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Police State

U.S. Defies Judge on Enemy Combatant
Justice Dept. Refuses To Provide Documents

Smile, You're on In-Store Camera
This scenario, which could be a harsh reality in the near future, will not placate those who avoid shopping online and opt to pay in hard currency out of fear for their privacy. If you can't shop anonymously at your local retail giant, then privacy as we know it is dead.

Link to Info on Retail Giants Using Radio Frequencies Etc.
The retailers Wal-Mart, Metro, Tesco, Target and Home Depot have all invested in the project to electronically mark products, units and pallets using transponders for radio frequency identification (RFID).

'Privacy' Rules Spread Your Personal Medical Information
A provision that facilitates virtually unfettered sharing of our medical information between government agencies is tucked away on page 21 of the HHS regulation’s fine print.

Lieberman bill poses threat
Joe Lieberman could have stopped cold the paranoid idea of turning America into a nation of government snitches. Instead, the legislation creating a department of homeland security has sailed through the New Haven Democrat's Senate committee. There was not even a nod to the alarms over the Justice Department's idea of recruiting hundreds of thousands of Americans as government informants.

Computer Scientists Debunk FBI Cyber-Attack Hysteria
"It is bizarre," ventured Vern Paxton, senior scientist with the International Computer Science Institute in Berkeley, California. "And if there were political cyberattacks, then they appear miserably unsuccessful. What sort of politically motivated attacker targets East Coast sites at 2 a.m., EDT?"

LAPD Corruption Figure Sentenced
A former police officer who was a key figure in a sweeping corruption scandal was sentenced Wednesday to five years in prison for perjury and conspiracy to obstruct justice.

There is a great new technology that safely and comfortably straightens teeth without the old metal bands and brackets.
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New World Order

Patients at UN Mental Hospital Raped and Attacked under the Eyes of the UN Staff
Patients at United Nations mental institutions in Kosovo have been raped and physically attacked under the eyes of UN staff, held in "filthy and degrading" conditions, and threatened with punishment if they report the abuses, according to a damning investigation published in New York yesterday.

British Tribunal Finds UN Whistleblower Unjustly Fired for Reporting UN Police Used Women and Children as Sex Slaves
It was at least the third scandal this year involving international aid workers and vulnerable local populations.

EU-Iraq Talks Irk US
It's one in the troika of President Bush's "axis of evil" and doing business with Tehran is forbidden for American companies, but U.S. allies are lining up to trade with a country Washington would prefer they ignored.

UN Weapons Inspectors Warn US
United Nations weapons inspectors have told George Bush: "We don't take orders from you".

"massive presence of heads of state who will be in New York for the United Nations General Assembly" at Sept 11 Remembrance
The extensively televised event, one of several solemn ceremonies planned in New York and across the country, could well serve as a national memorial

US News

Human Case of W. Nile in DC
District health officials said last night that a Washington man has contracted the mosquito-borne West Nile virus, the first confirmed human case of the disease in the region this year.

Airport Screeners Order Mom to Drink Breast Milk
In the latest in a series of airport security nightmares, a woman flying from New York to Florida was forced to drink three bottles of her own breast milk before being allowed to board a flight at JFK International Airport

Ex-Executives Say Sham Merryl-Lynch Deal Helped Enron
Desperate to meet a year-end profit target, the Enron Corporation struck a sham energy deal with Merrill Lynch that let Enron book a $60 million profit in the final days of December 1999, according to former Enron executives involved in the transaction.

Platform at New Orleans aquarium falls, dumps people into shark tank
A platform at the Aquarium of the Americas collapsed Wednesday evening, dumping 10 people straight into a tank teeming with sharks.

VT: State confirms nine people have Legionnaires'
The state Health Department has identified two additional cases of Legionnaires' disease, bringing the total number of those infected to nine people, health officials said Wednesday

The Economy

US rates 'could hit 1930s levels'
Wall Street rallied dramatically yesterday on hopes that the US Federal Reserve will deliver a shot in the arm to the American economy next week with an interest rate cut

If You've Raped the American People and Have Lived a Life of Unending Wickedness, You Will Be Knighted
Fed Chief Greenspan to Be Knighted

National Security and the Military

Two Laptops Missing From U.S. Central Command
Two laptop computers have disappeared from the military command center in Florida orchestrating the war in Afghanistan, at least one of them containing classified information

U.S. Contracts for Bioweapons Vaccines
The federal government has contracted a Dutch biotechnology company to develop vaccines against Ebola, Marburg and Lassa viruses, some of the deadliest diseases known and possible bioterrorist agents.

Expert: Vaccinate entire population against smallpox attack
The entire population should be vaccinated against smallpox when vaccine supplies soon become available rather than waiting for a biological warfare attack


Graham speaks out on Islam
The Rev. Franklin Graham concedes that he's not the diplomat his famous evangelist father is, and he doesn't mince words about Islam

The "War on Terror" and the Terrorists

Saddam: "Iraq's Attackers Will 'Die in Disgraceful Failure"
"The forces of evil will carry their coffins on their backs to die in disgraceful failure ... to dig their own graves," Saddam Hussein promised his people Thursday as the U.S. and Britain ramped up their war plans against Iraq.

Proposed Attack on Iraq: Conflict could soon be nuclear
US Congress has been warned that President Bush’s proposed attack on Iraq could escalate into a nuclear conflict

Russia FM warns US against striking Iraq
Russian Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov on Wednesday warned Washington against launching military action against Iraq

Millennium Challenge 02 Fine Tunes a U.S. Attack on Iraq
MC 02, an experiment in size and complexity that has never before been attempted by the U.S. military, takes place across the country over computer networks, linking together military headquarters and simulated troop, air and sea units, synchronized with 13,500 actual military personnel fighting their way through a challenging scenario for war.

World News

Argentina: O'Neil, IMF "to the rescue"
US Treasury Secretary Paul O' Neill has promised to help Argentina resolve its differences with the International Monetary Fund.

and...IMF throws Brazil $30bn lifeline
Brazil is being given an extra $30bn (£20bn) loan to help it recover from its financial crisis.

Turkey pockets a $1.1bn International Monetary Fund loan
Turkey's fresh commitment to reform as the IMF paid out $1.1bn of a loan package worth a total of $16bn.

Chirac attacker's group is outlawed
The neo-Nazi militia which spawned the would-be assassin of President Chirac was formally outlawed by the French government yesterday.

French town bans Le Pen's congress
"We will not allow a blatantly discriminatory policy such as this to go uncontested," a National Front spokesman said. "We will go ahead with our summer congress in Annecy come what may, and reserve the right to launch administrative, civil or even criminal proceedings against the mayor."

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Immigration, Mexico, and the Border

INS Apologetic Toward Illegal Aliens
'Free [Taxpayer-Funded] Legal Advice'

Tancredo :Drugs tied to border incursion
"The amount of drug trafficking is becoming so intense, and that is always what's connected to these incursions," said Mr. Tancredo, Colorado Republican and the point man for immigration reform efforts in Congress

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Science,Technology and Health

BBC: Planes' vapor trails affect weather
The vapor trails left in the atmosphere by jet aircraft have a significant impact on the weather, according to new research.

Scientists: Speed of Light Might Not Be Consistent
Inconstant Speed of Light May Debunk Einstein

Anonymize: Ditch your ISP and sign up with a service that lets you surf by proxy, keeping your IP address concealed
Our ISP Service, is Your Privacy and Freedom Oriented ISP-- and Allows You to Do Just That. Also, Our Users' Email Addresses Reflect Their Patriotism ( - as Opposed to

Russia, China, Cuba, North Korea

Russian mob plotted attack
The Russian mob was ready to kidnap or kill the United States' highest-ranking military officer in 1998 but was thwarted by his Army security detail, according to newly released military reports.

U.S. Helps America-Hating North Korea Build Nukes
The $4.6 billion project is being constructed at the village of Kumho on North Korea's eastern coast.

CIA Defector to Soviet Union Wanted Revenge
Edward Lee Howard, the first CIA officer to defect to the Soviet Union, fled to Moscow out of a desire for revenge on his former bosses after they sacked him, an ex-KGB handler disclosed on Thursday.

Taiwan cancels war games
Taiwan has canceled a set of military exercises amid increasing tension with China.

Second Amendment

Gun locks being given away across Minnesota
An estimated 30,000 cable-style gun locks, along with information about gun safety, will be given away free to the public at locations around Minnesota this month, thanks to a $5 million federal grant to a firearms industry group.

Dagestan: Registration is the First Step Towards Confiscation
"It was the Dagestani police who recommended that I buy a weapon anywhere I could, it was the same police that registered my Kalashnikov, and now the very same police take it away..."

History 501 at Central Conn State Uses Debunked Bellesiles' Book of Lies as Course Material
"students themselves will engage in this evaluation process by writing a review of Michael Bellesiles’ work, Arming America: The Origins of a National Gun Culture..."

FBI: We'll keep better track of our guns
"It's no surprise that hundreds of computers and guns are missing from the Justice Department, but that doesn't make it any easier to swallow," Grassley said in a statement released by his office.

CA: 'Bullet tax' amendment pulled from consideration this year
A proposed constitutional amendment to levy a nickel tax on every bullet sold in California won't be considered this year, meaning the first-in-the-nation measure wouldn't reach voters until at least 2004.

Couple files suit against Long Beach and police officers over pellet gun incident
Police here are accused in a lawsuit of using excessive force in detaining a couple in April 2000 as they walked through a wooded area with pellet guns


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