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Al-Qaeda held Dry Run at NY Airport
Pilots soak up firearm training  
Chips with Everything
Troops Charged with POW Abuse  
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Today on The Alex Jones Show

Dr. Edward McCullough
President of The Daedalus Project, A Partner in a Project to Build a Prototype Isolation and Treatment Facility in the Pittsburgh Area.

The Daedalus Project Creates "Population-Related" Products, Processes and Technologies


Prototype Isolation and Treatment Facility to Be Built in Pittsburgh Area Beginning Mid-August


Assembly of the approximately 6,000 square-foot, 150-bed building, called an Emergency Isolation and Treatment System (EITS), will begin in mid-August and will be open to the public during the last week of August.

Flashback: Concentration Camps in Okanagon County?


Okanogan County Commissioner Dave Schulz says he's convinced his county is a designated home for a "concentration camp'' in case of civil unrest.

Alex Jones Interviews Dave Schultz

Alex interviews Dave Shultz, the Okanagon, WA County Commissioner who is convinced his county is a designated home for a concentration camp in a case of civil unrest.

Flashback: General Ashcroft's Detention Camps

Village Voice

"Attorney General John Ashcroft's announced desire for camps for U.S. citizens he deems to be 'enemy combatants' has moved him from merely being a political embarrassment to being a constitutional menace."

Flashback: FEMA's Plan for Mass Destruction Attacks: Of Course It's True


Let me state for the record that FEMA is moving ahead with plans to create temporary cities that could handle millions of Americans after mass destruction attacks on U.S. cities.


Also Today on The Alex Jones Show:

Ed Hudson
Spokesperson for the Canadian Unregistered Firearm Owners Association, Which Encourages Civil Disobedience to Protest the Canadan Firearm Registry

Go to Their Website


Canada: The issue isn't gun control but state control

National Post

I will not submit to your unjust law which does nothing to improve safety or reduce crime," writes Dr. Joseph Gingrich, a Saskatchewan dentist, in his affidavit addressed to the Prime Minister

Police State News

Justice Department decries 'terrorist tipoff' amendment


The Justice Department blasted the House of Representatives for voting to end what many lawmakers call the "sneak-and-peek" law, which allows law enforcement to secretly search homes of suspected terrorists.

Careful: The FB-eye may be watching

Creative Loafing Atlanta

Reading the wrong thing in public can get you in trouble

Chips with everything

News 4

Microchip trackers, no bigger than a grain of sand, are set to become the latest weapon in the battle of the high street. The so-called Smart Tags can be fitted into virtually everything we buy, and send out a radio signal picked up by internet-linked computers.

Activists firing on Patriot Act

The Charlotte Observer

Activists want Charlotte and Mecklenburg County leaders to adopt a resolution affirming that a war on terrorism shouldn't equal a war on civil liberties.

Recent Police State News Headlines
Prototype Isolation and Treatment Facility to Be Built in Pittsburgh Area Beginning Mid-August
Flashback: Concentration Camps in Okanagon County?
Flashback: General Ashcroft's Detention Camps
Alex Jones Interviews Dave Schultz
Flashback: FEMA's Plan for Mass Destruction Attacks: Of Course It's True
State supreme court rules on schools' approach to potential criminal acts of students
Big Brother Doesn't Want You to Know This Information

New rage over 9/11 & Saudis

NY Daily News

Twenty-eight pages blacked out of the 9/11 report - detailing what help Saudi Arabia may have given the hijackers - caused more waves yesterday than did the information made public


NY Post

Two members of Osama bin Laden's terror team sneaked past checkpoints in a "dry run" at a New York airport as part of a plan years before Sept. 11 to hijack planes and attack U.S. targets

TX: State can't find 3,000 parolees

Houston Chronicle

State prison officials can't account for about 3,000 ex-inmates who were paroled to Harris County. Many were sent behind bars for drug crimes or burglary, but the list also includes a number of armed robbers and murderers, according to Texas Department of Criminal Justice records.

Voting machine fails inspection


University researchers delivered a serious blow to the current crop of electronic voting systems in an analysis of one such system's source code in which they concluded that a voter could cast unlimited ballots without detection.

Firestorm over foreign workers

Detroit Free Press

In Alabama, Eastern Europeans are helping to expand a Mercedes-Benz plant. Are they reaching for the American dream? Or are they taking jobs from needy Americans?

FL: Police officer accused in vote-buying

Herald Tribune

A 13-year Bradenton police veteran is facing sanctions for promising promotions to buy votes in the upcoming mayor's race.

Alaska's State's pension fund almost $2.5 billion in the hole

Anchorage Daily News

RETIREMENT: Communities, school districts will have to pay more to offset shortfall.

General Motors Contributes $2.5 Million to National Council of La Raza

Hispanic PR Wire

The National Council of La Raza and General Motors jointly announced today a $2.5 million GM contribution to the National Council of La Raza’s “Empowering an American Community Campaign.” The funds will go specifically to purchase a centrally-located building in Washington, D.C. The building will serve as the organization’s headquarters.

Recent US News Headlines
Did the NSA Lose a Sept. 11 Hijacker?
Phoenix agent linked bin Laden to flight schools
FBI Aware of Al Qaeda Cells in 2000
What Really Happened and What They Knew
September 11 report raises Saudi question
2 FBI Whistle-Blowers Claim Agency Retaliation
Pilots soak up firearm training
Airline pilot gun training
California will vote on ousting governor
Missing kid problem remains in Fla.
Pentagon Leaders Warn of Dangers for U.S. in Liberia
Bloomberg to Pregnant Employee: "Kill It! Kill It!"
Global Police State Headlines

Blair orders Blunkett to put identity card scheme on hold

London Independent

Tony Blair has put off the launch of a plan to compel every Briton to hold an ID card in response to fears that it will turn into an expensive and frustrating assault on liberty

UK: Spy cameras in every class


A new school funded by a Christian charity is to put closed circuit TV cameras in every classroom to clamp down on rowdy pupils.

Canada: Shut the gun registry

National Post

By failing to enforce the gun registry on reserves, the Liberals are implicitly admitting that they either do not care about saving Indian lives; or that the gun registry is useless. Assuming we can discard the first, more scandalous, hypothesis, the most sensible response to Mr. Breitkreuz's laudable detective work is clearly to shut down our useless, wasteful, billion-dollar gun registry


Recent Global Police State Headlines
Australia: Police fingerprint Norfolk Island tourists
Canada: The issue isn't gun control but state control
UK Whistleblower Commits Arkanside

Iraq press conference drowned out by questions on Kelly's death


A joint press conference with members of the US-appointed Iraqi council was abruptly cut short Thursday after
Foreign Secretary Jack Straw and Defence Secretary Geoff faced a
barrage of embarrassing questions about the death of David Kelly.

More Kelly Headlines
Outing of scientist's identity approved 'at highest level'
UK scientist inquiry could topple senior figures
Blair ally lays responsibility for suicide on BBC
Dead scientist feared 'dark actors playing games'
Calls to widen scope of Kelly inquiry
British voters blame government for Kelly's death
Mystery of the eight missing hours before the body was found
Who will take the blame?
Possible Mole Found Face Down: Body found in wood matches UK weapons inspector
Blair under pressure over death of Iraq row ''mole''
Scientist's death savage blow to UK government
MPs shocked by expert's disappearance
Blair, in East Asia, silent on quitting over Iraq expert's death

Blair Silent On Whether He Has "Blood In His Hands"

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Iraq Aftermath Headlines

US troops charged with POW abuse


US military officials say four American soldiers have been charged with assaulting Iraqi prisoners of war

Official Story on Deaths of Saddam's Sons "Wags the Dog"

Global Research

The deaths of the sons of Saddam Hussein in a high profile "shoot-out" in the northern city of Mosul arrive at a most opportune moment for President Bush and his entourage. Political assassination is tied into the logic of war propaganda. The killings were designed by the Pentagon to uphold the shaky legitimacy of the Anglo-American military axis in the face of Iraqi armed resistance to occupation forces...

Wolfowitz: U.S. intelligence murky


Paul Wolfowitz, the deputy defense secretary who is the architect of the White House policy on Iraq, said Sunday that "murky" intelligence guides much of the administration's anti-terrorism policy.

Feeling Letdown, U.S. Forces Suffer Low Morale In Iraq

Islam Online

Facing almost daily attacks with no hard promises of their return, U.S. troops in Iraq voiced their complains on Wednesday, July 17, of low morale and little faith in their commanders on the air.

Recent Iraq Aftermath Headlines
Tests 'show Saddam's sons died'
Three US soldiers killed in Iraq


Syria slams 'foolish' US over Middle East


Syria on Sunday said the United States administration was "violent and foolish" and that US policies on the Middle East were influenced by Israel.

N Korea charges US leaders


North Korea has charged all US presidents dating from Harry Truman to George W Bush with war crimes, ahead of the 50th anniversary of the armistice to end the Korean War.

Recent WWIII Headlines
N.Korea Sees Sept. 9 as Deadline for U.S. Action
N Korea angry at armistice plans

Shocking Series of Child Deaths: 'I can't imagine anyone who considers himself a human being can do this'

The Guardian

On Friday a four-year-old Palestinian boy was shot dead by a soldier - the most recent child victim of the Israeli army.

Even the Khmer Rouge loves democracy

Asia Times

Intimidation during these 10 recent years of democratic Cambodia has changed from gangsterism to more subtle practices. According to Human Rights Watch, there was wide distribution of "gifts" in the Siem Reap area in the run-up to the elections, in exchange for public oaths in which villagers pledged allegiance to the CPP.

Recent World News Headlines
Crossed gun badges raise money for Tony Martin
All According to Plan: Bumper year for Afghan poppies


Learn More About How America Is Being Destroyed by Design
Science and Health Headlines

Freak Science "Artist" will graft third ear to arm


The Australian-based Tissue Culture and Art (TCA) project is growing a third ear fashioned out of the skin and cartilage of Stelarc, a performer who plans to implant it on his forearm.

Suddenly, things are turning up nanotech


Scientists are wrestling with individual atoms to develop molecule-sized computers, tiny cancer-fighting robots that travel the bloodstream and stain-resistant trousers

Nanotech moves the future to a new level

London Guardian

Nanotechnology, which is predicted to grow into a $1 trillion industry within a decade, could like GM food technology become a political battleground, an economic and social research council report published today says

Support Builds for Amendment to Ban Patents on Humans

Family News in Focus

There's a move in Congress to prohibit the patenting of human beings. If successful, it would essentially take the profit out of selling cloned human embryos for research

Recent Science and Health Headlines
Modified crops could erase wild counterparts, study says
Mothers appeal MMR ruling
Recently in Focus on
Bohemian Grove 2003
The Vaccine Conflict
Many Germans See US Behind Sept. 11th Attacks
Euro Notes to Be Radio Tagged?
Is Your Television Watching You?
UK Whistleblower Commits Arkanside
NRO Propaganda
Ron Paul's Address: Neo-Conned
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