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Police State

Police State USA: Suspect Held 8 Months Without Seeing Judge
Almarabh's case has provoked outrage among civil liberties advocates and criminal defense attorneys, who argue that it is one of the more extreme examples of how the government has violated the due process rights of hundreds of people swept up in the nationwide terrorism investigation

U.S. takes unusual course, calls citizen a combatant
The Bush administration is embarking on a rarely employed and highly controversial legal course by detaining a U.S. citizen suspected of terrorism in a military facility instead of bringing charges in federal court.

Assault on Civil Liberties
The Bush administration's post-Sept. 11 assault on civil liberties reached a new low recently when the Justice Department argued in court that an American-born detainee, who may be a United States citizen, should not be allowed to talk to a lawyer

Bush Promotes Homeland Security Office
Bush is traveling around the country in the coming weeks to promote the idea of a Homeland Security Department, for which he received overwhelming support during a morning meeting with congressional leaders

Top 10 List of Police Database Abuses
Law enforcement officers are supposed to protect and serve, but corrupt cops misuse police databases to get dates and even plan murders

GA: Arrests in Forsyth County raise questions of free speech, politics
Residents of Forsyth County who speak out against their government officials may do so at their peril.

LAPD: "Significant" Presence, Streets Closed for Laker's Celebration
With the Lakers a victory away from their third straight NBA title, police will be out in large numbers Wednesday night

Many suspicious of arrest announcement (surely this isn't a partisan issue, as much as they continue the whitewash spin in that direction)
Several Democratic lawmakers yesterday questioned whether the Bush administration was trying to deflect criticism of the FBI by revealing the capture of a "dirty bomb" suspect one month after his arrest.

Ashcroft Hypes a Dirty Bomber
Big, Bad John

British security sources raise doubts over US claims about 'dirty bomber'
British and European security officials are highly sceptical of American claims that the alleged "dirty bomb" plotter, Abdullah al-Muhajir, was preparing to unleash a radioactive attack.

Ashcroft "Overstated" Dirty Bomb Threat
Ashcroft's remarks annoyed the White House and led the administration to soften the government's descriptions of the alleged plot. ''I don't think there was actually a plot beyond some fairly loose talk and (Al Muhajir's) coming in here obviously to plan further deeds,'' Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz told CBS on Tuesday

UK Government sweeps aside privacy rights
Ministers were last night accused of conducting a systematic campaign to undermine the right to privacy as it emerged that a host of government departments, local councils and quangos are to be given the power to demand the communications records of every British telephone and internet user

Snoops a go-go: UK gov goes mad on privacy invasion
The UK government intends to implement sweeping extensions to the snooping powers of official bodies before its controversial Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (RIPA) even comes into force.

'Massive abuse' of privacy feared in the UK
The UK Government this week unveiled a draft list of organisations that will be given the right to request information about the web, telephone and fax lives of British citizens under the controversial Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act.

Conditioning: Stalker tech
Students at the University of California at San Diego are tracking their friends' locations with PDAs.

Dial 911 and Die
"We will never know whether a more timely response would have prevented this homicide," said First Deputy Police Supt. John Thomas

There is a great new technology that safely and comfortably straightens teeth without the old metal bands and brackets.
Click Here for the Rest of the Story
New World Order

U.N. Court Orders US Reporter To Testify
A U.N. war crimes tribunal has ruled that a former Washington Post reporter must testify in a case involving allegations of genocide during the 1992-95 war in Bosnia.

War crimes tribunal rejects reporter's refusal to testify
A U.N. war crimes tribunal has rejected as unfounded the refusal by an American journalist to testify about an interview with a suspected war criminal that was published in The Washington Post newspaper.

UK Official: "Our Government must stop treating what happens to children in the family as a private matter."
Britain is a signatory to a UN treaty which states that all children are entitled to a set of social, economic, civil and political rights.

CO: Debate over world anthem surprises principal
Lundt said the Fort Collins school has never played the national anthem at its graduation.

Plans for UN sustainable development meeting face agenda crisis
Last week, preparatory negotiations for the world summit on sustainable development, to be held in Johannesburg from August 26 to September 4, failed to resolve essential issues.

UN defends its Angola role
The United Nations has rejected claims by an aid group that it had been slow to respond to Angola's humanitarian crisis

US and Europe set to agree aid compromise
The governments of the world's richest countries are this week set to agree on a compromise over a controversial US plan to convert up to half the World Bank's lending to the poorest countries to grants.

US' Effort to Keep Some Testimony Secret Jeopardizes Milosevic War Trail
Diplomats and US officials say the US State Department is pushing to have the court keep secret the testimony of Richard Holbrooke, the architect of the Bosnia's Dayton peace accords.

Bush/Prior Knowledge of the 9-11 Attacks
Prior Knowledge, Whitewash and the Cover-up

Bush Whitewashes the Extent of His Prior Knowledge as The Truth Comes Out in the Mainstream Media -- Bush Says He Had Heard There Were Going to Be Hijackings, but That Intelligence Had Never Told Him They Were Planning To Fly the Jets into Buildings. Read After the Mainstream Postings about Bush's Prior Knowledge in August for Articles Showing the Govt. Was Fully Aware of the Threat Hijackings and Suicide Jet Attacks into Buildings in 1995. Has Been Leading the National Fight Against the Bush Crime Family and Exposing Their Problem-Reaction-Solution Activities.
Get 9-11 The Road to Tyranny and Fight out Just How Deep the Rabbit Hole Goes.

Go to's Govt Prior Knowledge and Involvement Archive

Click Here for an Image of a Portion of W199-eye, from Greg Palast's Book

Here Are More Mainstream Articles Covering Bush and W199i Running Defense for the Bin Ladens

Description of W199-eye from the BBC:
"Newsnight has obtained evidence that the FBI was on the trail of other members of the] Bin Laden family for links to terrorist organization before and after September 11th.

This document is marked "Secret". Case ID - 199-Eye W.F. 213 589. 199 is FBI code for case type. 9 would be murder. 65 would be espionage. 199 means national security. W.F. indicates Washington field office special agents were investigating ABC - because of it's relationship with the World Assembly of Muslim Youth, AMY - a suspected terrorist organisation. ABL is Abdullah Bin Laden, president and treasurer of WAMY."

Source: Has Someone Been Sitting on the FBI? BBC Newsnight Greg Palast Transcript -- BBC

Moroccan secret agent 'predicted New York attack'
A Moroccan secret service agent says that for two years he successfully infiltrated al-Qaeda before breaking cover last summer to warn his bosses that the terror group was plotting “something spectacular” in New York.

Senators: September 11 attacks 'avoidable'
The chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee said yesterday that the September 11 "hijackers could have been stopped" had U.S. officials acted on intelligence information available before the terrorist attacks

America warned two years ago over "September 11
Britain's foreign intelligence service MI6 warned the United States about terrorist plans to use civilian planes in "unconventional ways" two years before the September 11 strikes

Top Taliban Sought U.S. Help in 1999
A senior Taliban official said he approached U.S. representatives three years ago for help in replacing the hard-line Islamic leadership but was told Washington was leery of becoming involved in internal Afghan politics

Sept. 11 Attacks Quotes
Mueller: "The fact that there were a number of individuals that happened to have received training at flight schools here is news, quite obviously. If we had understood that to be the case, we would have, perhaps one could have, averted this."

Feds sued over anthrax documents
Legal group wonders why White House took Cipro before attacks

NSA "Missed" a Big Warning
The National Security Agency intercepted and secretly recorded at least one conversation in Arabic before the Sept. 11 attacks in which the participants spoke about something big that was going to happen on that day

Bush: FBI, CIA Didn't Communicate Well Before 9/11
President Bush on Tuesday said the FBI and CIA did not communicate well before Sept. 11 but are in closer touch now and he dismissed finger-pointing between the agencies as bureaucrats "trying to protect their hide."

Justice Probed FBI on 9/11 Memo
Hill Panel Seeks IG's Report on Phoenix Agent's Warning

Text of FBI agent's letter to Mueller - Part 1
Text of FBI agent's letter to Mueller - Part 2

Stock trader targeted in Sept. 11 probe agrees to return to New York
An Egyptian-born financial analyst who prosecutors said may have had prior knowledge of the Sept. 11 attacks agreed Tuesday to be returned to New York to face charges of using confidential FBI information to manipulate stock prices.

NSA didn't share key pre-Sept. 11 information, sources say
A secretive U.S. eavesdropping agency monitored telephone conversations before Sept. 11 between the suspected commander of the World Trade Center and Pentagon attacks and the alleged chief hijacker, but did not share the information with other intelligence agencies, U.S. officials said Thursday.

Has FBI promoted 9-11 ball-dropper?
Supervisor who blocked hijacker probe gets job with more responsibility

Congressional Staffers Question FBI Whistle-Blower Rowley
Congressional staffers questioned FBI whistle-blower Coleen Rowley on Wednesday as a former head of the counterterrorism center at the CIA prepared to testify as the first witness in a joint probe of the failure of U.S. intelligence to stop the Sept. 11 attacks.

Meuller: Chief: 9/11 Surveillance Taxing Bureau
The FBI has placed a "substantial" number of people suspected of ties to terror under constant surveillance, sending out special teams of agents to various parts of the United States roughly every two weeks in a mission that is seriously taxing the agency's resources, FBI Director Robert S. Mueller III said yesterday.

Senate Reveals More 9-11 Warnings
The chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee said yesterday he's uncovered new pre-9/11 warnings from a "variety of agencies."

FBI chief, angry agent to testify
FBI Director Robert Mueller on Thursday prepared to face angry senators, at least one of whom wants heads to roll, during a hearing that will also interview the FBI agent who complained to Mueller about the agency’s handling of the Sept. 11 investigation.

Signs of attacks well-known
No one wants to believe that the attacks of Sept. 11 could have been prevented, but we do a disservice to our country if we stay in denial. No one wants to believe that President Bush had more forewarning than he acknowledges, but there is strong circumstantial evidence that he did.

The Latest Whitewash:

Mubarak: Egypt Warned U.S. of a Qaeda Plot 1 Week Before Sept 11
Egyptian intelligence warned American officials about a week before Sept. 11 that Osama bin Laden's network was in the advance stages of executing a significant operation against an American target

US rejected Iraq offer to turn over alleged World Trade Center bomber
The United States spurned an offer from Iraq to turn over terror bombing suspect Abdul Rahman Yasin, a suspect in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing.

Bush Is "Concerned" about Congressional 9-11 Probes -- Maybe They'll Disclose Who's Really to Blame and Who Was Really Behind the Attacks
"What I am concerned about is tying up valuable assets and time and possibly jeopardizing sources of intelligence," Bush said as congressional hearings were beginning on Capitol Hill into the failure of U.S. intelligence to thwart the attacks.

Pointing the Finger Away from Himself, Bush Cites CIA-FBI Breakdown
House-Senate Panel Starts Probing 9/11 Intelligence Failure

Bush concedes CIA, FBI faults, but doubts attacks avoidable
President Bush yesterday said the FBI and CIA "clearly" were not communicating properly before September 11, but added he had seen nothing to indicate the United States could have thwarted the terrorist attacks that killed more than 3,000 Americans

He waved away warnings
Maybe George W. Bush didn't twig to terrorist data from U.S. intelligence because he was busy protecting his Saudi pals

Another Borger Article from the Guardian -- The Guy Who Brought You the Article about the Constitution"Freedom to Hate, Freedom to Harm". Borger Seems to Just Love Blaming the America's Liberties for Our Downfalls -- Check out This Article:
US counts the cost of its freedoms
The CIA and the FBI are considering mistakes in the months leading up to September 11

FBI and CIA fight it out over who was to blame for September 11 blunders
An acrimonious rift broke open between the CIA and FBI yesterday over which agency was more to blame for failing to prevent the September 11 attacks, on the day Congress launched hearings into a string of intelligence blunders

US Denies Eygpt Gave Warning Prior to 9-11
The United States said on Tuesday it had no information to support Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak's claim that Egyptian intelligence warned U.S. officials a week before Sept. 11 about a pending attack.

Missed Chance
A wasted FBI asset?

U.S. had agents inside al-Qaeda
U.S. intelligence overheard al-Qaeda operatives discussing a major pending terrorist attack in the weeks before Sept. 11 and had agents inside the terror group

U.S. Intelligence Had Clues About Attack by al-Qaeda
U.S. intelligence-gatherers knew that al-Qaeda was planning a major attack before Sept. 11, according to documents turned over to Congress by the CIA.

CIA Learned of Moussaoui Under Alias
The CIA was alerted to Zacarias Moussaoui in April 2001 by an informant who knew the Frenchman only by an alias and the agency didn't link the two names until well after Sept. 11, government officials say.

Congress Starting Hearings On 9/11
Both the CIA and FBI knew as early as January 2000 that one of the eventual Sept. 11 hijackers would be attending a meeting of suspected al-Qaida members, a CIA official said in the latest revelation amid growing evidence of intelligence failures.

CIA Says FBI Told of Eventual Hijacker as Congressional Probe of 9/11 Failures Opens
A CIA official, speaking Monday night on condition of anonymity, said the FBI learned about an eventual Sept. 11 hijacker from the CIA as early as January 2000.

CIA Failed To Share Intelligence On Hijacker
Data Could Have Been Used to Deny Visa

The Blame Game: "Only CIA knew hijackers were here"
The CIA was tracking two of the September 11 hijackers for nearly two years and knew they had entered the United States, but didn't inform the FBI, the Immigration and Naturalization Service or the State Department, key federal officials say.

News Conference - May 30, 2002
FBI Whistle-Blower
Judicial Watch
National Press Club, Washington, DC
Klayman, Larry, Chairman, Judicial Watch
Schippers, David, Counsel, Schippers and Bailey, Judicial Watch Wright, Robert, Special Agent, Federal Bureau of Investigation

The Hijackers We Let Escape
The CIA tracked two suspected terrorists to a Qaeda summit in Malaysia in January 2000, then looked on as they re-entered America and began preparations for September 11

Hijackers 'trailed by CIA before attacks'
Two of the hijackers who crashed American Airlines flight 77 into the Pentagon were spotted as potential terrorists by the CIA more than 18 months before September 11

CIA Didn't Share Threat Information
The CIA was watching two of the Sept. 11 hijackers at an al-Qaida meeting more than a year before the attacks, but failed to notify the FBI or the Immigration and Naturalization Service of their activities

Congress To Study 9-11 Warnings
Congress sets out this week to learn why, despite disturbing reports at home and abroad, the FBI and CIA didn't do more to anticipate and prevent the Sept. 11 attacks.


FBI Search Warrant Policy Changed for Terror Cases
The director of the FBI will personally review all applications for search warrants related to terrorism investigations under a policy change quietly put into effect weeks ago in response to the furor over obstacles that hindered agents here investigating Zacarias Moussaoui, the alleged "20th hijacker."

Wall Street Journal: FBI Director Mueller Should Resign
The Journal asked that in the wake of 9-11, "The issue now is whether, and how, the CIA and FBI can regain public confidence and deter future attacks.”

Before 9-11 F.B.I. Was Warned It Could Not Meet Terrorism Threat
A top secret report warned top officials of the F.B.I. in the months before Sept. 11 that the bureau faced significant terrorist threats from Middle Eastern groups like Al Qaeda but lacked enough resources to meet the threat

This From Time Mag, Which Asks "Why Do People Read This Stuff?": Conspiracy Theory
France's No. 1 best seller claims the U.S. orchestrated the Sept. 11 attacks.

FBI Admits Lapses Prior To Sept. 11
FBI Director Robert Mueller, acknowledging serious lapses in how the FBI mishandled some information prior to Sept. 11, suggested for the first time that investigators might have detected the terrorist plot if they had pursued leads more diligently.

In shift, FBI allows it might have been able to detect terror attacks
FBI Director Robert Mueller said Wednesday there could have been more missed clues before the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks and suggested for the first time that investigators might have uncovered the plot if they had been more diligent about pursuing leads.

FBI discloses 1998 memo warning of possible terror planning
An FBI pilot in Oklahoma City warned in May 1998 that "large numbers of Middle Eastern males" were getting flight training in Oklahoma and could be planning terrorist attacks.

Raw Data: Text of 1998 FBI Memo
FBI Director Robert Mueller made reference Wednesday to a document produced by an FBI pilot in Oklahoma City in 1998 that warned of Middle Eastern men receiving flight training in that state.

Egyptians Knew of Planned 9-11 Attacks Last August, Says Banker
While on vacation in Cairo last August, Connecticut banker Richard Dennison says a shopkeeper in the bazaar told him in detail about planes that would be flown like bombs into the World Trade Center by Arabs in September or October.

Another FBI Agent Blows the Whistle on 9-11
FBI Special Agent Robert G. Wright Jr. will hold a news conference Thursday in Washington to reveal FBI negligence and obstruction of counterterrorism investigations targeting Hamas and al Qaeda.

'Carnivore' Glitches Blamed for FBI Woes
Problems With E-Mail Surveillance Program Led to Mishandling of al Qaeda Probe in 2000, Memo Says

Memo: FBI destroyed evidence in bin Laden case" after glitch with e-mail surveillance system"
An internal FBI memo says agents destroyed evidence gathered in an investigation involving Osama bin Laden's network after its e-mail wiretap system mistakenly captured information to which the agency was not entitled

Wiretaps May Have Foretold Terror Attacks
Investigation: Suspected Al Qaeda operatives taped in Italy in 2000 discussed airplanes, airports and strikes "that will never be forgotten."

Angry FBI agents joked about al Qaeda mole at HQ
That decision, according to government sources, so infuriated the Minneapolis agents that they joked among themselves that Osama bin Laden, whose al Qaeda network has been named in the September 11 attacks, must have successfully planted a mole inside the FBI.

FBI Agents Connected to Insider Trading Scheme with Shady Trader Who May Have had Prior Knowledge of the 9-11 Attacks
An accused inside-trader made suspicious stock trades on Sept. 10, leading investigators to believe he might have known about the terror attacks a day later

Treasury Dept. Denies UN Report that Mohammed Atta Received a Transfer of Funds into his U.S. Account which Was Flagged by His Bank
According to Wednesday's U.N. report, the bank filed a "suspicious transaction report" with the Treasury Department's Financial Crimes Enforcement Network "which was not noticed quickly enough because the report was just one of a very large number and was not distinguishable from those related to other financial crimes."

FBI: Hijackers Did Their Homework, Possibly Did Dozens of Test Runs on Jetliners
FBI agents are interviewing flight crews, watching security tapes and reviewing manifests as they piece together evidence the Sept. 11 hijacking leaders cased airports and possibly took a dozen test runs aboard jetliners

Missed Memo Stirs More Trouble at FBI
Terrorism: Phoenix agent sent his July report to the same supervisor who was working Moussaoui case.

FBI Says Hijacker Reported at Logan Before 9/11
The FBI has told WBUR that a mechanic at Logan Airport says he encountered the suspected leader of the September 11 hijackers at Logan months before the attacks.

US News

Fla. Agency Unable to Locate 969 Children Under Its Care
Gov. Jeb Bush in April ordered the state Department of Children & Families to visit or contact each of the 46,403 children under state supervision by May 31.

Biometrics and the Cashless Society
U.S. weighs colored currency to thwart counterfeiters
Would Andrew Jackson look pretty in pink? We may find out soon. Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill is considering printing U.S. currency in different colors to stay one step ahead of counterfeiters
National Security and the Military

INS to Thoroughly Search Yemeni Nationals Entering, Leaving Country
The Immigration and Naturalization Service has told agents to inspect baggage belonging to Yemeni citizens for large sums of money, thermos bottles and night-vision goggles


Thought Crime Bill Faces Setback
A hate crimes bill that is unlikely to pass the House as currently written is facing an uncertain fate in the Senate, which voted Tuesday not to limit debate.

The War on Terrorism/Al-Qaeda

Al Muhajir Alleged to Be Scouting Terror Sites
The American citizen suspected of plotting to detonate a radioactive bomb on U.S. soil met in late March with senior al Qaeda officials, who sent him to scout possible U.S. sites for attacks with "dirty bombs" or conventional explosives

Gov't: Padilla Was al-Qaida Protege
The man accused of plotting with al-Qaida to detonate a ``dirty bomb'' inside the United States was a protege of a top lieutenant of Osama bin Laden, traveling at his mentor's request to meet with other terrorists and using the Internet to research how to build a radioactive weapon, U.S. officials said Tuesday.

Pakistan: More Americans arrested
As many as a half-dozen men "of U.S. origin" have been captured in the tribal areas of Pakistan near Afghanistan and handed over to U.S. authorities in an ongoing operation to root out al Qaida terrorists and Taliban extremists

French Arrest Five In Shoe Bomb Case
French anti-terrorist police took five people into custody on Wednesday in connection with the investigation into suspected shoe bomber Richard C. Reid

Ashcroft Cites Swiss Help In Arrest
Switzerland played a vital role in securing the arrest of an American with alleged al-Qaida links who is suspected of preparing a ``dirty bomb'' attack on the United States, Attorney General John Ashcroft said Wednesday.

Bin Laden's men 'in Kashmir'
US Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld has said there are indications that members of Osama Bin Laden's terror group are operating along the Line of Control dividing Indian and Pakistani Kashmir

Bin Laden plan to attack Big Ben
Suicide hijackers targeted Big Ben on September 11 but were thwarted after flights out of London were grounded following the US attacks

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World News

Yugoslavia In Political Crisis
The party of Yugoslavia's president withdrew Wednesday from the parliament of the nation's main republic, declaring Serbia's legislature invalid and creating the worst political crisis in the country since Slobodan Milosevic's ouster.

Kissinger may face extradition to Chile
Judge investigating US role in 1973 coup considers forcing former secretary of state to give evidence

UK sells chemical weapons to the world
Breaking international law, Britain exports lethal TCPs to Iran, Sudan, Libya and Israel

To Learn More about the Police State and How to Fight It, Check Out Alex Jones' Police State Documentaries
Click Here for Video Clips and for More Information
Immigration, Mexico, and the Border

Arrests down at Mexico-U.S. border
Border Patrol arrests around the Naco area dropped 49 percent this year.

Wow! By the End of the Month About 200 National Guard soldiers helping protect the U.S.-Canada border in five northern states "should" be carrying weapons for self-defense
Under the original rules for the deployment developed by the Department of Defense and other agencies, regular border agents have been responsible for protecting Guard troops.

Science,Technology and Health

Lawsuits plague chip-implant company
Digital Angel, VeriChip manufacturer mired in controversy

Are You Another Online Loser? Stop Supporting the Globalists!
Check Out -- Your Privacy and Freedom Oriented ISP --
Our Users' Email Addresses Reflect Their Patriotism (
- - as Opposed to

Russia, China, Cuba, North Korea

Castro Holds March For Socialism
Protesting President Bush's policies toward his country and defying calls for democratic reforms his one-party system, Fidel Castro led hundreds of thousands of people in support of a constitutional amendment declaring Cuba's socialist state ``untouchable.''

Canada woos a million Chinese tourists
The federal government is lobbying for an agreement with China that could see one million Chinese tourists a year arrive in Canada, despite concern that some could exploit the system to enter the country illegally.

Russian Engineers Develop Backpack Helicopter
This aircraft does not have any analogue in the whole world. The weight of the helicopter is 20 kilos, the flight speed is 120 kilometers per hour, the flying height is 1000 meters, and the active time of the flight is 25 minutes. When the helicopter is folded, it looks like a roll 50 cm long

Second Amendment

Rabbi Defies NYPD on Armed Patrols
Despite calls from city officials for a Queens rabbi to cancel his plans for armed vigilantes to mount anti-terrorism patrols in two Jewish neighborhoods in Brooklyn, the clergyman said yesterday he had no intention of backing down.

Wal-Mart store pulls lifelike pellet guns from shelves
A pellet gun that closely resembles a 9mm Beretta handgun carried by police was taken off the shelves of a Wal-Mart store after officers stopped two teens carrying the weapons

ATF Not Part of Homeland Security
"ATF's primary role of a law enforcement agency didn't meet threshold requirements," said Gordon Johndroe, a spokesman for the White House's Office of Homeland Security. "Their functions ... were not considered primarily a homeland security mission"

Gun Grab "For the Children"
As Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick prepares to unveil his plan today for combating Detroit's recent child killings, several local gun violence prevention groups announced they are banding together to create their own plan.

NY Mother Takes Aim at Top Gunmaker
"These guns, especially this type of gun, go to a lot of criminal hands," Truman Smith said. "The manufacturer doesn't care about lives, just money."


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