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Police State

Pentagon Police Are Part of the Military. It Is a Violation of Posse Comitatus to Have Them Stomping around Arlington. There's a Secondary Dangerous Trend: to Have Law Enforcement Agencies Moving Towards Erasing Jurisdictions...
Arlington and Pentagon police are entering into a historic agreement that will give them the legal authority to cross into each other's territory to enforce state and federal laws

Big Brother Cameras in DC Accelerate into Place to Watch over July 4 Festivities
A new network of security cameras will monitor the Mall tomorrow during Independence Day festivities, the U.S. Park Police announced yesterday -- moving up by months the introduction of video surveillance.

Congressman Paul Agrees: A Police State is Blowing in the Wind
"Mr. Speaker, what, then, is the answer to the question: 'Is America a Police State?' My answer is: 'Maybe not yet, but it is fast approaching.' The seeds have been sown and many of our basic protections against tyranny have been and are constantly being undermined..."

The case for ‘smart profiling’ as a weapon in the war on terror
Freedom vs. Security

UK: Hello cameras - goodbye cops
Canadian Writer: CCTV covers Britain like a horse blanket. Every square inch of that country is covered by closed-circuit video

Second Grader Suspended from Summer School for Toy Cap Gun
This is a teachable moment for us," said Superintendent Stephen Kleinsmith. "The world isn't like it used to be. We've seen Columbine and Jonesboro, and we're living in a post-Sept. 11 world."

Great-Grandmother Strip-Searched at Airport
The daughters of an 80-year-old great-grandmother said Tuesday that their mother was strip-searched at Gerald R. Ford International Airport after her knee replacement set off metal detectors

Woman files suit against officers, alleging they forced her to have sex with them
Once inside her home, the suit notes, the officers took off their gun belts, exposed themselves and "demanded'' she have sex with them.

Spain Passes Law to Regulate Internet Content
The legislation, designed to bring Spain into line with European Union guidelines, is expected to take effect after the summer.

This Is It, Ladies and Gentlemen: The Total Gestapo Takeover by the Federal Government. Federalization of Local Police, Military Rule over the US...Caesar Is Brining His Legions into Rome
The Department of Homeland Security -- PDF File

The Department of Homeland Security Website

A BILL to establish a Department of Homeland Security, and for other purposes.

There is a great new technology that safely and comfortably straightens teeth without the old metal bands and brackets.
Click Here for the Rest of the Story
New World Order

EU Socialist report recommends legalization on abortion in all EU member states
The European Parliament on Tuesday will debate a controversial report which recommends the legalization of abortion in EU member states.

Bush says U.S. Will try to end stalemate over international court, won't join
"We'll try to work out the impasse, but the one thing we're not going to do is sign on to this International Criminal Court..."

NATO and Russia Look to Work Together in Air
NATO's top general in Moscow said Monday the alliance and Russia were looking to work together on giant transport aircraft and midair refueling to get closer defense cooperation off the ground

Cashless Society 'Inevitable;' a Boost to Globalist Taxers?
Money won’t be around anymore in just a few years, according to trend watchers. And the same globalist taxers that are already trying to confiscate your hard-earned money can’t wait for the cashless era to begin.

US News

Foster Care Stretched Beyond Limits
Vulnerable Children Neglected — and Even Left to Die

Woman arrested attempting to bring boomerangs on plane
A world-class competitive boomerang thrower faces a criminal charge after trying to bring boomerangs through a security checkpoint at Bradley International Airport.

'Under God' Iconoclast Looks to Next Targets
He argued that the phrase "one nation, under God" in the Pledge of Allegiance violated the separation of church and state — and won, at least with the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, in San Francisco.

Warriors of Prayer Say They Are Here to Protect D.C.
Evangelical "warriors" from around the country believe they can use prayer to help win the war on terror as they head to Washington, DC, for the Fourth of July celebrations.

Apaches Feel Tainted by Accusations Against Tribal Member in Ariz. Blaze
Travis Duryea has noticed an undercurrent of fear among the White Mountain Apaches since a member of the tribe was accused of starting a huge forest fire.

FBI lethargy lets the anthrax killer go free
The bureau's lackadaisical ineptitude in pursuing the anthrax killer continues to threaten America's national security by permitting him to strike again or, more likely, to flee to Iran or North Korea.
National Security and the Military

U.S. Servicemen Busted in Drug Probe
One of the largest military drug investigations in recent years has led to the conviction of more than 80 Marines and sailors at Camp Lejeune for using and selling Ecstasy, cocaine, LSD and methamphetamine.

July 4 Warning: State Department tells American travelers to be alert, avoid crowds
The State Department warned Americans traveling abroad to avoid clubs, restaurants, schools or outdoor sporting events where fellow Americans gather because terrorists could choose them as target.

Fatah calls for attacks on US, Zionist targets
Groups affiliated with Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat's Fatah movement yesterday called upon all Palestinian organizations, including the Islamic movements, to attack Zionist and American targets everywhere in response to US efforts "to remove the legitimate leadership of the Palestinian people."

Leader of Largest Upstate NY Mosque Has Know Ties to the 1993 WTC Bombing, Hamas
Muslim cleric with supposed ties to the 1993 World Trade Center bombing and the Hamas terror group has been serving as the leader of a large mosque upstate, it was revealed yesterday.

Prior Knowledge: Professor's Warnings Went Unheeded
He told Federal Aviation Administration security officials that terrorists might seize airplanes and fly them into some of the nation's most prized landmarks. Two he mentioned: the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

Bioterror expert warns of next attacks
The nationally recognized bioterrorism expert said it could be anthrax, smallpox or an attack on the nation's food and water supply. But Osterholm said the impact could be many times that of the World Trade Center attacks.

The "War on Terror" and the Terrorists

Bush to issue 'strike first' strategy
Doctrine of attacking enemies pre-emptively marks major policy shift

Al Qaeda `sleepers' may be in U.S.
Italy's eavesdropping on terrorists hints at infiltration beyond Sept. 11 group

Federal Workers Raid Fort Worth Aviation Facility, Arrest Illegals Affiliated with Muslim Extremist Group
Federal agents raided an aviation repair facility at Fort Worth Meacham Airport on Friday morning, arresting 28 workers on immigration violations. Some of them, sources said, may be affiliated with a Muslim extremist group responsible for a string of kidnappings in the southern Philippines.

US Anti-Terror Mission To Be Expanded In Philippines
The U.S. and the Philippines are planning to expand their counter-terrorism cooperation after the July 31 wrap-up of joint military exercises targeting Islamic terrorists.

Six Questioned in Germany on Terror Suspicion
Six people were detained in the German city of Hamburg Wednesday on suspicion of belonging to a terrorist organization

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World News

New UK Program: Reward Criminals with "Going Straight" Contracts
To tackle chronically high re-offending rates, the SEU proposed prisoners should sign contracts on sentencing, promising future good behavior in return for support and a range of benefits on their release.

Domino Game in Latin America Threatens Freedom
Latin American countries are dominoes ready to fall. And the fatal flick that sets the region’s "emerging economies” cascading will come not only from the region’s desperate finances, highlighted by Brazil’s staggering debt, but from terrorism – orchestrated by the pro-Castro, pro-Iraq radical regime in Venezuela

Dutch license floating abortion clinic
Anger as activists win right to offer abortion pill

Witchcraft Taking Hold In Australia
Buoyed by census figures suggesting that witchcraft is among the fastest-growing religious tendencies in Australia, an organization representing pagans voiced support Wednesday for the scrapping of legislation outlawing witchcraft and related practices.

Girl Ordered Gang-Raped in Pakistan
Girl Gang-Raped by Order of Pakistani Tribal Jury

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Immigration, Mexico, and the Border

Dual Citizenship Grows
Americans are expected to ride the wave of post-Sept. 11 patriotism when they mark the Fourth of July. But even as the commemoration crests Thursday, a little-noticed statistic is sparking debate over national identity and the obligations of citizenship.

Storm Clouds Rise Over H1-B
Fast forward to 2002, and you don't hear a peep from H1-B backers. Even though the number of H1-B visas available annually is scheduled to revert to 65,000 in 2004, TechNet is quiet.

Samaritan Patrol to Watch Border, "Save" Illegal Aliens
In an effort they hope will save the lives of illegal entrants crossing Southern Arizona's searing desert, members of nine religious groups are kicking off Samaritan Patrol

INS Web Site to Track Foreign Students
The Immigration and Naturalization Service has launched the Internet Web site that the nation's universities will soon use to register foreign students

UN opens human rights office in Mexico, Will Focus on Undocmented Aliens' Rights
"Undocumented migrants continue to face a precarious situation in national territory, as they are often victims of physical abuse and extortion at the hands of migration agents or immigrant smugglers..."

Science,Technology and Health

London Mayor Warns Parents on Dangers of MMR Jab
The London Mayor says his child, by partner Emma Beal, would not have the controversial triple jab and he has advised parents to opt for single vaccines.

UK's Doctors Paid Cash to Promote MMR Jab
Parents do not trust medical advice on the controversial MMR jab because they know GPs are paid to recommend it, doctors have warned.

Despite Obvious Dangers, or Maybe Because of Them British Medical Association Pushes to Make MMR Vaccine Mandatory -- Don't Forget It Already Is in Washington, DC
Doctors had called for compulsory immunisation unless there are clear medical reasons against it.

Powering the Aircraft of the Future From the Ground, With Laser Beams
Tiny, unpiloted airplanes powered by laser beams from the ground that can endlessly observe volcanoes or monitor climate. In the longer term, they say, laser beams from satellites or high-altitude balloons may perhaps propel planes at several times the speed of sound at high altitudes where the air is too thin for jet engines to operate.

Baby not legally parents'
Couple may be forced to adopt their own child

Scientists estimate 30 billion Earths
Astronomers say there could be billions of Earths in our galaxy, the Milky Way.

Europe backs stricter GM rules
Plans to enforce stricter labelling of genetically modified foods across the European Union have been agreed by members of the European Parliament.

Treating Viewers as Criminals
Networks say watching TV without the ads is theft. Will blipverts be next?

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Russia, China, Cuba, North Korea

Russia: Public exchanges weapons for cash
Police have paid 685,500 rubles ($21,420) in exchange for the weapons

U.S. Suspends Talks With Murderous North Korea
The United States on Tuesday withdrew its offer to resume bilateral negotiations with North Korea after that country's navy Saturday sunk a South Korean patrol boat.

Israel Arms China
China has deployed Israeli-made anti-radar weapons opposite Taiwan

China Reportedly Buying Russia Subs
China is reportedly buying eight missile-armed Russian submarines and military analysts say the purchase could increase the mainland's military threat against Taiwan.

Second Amendment

Gun Rights Group Blames Illinois Murder Rate On Anti-Self Defense
A report this week that Illinois homicides are on the rise came as no surprise to the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms (CCRKBA), which blames the state's anti-self defense laws for the increasing bloodshed.

Gun Grabbers Move to Shut Down "Newspaper Loophole"
You've heard of the gun show loophole; what about the newspaper loophole?


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