II into law stealthily
San Antonio Current -- On December 13, when U.S. forces captured Saddam Hussein, President George W. Bush not only celebrated with his national security team, but also pulled out his pen and signed into law a bill that grants the FBI sweeping new powers.

Military Dictatorship In U.s. Very Possible Says Ret. General Tommy Franks
Vallejo News -- In a recent interview with Cigar Afficianodo magazine, General Tommy Franks says that if another attack on the U.S. occurs which results in high casualties, the constitution will likely be scrapped in favor of a military dictatorship

Saddam's in Custody?'s Saddam Capture Archive -- Click Here

Protect Yourself From Dangerous, Contaminated Drinking Water
The Water Supply

Drinking Water Pathogens and Their Indicators: A Reference Resource


Cryptosporidium : A Drinking Water Supply Problem 

University of North Carolina

Several waterborne outbreaks of cryptosporidiosis have occurred over the past ten years in the United States and a great deal of concern has been raised about this organism and drinking water supplies.

E. coli 0157:H7 in drinking water -- US EPA


Fecal coliforms are bacteria that are associated with human or animal wastes.  They usually live in human or animal intestinal tracts, and their presence in drinking water is a strong indication of recent sewage or animal waste contamination. 

Prozac, other drugs detected in streams and their inhabitants


number of aquatic and amphibian species are being exposed to small amounts of everything from Prozac to perfume to birth control pills that make their way into U.S. rivers and streams.

Had Enough? How do You Protect Yourself?

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Big Brother

This Car Can Talk. What It Says May Cause Concern.
NYT -- OnStar is one of a growing number of automated eyes and ears that enhance driving safety and convenience but that also increase the potential for surveillance. Privacy advocates say that the rise of the automotive technologies, including electronic toll areas, location-tracking devices, "black box" data recorders like those found on airplanes and even tiny radio ID tags in tires, are changing the nature of Americans' relationship with their cars.

Germany Toys With New Big Brother Technology
DW -- While Germany's toll system for heavy trucks flounders, a new Big Brother for the country's roads is already in the planning

CNN spotlighting feel-good story on RFID

New World Order
World News

The Bad Guys We Once Thought Good --Where are They Now? Counterpunch

Hate Crime: Court Sentences Members of Neo-Nazi Band
Reuters -- The band had "massively disrupted society's cohesiveness" with its song lyrics inciting racial hatred, the court ruled

Second Amendment

Latest Scare Shows Need For Better Gun Program, Pilots Say
Aviation Daily 12/23/03

World War III

Libya in Early Nuclear Stages
ABC News -- U.N. Nuclear Chief ElBaradei Says Libyans in Early Stages of Developing Nuclear Weapons Program

Brazil Resists Plan to Allow Spot Inspection of Nuclear Site
NYT -- Brazil has announced that by mid-2004 it expects to join the select group of nations producing enriched uranium and that within a decade it intends to begin exporting the product.

Science and Health

'Super-TB' created by scientists
BBC -- A virulent form of tuberculosis was created in the laboratory by experts trying to alter its genetic structure.

White-tailed deer cloned at A&M


In what is believed to be the first success of its kind, researchers at the College of Veterinary Medicine at Texas A&M University have cloned a white-tailed deer. A fawn, named "Dewey," after Duane Kraemer, one of the researchers, was born to "Sweet Pea" a surrogate mother, on May 23, 2003.

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