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Terror Suspect Allowed to Leave Germany
Face Scanners at the Statue of Liberty  
  Conditioning for Satellite Tracking Anthrax Vaccine Link to Mystery Pneumonias  
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Police State

Pentagon to pay millions for Scots’ robot soldiers

Sunday Herald

The equipment refined by Essential Viewing will see robot vehicles equipped with an array of video cameras and weaponry. The images picked up by the robots will be instantaneously relayed back to military commanders who can then move the robot or order it to shoot at targets.

The Military Brain Chip Interface

The Providence Phoenix

Funded in large part by a three-year $4.25 million Defense Department grant, Donoghue’s brain/machine interface is a perfect example of what the Pentagon calls "dual-use technology" — research that has both civilian and military applications.


There are thousands of facets to this nightmare agency, but there are several more that we will look at today. One was reported on in the August 5, 2003 Boston Globe. The paper ran the headline, "Defense Department funding brain-machine work." The project is developing technology that "promises to directly read thoughts from a living brain - and even instill thoughts as well."

Flashback: Defense Department funding brain-machine work

Boston Globe

It does not take much imagination to see in this the makings of a "Matrix"-like cyberpunk dystopia: chips that impose false memories, machines that scan for wayward thoughts, cognitively augmented government security forces that impose a ruthless order on a recalcitrant population.



New York Post

Smoking even in the privacy of your own car could be banned under one of at least five state bills introduced in the past year to limit where a person can light up.

Patriot Act, Part II

New York Times

he Bush administration has been on a campaign to shore up support for the Patriot Act and argue for an expanded version, which is being dubbed Patriot Act II.

U.S., Europe clash over access to passenger data


The government's plan to collect personal data on airline and cruise passengers in order to prevent terrorists from entering the country is running into resistance from the European Union, which says the proposal violates its privacy laws.

UK's Blunkett's National ID card plans 'flawed'


Mr Blunkett said he wanted a bill for the introduction of national identity cards to be included in the Queen's Speech.

Harvard University Says Anyone 'Fighting A New World Order' Is A Neo-Nazi Al-Qaeda Sympathiser

Harvard Gazette

Al Qaeda, she said, has shifted its mission, even aligning itself with neo-Nazis and white supremacists who are sympathetic to its new focus of fighting a "new world order."

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Terror Suspect Allowed to Leave Germany

Washington Post

Police Surprised by Departure of Man Questioned in Tunisia Synagogue Bombing

Classic Problem-Reaction-Solution -- They should keep these sickos in jail, instead they use them to legitimize satellite tracking

500 paedophiles to be tracked by satellite tags

London Guardian

A British company is to hold talks with Ministers in the next few weeks with a view to launching a Home Office-backed trial involving between 100 and 500 child sex offenders. It is also talking to government officials in the United States, Italy and Ireland and is to tag a number of paedophiles who have volunteered to wear the device.

Face-scanning system used at Statue of Liberty


As visitors to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island board a ferry from Manhattan, a new surveillance system is taking their pictures and comparing them to a database of terror suspects compiled by the federal government.

US News

Soft Economy Aids Army Recruiting Effort

New York Times

The slumping American economy has proved to be a boon to the Army's efforts to recruit the 100,000 enlisted soldiers it says it needs this year to fill its active-duty and reserve ranks, senior Army officials say, so far relieving concerns that the turmoil in Iraq could crimp new enlistments

Rolling out More Horror to Maintain the Fear: 9/11 "Mastermind": Plan Involved 10 Planes

Washinton Post

Mohammed also divulged that, in its final stages, the hijacking plan called for as many as 22 terrorists and four planes in a first wave, followed by a second wave of suicide hijackings that were to be aided possibly by al-Qaida allies in southeast Asia, according to the reports.

Who Were the Real Masterminds of the 9/11 Attacks?

Government prior knowledge and involvement in the September the hijackers and more...

Girl Wants To Start Caucasian Club At High School


McClelland's ethnic background includes American Indian, Hispanic, Dutch, German, Italian and Irish. She says she and her friends feel slighted by other clubs at Freedom High School in Oakley, such as the Black Student Union and the Asian Club.

Clinton persuades Hillary to run for Prez

Times of India

Former President Bill Clinton is trying his best to ensure that his wife and Senator Hillary Clinton runs for President in 2004 elections

Bush is losing support on right

Star Tribune

Think tank studies, op-ed columns, talk radio callers and opinion polls show conservatives' disenchantment with Bush's policies and priorities has been climbing

The U.S. accepts Mexican Consular Registration

Que Pasa

The United States Treasury Department decided today that local banks may accept as a valid identification document the Mexican Consular Registration issued by Mexico to its citizens residing in the U.S.

Voting without paper is perilous

Sacramento Bee

Imagine the opportunity for mischief, or just bad accidents. You actually don't have to imagine. In Florida's first election with touchscreen voting last fall, one county lost more than 100,000 votes because of what officials called a "glitch" in the computer program.

‘LBJ killed JFK’ theory embarrasses Bush aide

London Times

Despite his polished political pedigree, McClellan’s family ties have suddenly brought him unexpected embarrassment. His father Barr, a 63-year-old former Texas lawyer, claims in a book that President John F Kennedy was assassinated on the orders of the man who succeeded him — Lyndon Baines Johnson.

Foxman: Gibson Spewing ‘Anti-Semitism’

Jewish Week

ADL leader says statements by ‘The Passion’ director ‘paint the portrait of an anti-Semite.’

IMF warns "Dollar Could Collapse at Any Moment"

London Guardian

The International Monetary Fund yesterday warned that the colossal United States trade deficit was a noose around the neck of the economy, emphasising that the once mighty dollar could collapse at any moment.

Second Amendment

DC: Violent Gangs Proliferate in "gun free" D.C.

Washington Post

Violent, highly structured gangs are spreading across metropolitan Washington in a steady arc, law enforcement officials say, recruiting young members in urban and suburban neighborhoods and leaving graffiti-scrawled signs in a demonstration of their growing presence.

Brady/HCI's personal destruction campaign against John Lott knows no bounds

Ohioans for Concealed Carry

After exhaustive but failed attempts to convince campus officials that director Michael Moore's "Bowling for Columbine" film - which is under investigation for rules violations in association with his Academy Award entry - did not belong on campus television, the Second Amendment Club at Ohio University decided to promote an event on campus to ensure that the truth had it's say as well.

Arnold Watch

San Francisco Chronicle: "Schwarzenegger's inner circle looks like Bohemian Grove toga party"

San Francisco Chronicle

As a result, the inner circle of Schwarzenegger's "populist" crusade looks like a Bohemian Grove toga party: Donald Bren, George Shultz, David Murdock, Warren Buffett, and so on.

Schwarzenegger Discusses Sex, Politics on 'Oprah'


Arnold Schwarzenegger on Monday discussed comments he made about sex years ago, prompting wife, Maria Shriver , to put her hand across his mouth to stop him.

Is Arnold the running man?

The Scotsman

Schwarzenegger flanked by Warren Buffet, left, and Lord Rothschild, at stately Waddesdon Manor. But has the actor set his sights on a house of a whiter hue?

The New World Order elite has big plans for Arnold

The New World Order elite has big plans for Arnold's Arnold Section -- Click Here
The top secret elite club that backs Arnold. What is Bohemian Grove? -- the occult ritual and the ultra-elite society -- click here
World War III

India to build two nuclear-proof bunkers to shield top leaders


The Indian government has decided to build two nuclear-proof bunkers to protect top leaders including Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee in case of an atomic strike, a report said Monday.

New Aussie nuke claim

Herald Sun

Australian scientists are researching cheaper ways of enriching uranium - possibly a significant step on the road to making nuclear weapons.

World News

Russian intelligence service dismisses reports about attempt on Berezovsky's life


Spokesman for the Russian Foreign Intelligence service Boris Labusov has described as "rubbish" Western reports alleging that a Russian spy attempted to kill businessman Boris Berezovsky who lives in London.

(Berezovsky exposed how the Putin-led FSB was responsible for a series of bombing of Russian apartment complexes that were to be used as a pretext for Russia's ongoing war in Chechnya)

Venezuelan Military Intelligence says overwhelming evidence the CIA planned to bring down Chavez Frias' airplane en route to United Nations in New York

Sources in Venezuela's Military Intelligence Directorate (DIM) have told that "presented with overwhelming evidence of Washington's planned attack on the Presidential flight, it was decided that the President's personal security was preeminent and that he should not go!"

New World Order

Globalization Hits Germany's Oktoberfest


The polka bands struck up and beer started flowing at this year's Oktoberfest this weekend, even as the sale of a venerable Bavarian brewer to foreign owners injected tough global realities into the party

Anti-WTO suicide triggers protests

Swiss Info

Shouting "WTO kills farmers", Lee stabbed himself in the chest with a Swiss Army pocket knife on September 10 and died later in a hospital. He left three daughters.

Iraq Aftermath/War on Terror

America puts Iraq up for sale

London Independent

Iraq was in effect put up for sale yesterday when the American-appointed administration announced it was opening up all sectors of the economy to foreign investors in a desperate attempt to deliver much-needed reconstruction against a daily backdrop of kidnappings, looting and violent death.

Bomb Blast Near UN HQ

Sky News

A suicide car bomber killed an Iraqi policeman and himself at a road checkpoint behind the UN headquarters in Baghdad.

Anthrax Vaccine Link: Mystery pneumonia toll may be much higher


Some of the soldiers were deployed to Iraq and died but are not part of the Pentagon's investigation. Others who got ill told United Press International they suffered a pneumonia-like illness after being given vaccines, particularly the anthrax shot.

Science and Health

Scientists Discover First Gene Tied to Stroke Risk

New York Times

Researchers in Iceland say they have discovered the first gene that underlies common forms of stroke, a disease that affects more than 600,000 people a year in the United States.

Evil Freak Science "Will Save You"

Sky News

"Therapeutic cloning opens the way to implanting replacement tissue into patients without it being rejected by their immune systems.."

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