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Police State

Feds Prepare for Smallpox Quarantine, to Hold People Against Their Will
Federal health officials are quietly making plans for quarantining Americans who might be exposed to a highly contagious smallpox patient, addressing sensitive questions of how to hold people, possibly against their will, in case of a bioterror attack.

Congress in rush to create police state security body
Congress begins a frantic push this week to pass legislation creating a homeland security department before the anniversary of last fall's attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon

Shackles loosened on U.S. intelligence
One by one, barriers erected in the post-Watergate era to prevent abuses and excesses by U.S. intelligence agencies are yielding to pressure

Classic Snitch Culture Propaganda: The 'right thing' tears at a family
Palmer made the 911 call largely because of a lesson he learned in a Junior ROTC ethics course: "Stand up for what you believe in, don't follow the crowd and be your own person."

Federal Propaganda for Kids
Federal agencies are using taxpayer-funded Web sites to bypass parents and instill their tech-savvy children with heavy doses of big government activism.

Poll: Half(wits) willing to suspend freedoms
Civil libertarians say public unaware of rights it would trade for safety

More Police Thug Behavior Caught on Tape
Amateur cameraman captures violent incident in Los Angeles suburb; officer suspended

This Is It, Ladies and Gentlemen: The Total Gestapo Takeover by the Federal Government. Federalization of Local Police, Military Rule over the US...Caesar Is Brining His Legions into Rome
The Department of Homeland Security -- PDF File

The Department of Homeland Security Website

A BILL to establish a Department of Homeland Security, and for other purposes.

There is a great new technology that safely and comfortably straightens teeth without the old metal bands and brackets.
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New World Order

Houston designated sixth model city by Better World group
As a model city, Houston will be a center of activity to build public support for the United Nations and its activities. Other model cities are Chicago, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Seattle and Denver.

African Union gets teeth
The first summit of the African Union has opened in Durban, South Africa.

US News

Bohemian Grove: Monte Rio protests the protesters
Residents, businesses say they don't want annual Bohemian Grove demonstration to hamper tourism

Free Speech Is Your Right. You Don't Need a Permit. Remember This Article:
Official apologizes after police silence protester

More Staged Political Distractions to Convince You That Our So-Called Conservative Leaders Are Really Conservative
When It's Really Two Sides of the Same Coin as Bush Continues to "Out-Clinton Clinton"

Klamath Basin Copycat Case Pits Fish vs. Farmers
Nevada farmers are finding themselves caught in an increasingly familiar battle that pits their survival against that of some favored fish.

Son of Sam to Get First Shot at Parole
Infamous Son of Sam serial killer David Berkowitz will face a state parole board today for the first time

Bill Challenges Environmental Extremism
The measure, H.R. 4840, would require "sound science” – solid, valid, legitimate scientific data to place a species on the endangered species list.

The Last Defender of the American Republic?
An interview with Gore Vidal

Doctors Testing on Thousands of Babies for New Diarrhea Vaccine
Drug giants Merck and GlaxoSmithKline now are testing two rotavirus vaccine candidates in 12 countries. Merck's testing includes U-S babies

NJ to Seize Uninsured Drivers' Cars
Under McGreevey's plan, which needs legislative approval, communities could charge storage and processing fees and sell the car if the driver didn't claim it within 30 days.

Volunteers Undergo Smallpox Vaccine Trials
With the jab of a needle, volunteers are being injected with a smallpox vaccine as part of government-sponsored experiments that come amid heightened fear of biological terrorism.

National Security and the Military

FBI gives 'vague' alert of threat to stadiums
People with terrorist ties downloading images of stadiums from Internet

Pilots Report Possible Threats, Uniforms Being Stolen
A rash of thefts from commercial airline pilots' hotel rooms has led the pilots' unions and the government to warn fliers that terrorists might be watching them or trying to steal their uniforms and IDs.

NFL Player Gives Up Millions to Join Army
This guy really means well, and this shows how the New World Order con-artists are able to manipulate good people into doing their dirty work for them.


Investors lost $2.6trillion in financial markets in '01
The mountain of assets wiped off in just one year is roughly the size of the entire private banking industry in Switzerland, where wealthy client assets managed by banks are estimated at between $2 trillion and $3 trillion


Financial questions dog 'MBA' White House
The Administration, which once boasted that it would bring business savvy to the Oval Office with the first Commander-in-Chief with an MBA, has struggled to shed its corporate image as a stream of Cabinet members have been forced to answer questions about their financial dealings.

Tom Ridge tipped to be Cheney's successor
Mr Ridge, 56, the Director of Homeland Security and a personal friend of Mr Bush, is seen as a leading contender to take over from Dick Cheney as Vice-President should Mr Bush win a second term.

McCain Will Not Seek Reelection
Arizona Dodges a Bullet

Pardon the Reminder: What About G.H. Bush?
In 1989, for instance, Mr. Bush granted a long-sought pardon to Armand Hammer, months after the legendary oilman had contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars to the Republican campaign and the Bush-Quayle inaugural committee

Records reveal Bush sold Harken Energy's stock during cash 'crisis'
Bush has said he had no knowledge the Texas-based company was going to report a $ 23 mm loss two months after he sold his stock. "I absolutely had no idea and would not have sold it had I known," he said during his 1994 campaign for governor.

The "War on Terror" and the Terrorists

Moussaoui: FBI Planted Tracking Device
Zacarias Moussaoui, accused of conspiring in the Sept. 11 attacks, claims the FBI planted a tracking device in an electric fan that mysteriously appeared on his car in Oklahoma four months before his arrest in Minnesota

Bin Laden plans fresh terror for September
Terrorists are planning a series of spectacular attacks on American, British and Israeli targets to coincide with the anniversary of the destruction of the World Trade Center on 11 September last year.

Hackers Target Energy Industry
Computers: Attacks at power companies are up substantially. Some experts blame industrial spying and mischief, others fear terrorism.

Islamic Group Probed In Thai Blast
Police suspect an Islamic group was involved in the bombing of a train in southern Thailand, the national police chief said Tuesday - suggesting for the first time a link between Muslim activists and a rash of violence in the area.

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World News

Iraq says Farrakhan tells of U.S. Muslims' support
Iraq's state-run media has quoted Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan as saying during a visit to Baghdad that American Muslims are praying for an Iraqi victory in a war with the United States.

Bubonic plague detected in Kazazhstan
A case of bubonic plague has been detected in southwestern Kazakhstan

200 priests investigated for sexual abuses in Philippines
Archbishop Orlando Quevedo, president of the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines said late Monday that some of the 200 priests have been dismissed and most have resigned from the church voluntarily

UK Drugstore Chain to Offer Sex Advice to Children as Young as 13
The High Street chemist chain is planning to make sex counselors available to under 16s in branches across the country next month.

UK Abortion access to be made easier
Women are to be offered faster, easier abortions in a series of pilot schemes across the country

UK: Paramedics to get body armor
Ambulance crews in London are to be issued with body armor and police back-up amid concern over violent attacks on staff.

UK Secretary of State for Transport Favors Extending Road Charges to Cars
Mr Darling will consider proposals from the CIT for all cars to be fitted with a satellite tracking meter to charge motorists 45p in central London's rush hour, 3.5 per mile on motorways and 4.3p on other roads.

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Immigration, Mexico, and the Border

Illegal refugees low INS priority
The Immigration and Naturalization Service said yesterday it cannot locate more than 70,000 illegal Honduran and Nicaraguan aliens who failed to re-register for temporary protected status last week — unless they commit serious crimes

Science,Technology and Health

Federally funded study uses fetal cells

Cloning takes on political life
Candidates face issue in three tight contests

So Is the Plan to Drug All Pilots Now? 'Smart drugs' boost pilot memory
Tests in the US, involving 18 airline pilots with an average age of 52, found that those taking the drug Aricept were better able to retain complex training than those given a placebo.

Patients to be given heart attacks
A British surgeon is looking to give three patients heart attacks - live on a satellite link up.

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Russia, China, Cuba, North Korea

Group Blames West For Russia Abuse
A leading Russian human rights group said Tuesday that the West was partly to blame for a rising tide of abuse, especially against civilians in Chechnya

Second Amendment

Where Guns Are Banned:

London gun crime rockets
Senior officers in Greater Manchester have said gun crime has reached "intolerable levels" and launched armed foot patrols in parts of the city.

UK: Gun crime soars in cities
Gun crime has soared by up to 50 per cent in violent inner-cities, a report reveals this week.

UK: A country in the crosshairs
While Britain has some of the toughest firearms laws in the world, the recent spate of gun murders in London has highlighted a disturbing growth in armed crime.

So...The UK Police Target a Rabbit Hunter in Misdirected, Absurd Overkill
Four armed officers from Dyfed-Powys Police surrounded the man on nearby farm land and ordered him to lay down his weapon and give himself up.

Propagandizing for Walmart's New, Stronger Restrictions
"A retailer's reasonable gun sale restriction"

ISRA: Walmart Move On Guns Is Yet Another Reason To Patronize Local Merchants
The AGS/Walmart action opens the door to the establishment of an arbitrary hodgepodge of waiting period policies that would unnecessarily infringe on the law-abiding citizen's right to keep and bear arms.

Popular Mechanics Magazine Pushes Trigger Locks
More of the Same

The Daisy Red Ryder Western Carbine air rifle has been the stuff of dreams for boys–and grown men–for generations.

Do TV News Anchormen Need Gun Education?


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