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Police State

Federal Court: Guantanamo Detainees Have No Right to Use U.S. Courts
A federal judge ruled Wednesday that suspected Taliban and Al Qaeda fighters held in Cuba do not have a right to U.S. court hearings, allowing the military to hold them indefinitely without filing charges.

Everything Will Be Centralized, Everything Will Be Controlled
FERC Pushes Conversion to a National Power Grid

LA Spy Cameras Give Audible Warning
The steel-encased camera, designed to withstand a bullet, plays a recorded warning that police hope will act as a deterrent: "Stop! This is the LAPD," the recording says. "We have just taken your photograph. We will use this photograph to prosecute you. Leave now."

Store Customer Cards a Source for FBI?
While that customer loyalty card at the supermarket might perceivably save you a few pennies at the checkout counter, your buying habits could end up in the hands of government agents.

London to spy on its motorists
London is soon to become the world’s first city to spy on motorists with cameras and then bill them for the privilege of driving into the centre of town for business, pleasure or a simple raincheck.

Kids to be served up with chips
Chipping children is being advocated in the US as a way of preventing parents from losing their kids.

AZ: Officer Admits to Shooting Man He Knew Was Unarmed and Who Might Not Have Been the Suspect
Brice later admitted during an investigation that he was not certain the man he shot was the suspect. He also admitted that he did not believe Navarro was armed when he fired the fatal shot.

Police dogs are still officers
Judge gives Barberton man maximum of year for punching K-9 member

There is a great new technology that safely and comfortably straightens teeth without the old metal bands and brackets.
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New World Order

French spa to host next G8 Summit
The next summit of the world's seven wealthiest countries and Russia -- known as the Group of Eight, or G8 -- is to be held in early June 2003 in the fashionable French spa of Evian-les-Bains, at the foot of the Alps.

U.N. women's rights treaty will go to full Senate
Opponents of the treaty, ratified by 170 countries and supported by 167 U.S. special-interest groups, say it is redundant and that the United Nations' 23-member convention committee exploits the treaty's vague language to undermine democracy and promote abortions and prostitution.

US, UK Groups Attack European Population Funding
European plans to replace U.N. Population Fund money withheld by the United States were attacked Tuesday by pro-life groups on both sides of the Atlantic

US News

FBI asks lawmakers to take lie detector test in Sept. 11 leak investigation
The FBI has asked members of the House and Senate intelligence committees to take lie-detector tests as part of an investigation into the leak of information related to the Sept. 11 attacks, a law enforcement official said.

The Media Has Been Hyping Kidnapping, Now Generating Copy Cat Cases, While Quietly, for Years, Yuppies Have Been Engaging in Degenerate Practices Like "Designer Kidnapping"
Kidnapping for kicks in New York

Complex Combed for Anthrax Clues
FBI agents wearing protective gloves searched trash bins Thursday at the apartment complex of a former Army researcher considered a "person of interest" in the anthrax investigation

LA: On the West Nile front line
There have been 32 confirmed human cases of West Nile virus infection reported in Louisiana, including one that resulted in the death of an elderly Baton Rouge woman Monday.

Missourians getting tested for West Nile
Twenty-two Missourians have been tested for possible exposure to the West Nile Virus

West Nile Virus spreading faster than expected
West Nile virus is sickening people far earlier this summer than usual, and is spreading so quickly — it’s hit 34 states, as far west as South Dakota — that health officials believe it will reach California this year or next.

The Economy

Jobless Rate Steady At 5.9 Percent
The nation's unemployment rate held steady at 5.9 percent in July as companies, uncertain about the economic recovery and shaken by accounting scandals, added just 6,000 new jobs.

National Security and the Military

Military spouses cite stresses, abuses
While Fort Bragg and civilian law enforcement officials probe the reasons behind a string of murders and suicides involving military couples, dozens of wives and former wives of soldiers have begun talking about abuse and what they say is a lack of accessible support from the military

Soldier Killed in Millennium 2002 Exercise
One soldier was killed and two others were injured when a vehicle rolled over during a training exercise at Fort Irwin, Calif., military officials said.

Over 100 American soldiers missing in Afghanistan. US Department of State still ignores the fact
US authorities treat American soldiers at war in Afghanistan the same way they treat prisoners in Guantanamo: both can’t rely upon protection guaranteed by the US Constitution.


Clinton Pledges to Fight as Combat Soldier With Israeli Army
Ex-President Bill Clinton told an audience in Toronto, Canada, on Tuesday that he would personally fight "in the trench" alongside the Israel Defense Forces to repel an attack on the Jewish state by Iraq.

A lawyer friend of Attorney General John Ashcroft signed up Oklahoma City bombing survivors as clients, promising to use his contacts to win them government compensation, according to court documents and interviews.

The "War on Terror" and the Terrorists

Special Forces Soldier: Troops Had bin Laden Pinpointed in November, Let Him Get Away
A Special Forces soldier says that troops had Osama bin Laden pinpointed in Afghanistan in November, but leaders took too long to decide to go after him and he slipped away.

Pentagon: Hamas experimenting with chemical weapons
The Pentagon has determined that the Hamas terrorist organization has been conducting research in the use of chemical weapons for suicide bombers.

World News

The Legacy of Occupations
An Estonian monument to "freedom fighters" in the Nazi armed forces raises old passions and new questions

India is world's No.3 arms importer and still buying
Hawks from Britain, Sukhois and MiG-29s from Russia, an anti-missile system from Israel - New Delhi's shopping list is long

Jury return in 'vampire' case
Jurors in the case of a teenager accused of murdering a pensioner as part of a bizarre ritual continue considering their verdict on Friday.

Witches threaten Romania's EU interests as revenge for TV ban
Witches are threatening spells in revenge for being banned from TV by laws demanded as part of Romania's integration into the EU.

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Immigration, Mexico, and the Border

Illegal Alien Charged with First Degree Murder in Death of 15-Year-Old
Spokane County prosecutors filed first-degree murder charges against a man accused of running a red light and causing a crash that killed a 15-year-old girl.

FBI Joins Border Murder Probe
Over 300 girls and women have been brutally murdered over the past nine years just across the border in Juarez, Mexico, and after years of outcries U.S. authorities are joining the local investigation, which some say is fraught with incompetence and corruption.

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Science,Technology and Health

"Why I'm not impressed with Professor Cyborg"
Kevin Warwick is the professor who puts microchips in his arm and sees a great future for cyborgs. He's good at getting in the news, but not everyone is impressed.

Potato to prevent cervical cancer
The humble potato may help scientists to protect women from a common sexually transmitted virus that causes almost all cases of cervical cancer.

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Russia, China, Cuba, North Korea

China hails Jiang's military prowess
Chinese state media have heaped praise on President Jiang Zemin, a day before the 75th anniversary of the founding of the People's Liberation Army.

Second Amendment

INS Teaching Booklet Lies to Immigrants about Second Amendment
The U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) is actively teaching immigrants that "gun control" is part of our Constitution.

In the INS Document (
"The Founding Fathers believed that the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness was very important. This right is the basis for all of the rights listed in the Constitution and its amendments.
These include:
right to freedom of religion;
right to freedom of speech;
right to bear arms, or to own weapons (a special permit is required);
right to a trial when accused of a crime, and to know of what crime one is accused; and, right to own property and to expect the government to help protect private property.
These are rights guaranteed by the Constitution to both citizens and non-citizens who live in the United States."

Louisiana Governor Advises Women Scared of Serial Killer to Get a Gun
Louisiana Gov. Mike Foster reminded women Thursday that they can pack a gun to protect themselves from a serial killer who has slain three women in the capital in the past 10 months

NJ: No Charges for Officer Who Committed Perjury on Gun Permit Application
A suspended Pompton Lakes police officer will not be prosecuted for failing to reveal a restraining order against him on an application for a gun permit

MD: Ehrlich seeks U.S. focus on gun crimes
Ehrlich, the 2nd District congressman and expected GOP nominee for governor, asked U.S. Attorney Thomas M. DiBiagio to launch a 180-day period -- beginning today -- during which federal prosecutors would focus intensely on firearm violations

Where Guns Are Banned: How the British maximize crime
Did you know that a person's chances of being mugged in London are 6 times higher than in New York City?


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