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Police State

More on the Unfolding Military Occupation of America
Administration mulls whether to give military more power within U.S. borders

Foundations are in place for martial law in the US
Recent pronouncements from the Bush Administration and national security initiatives put in place in the Reagan era could see internment camps and martial law in the United States.

Ministry of Truth: Bush to Create Formal Office To Shape U.S. Image Abroad
The fully staffed "Office of Global Communications" will coordinate the administration's foreign policy message and supervise America's image abroad

CIA and FBI "Team Up" with Military in Largest Military "Experiment" Ever
The joint exercise has 13,500 participants from across the military and combines live field exercises with computer simulation battles. The exercise takes place at nine locations on the West Coast and 17 locations in cyberspace.

Justifying the Denial of Constitutional Rights
Since the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, the administration of President George W. Bush has, in the interest of prevention and security, taken many controversial steps to curtail the legal rights of those accused of terror-related acts.

Big Brother in the Big Apple
There are so many surveillance cameras in Manhattan showing public areas, that one man has decided to give guided tours of the spots.

FBI to Use Artificial Intelligence "Precog" Technology to "Predict" Acts of Terrorism
By Sept. 11, 2011, the FBI hopes to use artificial-intelligence software to predict acts of terrorism the way the telepathic "precogs" in the movie "Minority Report" foresee murders before they take place.

Elite Task Force Planted Gun on Suspect
A videotape shows members of an elite Newark police task force planting a gun on a suspect and illegally seizing his car

Friendly fire hits 2nd officer
7 weeks after fatal shooting, incident raises new concerns

There is a great new technology that safely and comfortably straightens teeth without the old metal bands and brackets.
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New World Order

Prodi: people shouldn’t choose the EU leader
Romano Prodi, European Commission president, has come down against proposals that future holders of his post should be directly elected by the people of Europe.

CFR: "Arrogant" Uncle Sam Needs Image Adjustment Via Mega-Propaganda Arm
The report recommends a sweeping overhaul of broadcast programs intended to promote cross-cultural understanding and to sell US policies abroad.

U.S.-Russia anti-terror panel meets in Annapolis
An expanded U.S.-Russia counterterrorism working group met for the first time yesterday at the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, with Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage and his Russian counterpart leading the inaugural meeting.

US-Asia Terror Accord Expected
The United States and Southeast Asian nations will agree on an accord ``to prevent, disrupt and combat international terrorism'' in the region, a major second front in the war against al-Qaida"

US News

How the IRS Targets Its Political Enemies
A smoking gun has just been released by the IRS. The unmistakable evidence is that the supposedly nonpolitical tax agency responds to complaints by prominent politicians.

Another Way FDR Used the Hegelian Dialectic of Problem-Reaction-Solution: POWs Stranded by FDR in 1940
Hundreds of former US prisoners of war have begun a battle for compensation after uncovering documents that allegedly prove the wartime administration deliberately used them as a tool to whip up domestic support for war with Japan.

Obese 3-Year-Old Taken from Mom
A Jackson mother is being kept away from her son for overfeeding him to the point of morbid obesity.

7-Year-Old's Christmas book banned from class
Parents sue district after teacher censors 2nd-grader's story

The Economy

Consumer confidence plunges
Survey outlook hit by Wall Street woes, corporate scandals and job security concerns.

National Security and the Military

Former Cornell University Researcher Charged with Stealing Biological Materials
FBI agents detained Yin Qingqiang, 38, at Syracuse's Hancock International Airport after security workers conducting a random luggage search found more than 100 glass vials and containers holding unknown substances Sunday.

Feds Arrest Al Qaeda Suspects With Plans to Poison Water Supplies
The first case involves James Ujaama, 36, who surrendered to the FBI last week in Denver. Sources say they found documents about water poisoning among several other terrorism-related documents in his Denver residence.

Seattle FBI Office Found with Open Doors
Seattle police officers searched a floor at the FBI's Seattle headquarters yesterday after a building security officer reported finding three doors locked but open, an FBI spokesman confirmed

Study links combat, domestic violence
As authorities continue to investigate the murders of four women at Ft. Bragg, N.C., in the space of six weeks, a recent study by Yale University suggests that in at least three of the cases combat experience in Afghanistan may have had something to do with it.


Senate to Delay Voting On Homeland Department
Goal of Passing Bill by Sept. 11 Unlikely to Be Met

The "War on Terror" and the Terrorists

Here's Part of the Truth. What They're Trying to Do Is to Find the Iraqi Link as a Pretext for War.
The I-40 connection between Zacarias Moussaoui and Mohamed Atta

Connection sought between Iraq, al-Qaeda
Well, there is a link...the Iraqis work for the FBI

Uncle Sam wants war
Americans believes Saddam Hussein should be out and most are happy to go to war to make that happen

Report: Bin Laden alive, preparing attack
"Sheikh bin Laden is alive and will appear in a videotape after carrying out this operation to confirm that he is still alive and will continue fighting the United States," they said.

Rumsfeld: Iraq Airstrikes Not Enough
Rumsfeld was asked at a news conference Monday why the United States doesn't strike Iraqi chemical and biological weapons sites rather than waiting any longer.

World News

Sudan battle follows peace accord
More than 1,000 people have been killed in attacks by government forces in western Upper Nile province, says a Sudanese rebel spokesman.

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Immigration, Mexico, and the Border

What They Don't Tell You Is That over a Thousand Border Patrol Agents Have Quit to Become Sky Marshalls
Only 22 agents added to Canadian border despite call for more security

INS loses 73 inspectors since 9-11
Overworked terrorist-interceptors complain of 16-hour shifts

Huge gaps remain on northern border
One agent each 16 miles, data shows; little change since 9/11

Denver: Feds order bilingual elections
Rise in Hispanic population triggers new costs for city

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Science,Technology and Health

Would-Be Human Cloners Press On Despite Opposition
Maverick scientists involved in the race to be first to clone a human being shrugged off opposition from the South Korean government, saying there was no legal impediment to their work in the country.

Sudanese pregnant with nine fetuses
A Sudanese woman is two months pregnant with nine fetuses after undergoing two years of infertility treatment at a Jeddah hospital

GRACE robot tries to live up to name
A group of scientists who set out to build a robot with human social skills may have actually improved on humanity: Their creation courteously steps aside for people, smiles during conversation and politely asks directions.

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Russia, China, Cuba, North Korea

Catholic priests jailed in China
A US-based religious rights group says three Roman Catholic priests in China have been sentenced to three years in a labor camp, accused of violating the country's anti-cult laws.

Western Companies Line up to Help Build the Chinese Pipeline
China sent its strongest signals yet that it's ready to reel in some of the vast capital in the U.S. to jump-start the buildup of its energy infrastructure.

Second child to cost parents eight years' pay
Beijing: A Chinese province that angered President George Bush of the United States by carrying out forced abortions under the country's one-child policy, has increased the fine for having a second child to eight times an offending couple's annual income.

Second Amendment

The parade of disarmament marches on
To respond by asking whether "more must be done to control weapons" is like responding to reports that many 18th century patients were dying after being bled by their doctors, by declaring, "We must redouble our efforts to purge these poor souls of their evil humors by bleeding them not of mere pints of blood, but of quarts! quarts!"

Goodbye Firing Pin, Hello Electronic Ignition
The New Big Band Theory

Panhandle man invents bullet to prevent accidental shootings
The Safety Bullet would be left in the firing chamber. If the owner needed to shoot the weapon for self protection it could be quickly ejected, clearing the way for a real bullet in the next chamber


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