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Self-Proclaimed Hitler Admirer and Known Degenerate Gains Control Over World's 5th Largest Economy
U.S. Denies Taliban Official's Release  
  Dollar tumbles to fresh low against the euro Neo-con fingerprints on Syria raid  
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Taliban May Be Planning Larger Attacks, U.S. Envoy Says

New York Times

The Bush administration's special envoy to Afghanistan, Zalmay Khalilzad, warned today that the Taliban movement and its Al Qaeda partners in the region may be planning larger or "more spectacular attacks" in Afghanistan as part of a campaign against the reconstruction process.

US suspects (CIA controlled) ISI aiding Taliban insurgents in Afghanistan


According to US military intelligence sources, convoys regularly move into Southern Afghanistan from Pakistan, dropping off guns for the Taliban in exchange for opium from the world's largest poppy harvest.

U.S. Denies Taliban Official's Release


President Hamid Karzai and President Bush's special envoy to Afghanistan said Wednesday that U.S. authorities had not freed a top Taliban official, contradicting an earlier report from two Afghan officials.

Police State

US Begins UAV border-surveillance flight tests

UV Online

The Department of Homeland Security will start unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) test flights at Fort Huachuca and Gila Bend in Arizona this week.

Blind, Disabled Woman Claims Police Brutality


The officers were called when she reportedly refused to allow city workers to clean up yard debris. The 71-year-old says she was hit with pepper spray and stung by a taser gun. Her prosthetic eye reportedly fell out during the incident.

Torture-Advocate (see archived article) Dershowitz Travels to Canada to Propagandize for "Volontary" National ID Card

CNews Canada

Alan Dershowitz, a Harvard law professor and one-time legal defender for O.J. Simpson, said he thinks the card should be voluntary, not mandatory, in the United States. "On the whole, I'm an advocate whose views are subject to being changed," Dershowitz told reporters. "I'm against a mandatory card and I'm against (giving government) the power to ask for your card without probable cause."

Canada: ID card bolstered

Calagary Sun

Canada should put biometrics on its passport to test the waters before moving forward with a national ID card with the high-tech option, according to a leading U.S. lawyer.

Big Brother

Using fear to justify total control


Surveillance cameras: A teacher's aid or Big Brother in the corner?

Canada: High-tech targets bad bar customers

Vancouver Sun

The Vigilance System of scans and an image database under consideration by Barwatch is linked to a network to identify troublemakers.

US News

Self-Proclaimed Hitler Admirer and Known Degenerate Gains Control Over World's 5th Largest Economy

Washington Post

Californians banished Gov. Gray Davis just 11 months into his second term and overwhelmingly elected action hero Arnold Schwarzenegger to replace him Tuesday - a Hollywood ending to one of the most extraordinary political melodramas in the nation's history. "I will not fail you, I will not disappoint you, and I will not let you down," the victorious actor vowed.

UPDATED! -- The full story on Arnold Schwarzenegger, the Self-proclaimed Wannabe Dictator

Since we first researched Arnold and wrote the article below, even more amazing revelations have surfaced and then been confirmed concerning his frightening character. Here are just a few of the developments...'s Arnold Section -- Click Here
The top secret elite club that backs Arnold. What is Bohemian Grove? -- the occult ritual and the ultra-elite society -- click here

Schwartzenegger's supporters convinced that he will one day be President


Many at the Tuesday and Wednesday celebrations say they are even convinced that Schwarzenegger also has chances of becoming U.S. president one day if he sets his mind to it and the constitution is changed to allow foreign-born Americans to run. ``If they ever change the constitution, it would be for him,'' Bogen said. ``And it would be proof that in American everything is possible.''

The Wall Street Journal Seduced by Sleazy Schwarzenegger

New York Observer

Just who is this man The Journal so admires? So far, over a dozen women —15 and counting—have come forward to accuse Mr. Schwarzenegger of making physical and verbal advances which left the women feeling shaken and frightened

Dollar declines further amid fears on deficit

Financial Times

The dollar faced renewed downward pressure on Tuesday, falling to fresh three-year lows against the yen and within sight of record lows against the euro, amid mounting concern over the scale of the US current account deficit.

Dollar tumbles to fresh low against the euro

Financial Times

Growing concerns about the massive current account deficit in the US sent the dollar tumbling to a fresh three-month low against the euro on Wednesday morning in London while it came off Tuesday's three-year low against the yen after Japan warned of further intervention in the currency market.

Dems to revive draft demand

The Hill

Key Democrats in the House and Senate will renew calls for the military draft as part of a critical barrage they are preparing to launch against President Bush over the length of troop deployments and the heavy reliance on reservists in Iraq.

Bugging device found in Philadelphia mayor's office


An electronic bugging device was found Tuesday morning in the office of Philadelphia Mayor John Street, a spokeswoman for the mayor said.

Mayor Street's office bugged

Philadelphia Inquirer

Within hours, the FBI said that the eavesdropping device was not related to the mayor's race, but declined to explain how it knew that so quickly.

Meriden mother found guilty in suicide of son

New Haven Register

A mother was convicted Monday of contributing to the suicide of her 12-year-old son, who hanged himself in his closet with a necktie after being bullied at school over his bad breath and body odor

World War III

Sharon Threatens to Hit Israel's Enemies Any Place

Washington Post

Buoyed by U.S. backing for Israel's right to defend itself, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon said Tuesday the Jewish state was ready to hit its enemies anywhere following an air raid deep inside Syria.

Neo-con fingerprints on Syria raid

Asia Times

The fact that Bush has himself refused to in any way criticize the Israeli attack - the first on Syria since the 1973 Arab-Israeli war - shows how far the neo-cons have succeeded in aligning US policy with the right-wing government in Israel, a key goal going back to the first Likud government of the late Menachem Begin and, more recently, since Prime Minister Ariel Sharon won elections in early 2001.

Bush defends Israel's attack

Arizona Central

President Bush on Monday defended Israel's decision to drop bombs on a suspected terrorist training camp deep inside Syria, telling reporters he had said to Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon that "Israel's got a right to defend herself; that Israel must not feel constrained in terms of defending the homeland."

Iran signals it intends to continue enriching uranium

Al Bawaba

Iran indicated on Tuesday it would continue enriching uranium needed for its bid to generate nuclear energy, defying an IAEA resolution demanding a halt to the process

World News

Arafat has suffered heart attack, admits aide

London Guardian

Yasser Arafat has suffered a mild heart attack but the Palestinian leadership has sought to keep his health problems secret for fear it will "create panic".

Europe's Largest Ampitheater after the Collisseum Unearthed: Blood and Spain, say site diggers

Daily News

"We initially thought it was a circus, the circular arena the Romans used for horse races and chariot rides," says Desiderio Vaquerizo, professor of architecture at Cordoba University. "But we discovered it was an immense oval amphi-theatre - 178m by 145m and up to 20m high - that would have been used for gladiatorial contests and other bloodthirsty spectacles."

New World Order

SE Asia to form huge trade bloc

Pledging to have the ASEAN Economic Community in place by 2020, the pact of 10 nations - representing 500million people and a combined gross domestic product of more than $US700billion ($1000billion) - aims to shatter tariff and non-tariff barriers and create a "single market and production base" in the region.

EU-wide database raises data protection concerns

EU Observer

A database used at the EU’s borders is raising concerns over how much sensitive information it will hold about citizens and the increased number of people who may have access to it.

Iraq Aftermath/War on Terror

Lawyer Talks about Torture at Guantanamo Bay

ABC News

He says the American military and former prisoners have told of prisoners being tied to a post and fired upon with rubber bullets, some being forced to kneel in the sun until they collapse and other tortures.

Gorbachev says Bush had ``hidden agenda'' in invading Iraq


``I do believe there is some other agenda, other than weapons and Saddam Hussein,'' Gorbachev told a news conference at an environmental meeting held at the City University of New York. ``What kind of hidden agenda, well that needs to be understood.''

Iraq School attendance falling due to fear of abduction

Electronic Iraq

At a time when the aid community is scaling down in the country due to deteriorating security, reports of children being kidnapped for ransom in and around the capital, Baghdad, are having a detrimental effect on education, according to a British based NGO

Western Forces Struggle in Afghanistan, 2 Years On


NATO agreed on Monday to expand its peacekeeping mission beyond the Kabul area to Afghanistan's troubled provinces for the first time -- two years after the U.S. went to war to oust the Taliban.

U.S. on alert for 'spectacular' Taliban attacks

Chicago Sun-Times

Taliban militants may be planning ''spectacular attacks'' against American-led coalition forces, the U.S. special envoy to Afghanistan said Tuesday, the second anniversary of the start of the war that ousted the hardline Islamic regime.

Science and Health

Paralysed girl's 'miracle' steps


A teenager who was paralysed from the neck down in a car accident has taken her first steps - despite being told she would never walk again

New York Times Ads Offer Designer Babies


Over the past few months, the New York Times has repeatedly printed advertisements for the Genetics and IVF Institute (GIVF), a Virginia-based clinic that promises parents the ability to choose the sex of their babies. This marks the first time that a eugenics procedure has been marketed openly in a mainstream American publication.

Medical injuries kill 32,000 annually


A new study of hospital-related injuries suggests worries about patient safety have been well founded: Injuries ranging from post-surgical infections to re-opening wounds kill about 32,000 Americans every year and add more than $9 billion to the nation's health care bill.

Blind 'see with sound'


Blind since birth, Ms Thomas is able to recognize the walls and doors of her house, discern whether the lights are on or off and even distinguish a CD from a floppy disk after only a week using a revolutionary new system.

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