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Police State
The Media Plays up the Kidnappings, Which Have Not Increased. Now, If You'll Just Take a Microchip, Everything Will Be Alright.
Disgusting Propaganda and Marketing for the Beast System

Largest Reorganization of Federal Government in Half a Century: House Passes Bill to Create Homeland Security Agency
"We need to move forward to provide the president with the tools he needs to secure our homeland," said Rep. Tom DeLay of Sugar Land, the Republican whip, just before the House approved the measure on a vote of 295-132.

Bush's Civil Rights Commissioner, Peter Kirsanow: "forget about civil rights" if there is another terrorist attack on the United States
"Nobody will be crying in their beer if there are more stops, more detentions, more profiling," Kirsanow told the crowd

Learning to love Big Brother: George W. Bush channels George Orwell
The Left Is Finally Seeing Its Mirror Image in the Right. When Clinton Passed Similar Legislation, It Was Okay with Them. Wake Up! There Is No Left and Right, Only the NWO's Dehumanizing Agenda

Monahans, Texas: A City Under Siege
"Folks here support the military," Ward County Judge Sam Massey said. "But when bombs drop on us - that's where we draw the line." In the middle of nowhere near the Texas-New Mexico border, an Air Force stealth fighter managed to zero in on three towns.

Another Man Needlessly Shot Dead by Trigger-Happy Law Enforcement
What crime did Neal commit that warranted the use of deadly force against him? At the moment deputies approached him, he had done nothing except pull into a driveway

Mob Informant Scandal Involved Highest Levels of FBI, Documents Show
For more than 20 years, FBI headquarters in Washington knew that its Boston agents were using hit men and mob leaders as informants and shielding them from prosecution for serious crimes including murder

MT: Federal drug loot shared with local law enforcement
It's All a Part of the Federalization...

There is a great new technology that safely and comfortably straightens teeth without the old metal bands and brackets.
Click Here for the Rest of the Story
New World Order

U.N. seeks to monitor conditions in prisons
A high-level body of the United Nations last night brushed aside U.S. objections and accepted a new protocol to the international convention on torture that allows U.N. inspectors to monitor the treatment of prisoners inside the borders of sovereign countries

US News

Jumbo Squid Wash Ashore in Calif
Workers on Friday removed 12 tons of dead and dying squid stranded at La Jolla Cove

Tick disease poses threat to blood supply
A potentially fatal disease spread by ticks may be on the increase and government and public health officials are concerned it could be infiltrating the blood supply.

90-Year-Old Woman's Finger Cut off for Wedding Ring
Forcing Her to Move into a Nursing Home...

The Economy

Debt fuels US gas and power bankruptcy fears
US and European banks and bondholders lent an estimated $500bn to the crippled US gas and power sector

National Security and the Military

Series of Slayings Shakes Fort Bragg
The military is investigating the murders of four Fort Bragg soldiers’ wives, all of whom were apparently killed by their husbands in the last six weeks.

In Three of the Cases, the Men Were Special Operations Soldiers Who Had Been Deployed in Afghanistan
The string of family deaths started June 11.

Biometrics: Military Works on High-Tech IDs
Future versions of military identification cards will encode information about fingerprints or other physical characteristics, the Pentagon's latest move to tighten security.

U.S. ports of entry on alert after iridium lost
Mexican authorities confirmed Friday that an inch-long capsule of iridium-192 disappeared from a truck in Mexico earlier this week. It was unclear whether the equipment was stolen or fell off the truck.

F-16s Pursue Unknown Craft Over Washington
"It was this object, this light-blue object, traveling at a phenomenal rate of speed," Rogers said. "This Air Force jet was right behind it, chasing it, but the object was just leaving him in the dust. I told my neighbor, 'I think those jets are chasing a UFO.' "


Clinton Rejects Blame in Corporate Crisis, Criticizes Bush on Mideast
Former president Bill Clinton has chastised the Bush administration for suggesting he bears part of the blame for the corporate accounting scandals and said President Bush made a mistake with his first-year Middle East policy

The "War on Terror" and the Terrorists

U.S. Exploring Baghdad Strike as Iraq Option
Now Here's a Detailed Plan so Saddam Will Be Ready...

The Case Against Moussaoui: Internal Doubts
Evidence against the ‘20th hijacker’ mostly circumstantial

US accused of airstrike cover-up
A preliminary UN investigation has found no corroboration of American claims that its aircraft were fired on from the ground, and says there were discrepancies in US accounts of what happened

World News

French government looks to ban extreme far-right group
French authorities said Sunday they had launched proceedings to outlaw the extreme rightist group Radical Unity

French groups demand shutdown of Web site linked to Chirac assassination attempt
Two civil rights associations said Thursday they have asked a French court to ban a Web site run by a racist group linked to the man who tried to assassinate President Jacques Chirac two weeks ago.

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Immigration, Mexico, and the Border

As Terrorist Threats Persist and the Market Continues its Plunge, House Judiciary Committee Grants Relief to Criminal Aliens
While the government acknowledges that there are tens of thousands of potential foreign terrorists living in the United States, not to mention some 9 million illegal aliens, and that the Immigration and Naturalization Service is woefully ill-equipped to locate even the most potentially dangerous foreign nationals on our soil, the House Judiciary Committee has found something more important for the INS to do: Reopen the cases of thousands of criminal aliens who have been deported from the United States.

Mexican Officials Admit Mexican Military Fired Shots
Garcia is leading an investigation to determine if the soldiers' response on June 14 "was according to the law and appropriate."

Two dead, 14 hospitalized in truck carrying immigrants
Javier Mendoza, who lives across the street from Love's truck stop, said six adults and six children collapsed in his back yard.

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Science,Technology and Health

Would-Be Human Cloners Press On Despite Opposition
Maverick scientists involved in the race to be first to clone a human being shrugged off opposition from the South Korean government, saying there was no legal impediment to their work in the country.

Sudanese pregnant with nine fetuses
A Sudanese woman is two months pregnant with nine fetuses after undergoing two years of infertility treatment at a Jeddah hospital

GRACE robot tries to live up to name
A group of scientists who set out to build a robot with human social skills may have actually improved on humanity: Their creation courteously steps aside for people, smiles during conversation and politely asks directions.

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Russia, China, Cuba, North Korea

China to Modify Weather for the Olympics
"We’ll definitely be consulted on how to create beautiful conditions for the Olympics,” says Wang Wang, one of China’s foremost experts at Beijing’s Study Institute of Artificial Influence on the Weather

US in the dark on Russian tactical nukes
"We do not have a good fix on the number from an intelligence standpoint," Rumsfeld said.

Second Amendment

UK Minister: Shooting is 'better for children than video games'
Learning to shoot is better for the young than playing violent computer games or watching adult films, Alun Michael, the rural affairs minister, agreed yesterday

Ridgefield ban on gun shops near school is way off target
For one thing, the United States Supreme Court has already declared unconstitutional the so-called gun-free school zone law which was enacted in 1990 by Congress and signed by President Bush the first...

Woman Defends Herself in Home Invasion
A woman fought back after a violent home invasion. Police say she shot her attacker in self-defense.

FL: 3 radio stations offer exchange of athletic shoes for firearms
Parents and their children and other gun owners who drove from as far as Deltona, Leesburg and Sanford to the Citrus Bowl walked away with Nikes, Reeboks and other brands donated by Just for Feet and also bought with a $23,000 radio campaign.

Court: Ban on gun shops OK
A Kentucky appeals court has ruled that zoning laws can prohibit gun shops, a decision that a Newport gun shop owner says will open the gates for cities to practice gun control through zoning.


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