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Police State

Inside the national Homeland Security strategy
Science and technology: A major facet of the plan

Ridge pushes new agency's power to hire, fire
Homeland team needs 'more flexibility,' he says

NJ: Quigley bill would prevent misuse of 'biometric identification' info
In light of new technology that scans crowds for possible terrorist suspects, state legislation to protect the individual's privacy has been introduced by Assemblywoman Joan Quigley.

Police put ink to tiny fingers
She's only a year old and already a policeman has taken her fingerprints and mug shot.

Promoting the Implantable Microchip
"This is a good thing, and we wouldn't mind a chip — particularly not if we can turn it on and off at will..."

Ex-FBI Boss Admits Taking Bribes
A former FBI supervisor testified Thursday he took bribes of wine and cash that retired agent John J. Connolly delivered to him from top-ranking mob informers.

There is a great new technology that safely and comfortably straightens teeth without the old metal bands and brackets.
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New World Order

French spa to host next G8 Summit
The next summit of the world's seven wealthiest countries and Russia -- known as the Group of Eight, or G8 -- is to be held in early June 2003 in the fashionable French spa of Evian-les-Bains, at the foot of the Alps.

U.N. women's rights treaty will go to full Senate
Opponents of the treaty, ratified by 170 countries and supported by 167 U.S. special-interest groups, say it is redundant and that the United Nations' 23-member convention committee exploits the treaty's vague language to undermine democracy and promote abortions and prostitution.

US, UK Groups Attack European Population Funding
European plans to replace U.N. Population Fund money withheld by the United States were attacked Tuesday by pro-life groups on both sides of the Atlantic

US News

Kids in US Schools Raise Money to Build More Factories in China. Yes, That What Most Chinese "Schools" Are.
That's what Vincent and dozens of other Bay Area students are doing this summer as they paint Chinese-theater masks for Cupertino's Moon Festival of Silicon Valley -- based on the traditional Chinese celebration of the eighth full moon of the lunar calendar.

"Experts" Propagandize for Toxic Vaccines
"When it comes to childhood vaccinations, Americans are doing better than ever before in making sure infants get the necessary shots in this country. But, not enough adolescents are getting the follow-up shots they need."

FBI's Sept. 11 Leak Probe Irks Senators
FBI officials are also asking Hill staffers caught up in the investigation to submit to polygraph examinations, according to Congressional sources.

How Christianity is being replaced by 'green' religion, goddess worship, globalism

Devil-Worshipping Youths Charged in Baseball Bat Murder
Edmund Lewis Day, 16, a self-described "messenger of Satan," was sentenced to eight years, eight months this week in Tehama County Superior Court

Lawmakers Consider Bill to Curb Obesity
Last week a New York lawyer filed a class action suit against four fast-food companies claiming his clients didn't know their fast food contains a lot of fat

Crimes Against Seniors – A Disturbing Trend
Because seniors are living longer and healthier lives, and as their numbers continue to grow as a percentage of the overall population, the trend may be that seniors will become crime victims at an ever-increasing rate.

FL: Sawgrass Rebellion Launched
Private land owners are being forced off their land by a variety of coersive land-use policies, being imposed under the banner of "Everglades Restoration," endangered species protection, open space, Heritage areas, and a host of other programs, all designed to displace people, or severely restrict the use of private property.

Prices drive seniors to skip medication
Nearly one in four seniors say they sometimes don't fill prescriptions because of the high cost or they skip doses to make the prescriptions last longer

The Economy

Manufacturing activity slips
The Institute for Supply Management (ISM) said its key gauge of manufacturing activity fell to 50.5 in July from 56.2 in June

WorldCom Execs Surrender
Two former executives at WorldCom Inc. surrendered to federal authorities this morning to face criminal charges for their role in allegedly manipulating the company's books

Bush, Greenspan to Review Economy over Lunch
President Bush on Thursday will host Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan for lunch to review the U.S. economic outlook following a second-quarter growth slowdown

National Security and the Military

Airlines Cutting Flights on Sept. 11
Some of the nation's largest airlines are cutting back their Sept. 11 flight schedules, bowing to Americans' reluctance to fly on the anniversary of the attack

U.S. Tightens licensing for foreign pilots
The government is making it harder for private pilots from foreign countries to get licenses to fly in the United States.


Senate “Club” Delivers “Slap on Wrist”Torricelli Should Suffer Traficant’s Fate

The "War on Terror" and the Terrorists

Pentagon: Hamas experimenting with chemical weapons
The Pentagon has determined that the Hamas terrorist organization has been conducting research in the use of chemical weapons for suicide bombers.

Drug Trade Funding Terror Groups' Actions, U.S. Says
Crime: Federal data offer 'shocking' insight into links between two threats, Ashcroft says.

Leaflet in Scotland: Kill Americans
Scotish sympathisers of Osama Bin Laden’s al-Qaida terror group are targeting American tourists in Edinburgh with a leaflet calling for the murder of US civilians.

Iraq 'close to nuclear bomb goal'
Senate hears dire warnings by dissidents

GOP will tie ANWR to Iraq
Top Republican lawmakers this month will wage a last-ditch effort to link opening the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge for oil exploration to the increasing threat of war with Iraq

Timing, Tactics on Iraq War Disputed
Top Bush Officials Criticize Generals' Conventional Views

"Experts" Liken Saddam to Hitler
Former CIA Director James Woolsey warns that Saddam Hussein "poses the same kind of threat to the United States that Hitler posed in Germany in the mid 1930s when the British and the French kept postponing dealing with him in the way that some people are advocating dealing with Saddam how."

World News

Man Surfing Bomb Web Sites Arrested In Florida
Police Find Suspicous Liquids In Man's Backpack

Gruesome wartime experiments revealed
"What I have done in China entirely comprised war crimes, what I admit are very serious war crimes," he said. The frail 78-year-old called on the Japanese Government to apologize for the activities of Unit 731.

EU Proposes Ban on Fluoride Supplements
Tablets and chewing gum that contain fluoride are to be banned in Belgium over fears they might increase the risk of brittle bone disease

More Banking Subterfuge
Opposition gains ground in Brazil and currency tumbles

Cash Crunch in Uruguay
Uruguay announced Wednesday it was extending its bank holiday through and including Friday, a day after shuttering banks to try to curb capital flight amid a deepening cash crunch.

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Immigration, Mexico, and the Border

Agents leaving Border Patrol in droves, union says
Low pay, low morale and confusion over who will ultimately be the boss of the U.S. Border Patrol have prompted hundreds of agents to quit.

INS to deport Arab aliens on airliners
No handcuffs, no police escorts for 6,000 Middle-Easterners living in U.S. illegally

Number of truckers willing to traffic Mexican migrants growing
With fees of up to 5,000 dollars per person, more and more commercial drivers for companies based in El Paso are smuggling undocumented immigrants across the country in their trucks as they transport cargo

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Science,Technology and Health

Robot learns to reproduce
They have developed a computer system that uses natural selection to design and automatically build robots.

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Russia, China, Cuba, North Korea

Russian Nuclear Ties Concern US
Energy Secretary Spencer Abraham on Thursday said Russia's nuclear cooperation with Iran is a matter of ``utmost'' concern for the Bush administration, which believes the project helps advance Iran's weapons program.

China tightens rules on Internet content
Strict new rules on Internet publishing in China went into effect Thursday as authorities in Beijing moved to silence online dissent and political criticism ahead of this year's 16th Communist Party Congress

N.Korea rejects force-reduction plan
North Korea has rejected a U.S. offer to discuss the reduction of military forces deployed along its border with South Korea during talks between Pyongyang and Washington

Second Amendment

IN: Divorce Agreements Could Strip Away the Rights to Own a Gun
The federal Brady Act has been invoked. The result is the potential offender loses his or her right to possess a firearm and is required to turn over all weapons


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