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  Microchip Implant Corporation Applied Digital Soluctions OKs $10M distribution deals in 3 countries ll shows many Germans see U.S. behind Sept 11  
Australia to Use Drones for the First Time
Obvious Fakes: US releases pictures of bodies  
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Police State News

Microchip Implant Corporation Applied Digital Solutions OKs $10M distribution deals in 3 countries

South Florida Business Journal

Palm Beach-based technology development company Applied Digital Solutions (Nasdaq: ADSX) said it has signed distribution agreements in three countries that call for minimum purchase requirements to maintain five-year exclusivity at more than $10 million each, at current prices.

VeriChip Corporation Signs New International Distribution Agreements for Russia, Colombia and Venezuela

Business Wire

The new international distribution agreements are similar to the distribution agreement previously announced for Mexico. Under the five-year exclusive distribution agreements, these distributors must meet annual minimum sales quotas to maintain exclusive distribution rights in their respective countries. If these annual minimum sales quotas are met, the new distribution agreements call for the sale of over 75,000 VeriChips and 3,500 proprietary VeriChip scanners. At current prices, these minimum sales quotas will yield in excess of $10 million in revenue over the 5 year period.

Liberty Not Being Destroyed Quickly Enough: Think Tank Gives U.S. Homeland Security 'D' Grade


The Progressive Policy Institute (PPI), which has ties to the Democratic Leadership Council, gave the government a "D" grade in its report card on homeland security and said much improvement was needed.

Recent Police State Headlines
Is Your Television Watching You?
House Takes Aim at Patriot Act Secret Searches
Why Biometrics Is No Magic Bullet
Pentagon plans draft of medics
Proposed Amendment of USA Patriot Act
Lies, Lies, Lies: Ashcroft Defends USA Patriot Act
Partial transcript of Ashcroft's "Bill? What Bill?" testimony
Toughen Patriot Act, attorney general says

Report outlines Justice Department violations of USA Patriot Act

American Express Introduces RFID Technology in Phoenix
The Pentagon's best kept open secret
Videocams will monitor plane passengers
Electronic surveillance breaks sound barrier
Little Robots in Your Pants
Big Brother Doesn't Want You to Know This Information
Global Police State Headlines

Australia to Use Drones for the First Time

Herald Sun

The spy planes, known as UAV's (unmanned aerial vehicles) will be used to track the rebel forces and gangs of thugs which have terrorised the Pacific island nation.

UK Police call for total ban on replica guns

Edgwar and Mill Hill Time

The Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) has been in talks with the Government, which has proposed legislation including new powers of arrest for having an air-powered weapon or imitation firearm in a public place without lawful authority or reasonable excuse.

Brazilians call for gun controls


The legislation, which could be passed as early as next month, would make it much harder for Brazilians to buy handguns and impose tough prison sentences for illegal gun ownership in a country with one of the world's highest murder rates.

Recent Global Police State Headlines
Euro note to be radio tagged?
Spain: Men ordered to stay in on ladies' night
UK: Torture testimony 'acceptable'
Tags in Razor Blades Watch Customers
UK Whistleblower Commits Arkanside
Outing of scientist's identity approved 'at highest level'

London Guardian

Sir Kevin Tebbit, the MoD permanent secretary, sanctioned a policy which enabled journalists to identify quickly the government's scientific adviser on biological and chemical warfare.

More Kelly Headlines
UK scientist inquiry could topple senior figures
Blair ally lays responsibility for suicide on BBC
Dead scientist feared 'dark actors playing games'
Calls to widen scope of Kelly inquiry
British voters blame government for Kelly's death
Mystery of the eight missing hours before the body was found
Who will take the blame?
Possible Mole Found Face Down: Body found in wood matches UK weapons inspector
Blair under pressure over death of Iraq row ''mole''
Scientist's death savage blow to UK government
MPs shocked by expert's disappearance
Blair, in East Asia, silent on quitting over Iraq expert's death

Blair Silent On Whether He Has "Blood In His Hands"

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Iraq Aftermath Headlines


He's Dead....He's Alive: And then there was Saddam

Asia Times

Since Tuesday, the US military has acknowledged that it has received a "significant increase" in the number of Saddam sightings by Iraqi citizens

Obvious Fakes: US releases pictures of bodies

This Is London

The US military released the photographs in an effort to prove to sceptical Iraqis that the feared brothers had definitely been killed.

Signs of the Father?

ABC News

Investigators Seek Evidence of Saddam in Rubble Where Sons Died; Odai May Have Killed Self

Recent Iraq Aftermath Headlines
Cheney's intelligence role scrutinized
Mysterious Diseases Haunt U.S. Troops In Iraq
Warning of toxic aftermath from uranium munitions
Saddam's Sons May Have Been Killed
Iraqi weapons 'now a secondary issue'
Pentagon seeking private security firm to police Iraq
U.S. Is Creating an Iraqi Militia to Relieve G.I.'s
War Inc on the march to relieve US troops
Rumsfeld's personal spy ring
Cheney had Iraq in sights two years ago
Soldiers Standing Guard Duty Are 'Sitting Ducks'
Troops attacked in Baghdad
Pentagon may punish GIs who spoke out on TV

Iran: We've Got Qaeda Bigs

CBS News

Iran is holding top members of the al Qaeda terror network, the intelligence minister said Wednesday, days after President Bush accused the country of harboring terrorists.

More WWIII Headlines
Bush warning to Iran and Syria
Syria dismisses Bush accusations on terrorism
North Korea may have second nuclear plant
U.S. Might Offer No-Attack Pledge to North Korea

Vancouver Man Attacked for Protecting Ducklings


British Columbia (Reuters) - A man who tried to protect a group of ducklings from stone-throwing teenagers was nursing his own injuries after the youths turned the attack on him, police said on Tuesday

'Well over' 600 die in battle for Liberian capital
Bias for Boys Leads to Sale of Baby Girls in China
Tony Martin refused leave 'because of risk to burglars'
London Guardian: Britain has lost its sovereignty to the United States
Naked girls, caviar and dog stew - Kim Jong-Il lives it up
Learn More About How America Is Being Destroyed by Design

One in Three Germans see U.S. behind Sept 11


It also said 68 percent of all Germans felt the media had not reported the full truth behind the attacks, in which some 3,000 people were killed when hijacked planes were crashed into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

Attorney General says church abuse scandal likely involved more than 1,000 victims


Over six decades, likely more than 1,000 people were molested by Roman Catholic priests and church workers while leaders in the Boston archdiocese engaged in a ''massive, inexcusable failure'' to do anything about it, the Massachusetts attorney general said in a report Wednesday that outlines the results of a lengthy criminal investigation.

Rev. Paul Shanley paid to rape and molest teenage boys


The Rev. Paul Shanley paid to rape and molest teenage boys and sometimes shared them with other men including at least one fellow priest, according to court documents filed Monday by attorneys for Shanley's alleged victims.

NYC councilman killed by political rival


In a crime that sent shock waves across New York City, a political rival of City Councilman James E. Davis opened fire in the chamber's balcony, killing Davis just minutes after the two had entered City Hall together

Chicago Spooked by ‘Ghost Planes’

ABC News

Just what are the ghost planes of Chicago?
No one’s quite sure, but they’re spooking pilots and air traffic controllers alike. Images of airplanes that either do no exist or are very far away are popping up on radar that controls traffic at O’Hare International Airport

Recent US News Headlines
Bill Clinton on Bush uranium line: 'Everybody makes mistakes
Report: FBI Informant Knew 9/11 Hijackers
FBI denies failing to spot 11 September plot
Clinton and Bush Knew of N. Korean Nuclear Tunnels
2 Ammonium nitrate thefts raise homemade-bomb fears
More U.S. technology companies are shifting jobs to India where cheaper, educated labor is plentiful
Science and Health Headlines

GM scientists 'know too little' on wildlife


The UK Government's chief scientist says he is concerned about the possible effect of genetically modified (GM) crops on wildlife.

Family Sues Hospital Over Organ Harvesting

Missouri Lawyers Weekly

IN a first-of-its-kind ruling, the Missouri Court of Appeals' Eastern District has held that the family of a 57-year-old man who died in a Jefferson County hospital could sue the hospital for harvesting his corneas, leg bones and tissue allegedly without proper consent.

Recent Science and Health Headlines
UPI Investigates: The vaccine conflict
TX: Making Exemptions For Immunizations
Pregnant or get your money back
Tongue transplant first
'Designer baby' is perfect match
In Focus This Week on
Euro Notes to Be Radio Tagged?
Is Your Television Watching You?
UK Whistleblower Commits Arkanside
NRO Propaganda
Ron Paul's Address: Neo-Conned
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Americans Still Being Neo-Conned

Clint Lacy

If you're wondering if I'm some raging liberal, rest assured I'm not. But these days anyone who disagrees with the Bush administration is labeled either liberal or unpatriotic by the Neo-con talk show hosts and authors out there.

Throw Away Those Yellow Ribbons, Because Johnny Is Never Marching Home

Chuck Baldwin

In spite of the fact that our brave fighting men have now assumed the unflattering role of Iraqi policemen, the word from The Pentagon is, "Our troops are not coming home anytime soon." That's the understatement of the year!

Police State: Land Seizure

Al Lorentz

Throughout history, the hated aristocracy has always sought to own the land. By owning the land, you control the food supply and thus, the peasants are beholden to you. By owning the land, you in effect control the people and of course can profit by renting the land to the peasants, after all, they have to live somewhere.

"Blame Tenet - Not Bush"

Kirt Poovey

CIA Chief George Tenet is the fall guy for President Bush and now Bush wants to move along. Tenet has taken full responsibility for Bush including in his State of the Union speech the claim that Iraq was trying to buy uranium from Africa for their nuclear program.

Henry Ford versus The Bilderberg

Rick Lacey

More than any other figure in American history, I credit Henry Ford as the man behind America's prosperity and the standard of living we have enjoyed. In the year 1914, he began paying his auto workers five dollars a day.


Would You Take a Bullet for a Feminist?

Henry Makow

By "feminism" I am not talking about women receiving equal opportunity (in fact, they often receive preferential treatment.) I am talking about a bogus gender ideology that the financial elite is using to destabilize and depopulate society.


Restore the Republic or Starve

Tom Chittum

American is heading toward the edge of an abyss. We must restore our Republic before we tumble into the abyss, because chaos, war and starvation are at its bottom. We must restore our Republic, because only by restoring our Republic can we reverse course.

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