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Police State

FBI Begins Visiting Libraries
The FBI is visiting libraries nationwide and checking the reading records of people

For the Coast Guard Fleet, A $15 Billion Upgrade
Agency's Profile, and Its Duties, Have Grown Since Sept. 11

American Gulag
Hundreds of 9/11 detainees remain behind bars, shrouded in secrecy.

Australia: Bill 'could create police state'
Australia could become a police state if Parliament passes the Government's anti-terrorism Bill, Australian Greens Senator Bob Brown has argued.

War on terror little to do with terror
The most peculiar aspect of George W. Bush's war on terrorism

On Sunday morning, the United Nations and the New York City Fire Department conducted their first simulated fire drill at UN Headquarters, in an exercise designed to show how they could work in unison should an explosion and fire occur in the Headquarters building.

This Is It, Ladies and Gentlemen: The Total Gestapo Takeover by the Federal Government. Federalization of Local Police, Military Rule over the US...Caesar Is Brining His Legions into Rome
The Department of Homeland Security -- PDF File

The Department of Homeland Security Website

A BILL to establish a Department of Homeland Security, and for other purposes.

There is a great new technology that safely and comfortably straightens teeth without the old metal bands and brackets.
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New World Order

Italian police 'framed G8 protesters'
Italian police have been accused of fabricating evidence against anti-globalisation protesters at last year's G8 summit in Genoa by planting petrol bombs at their headquarters and falsely accusing them of stabbing a police officer.

High security surrounds G8 summit
The leaders of Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, Canada and America meet tonight in the remote Canadian resort of Kananaskis, Alberta, ahead of the formal opening of the two-day summit tomorrow

The G8 Summit
The Group of Eight most industrialised countries is an informal club grouping the seven most developed economies in the world plus Russia. It is essentially a club for the world's richest countries, the most powerful in economic terms. Its members are: America, Japan, Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Canada and Russia.

Resistance is futile as G8 meets in remote Canadian hideaway
This year's summit host, the Canadian prime minister, Jean Chrétien, has chosen the most remote fireside he could think of. Kananaskis is two hours away from the nearest big city, Calgary, and will be virtually impossible for protesters to reach.

Policing setback for G8 summit
Final preparations for this week's G8 summit of world leaders in western Canada had a setback on Monday as dozens of Mounties went down with apparent food poisoning

Increased euro opposition in the UK
Opposition to British membership of the European Single currency reached its highest level this year in the month of June, according to a fresh opinion poll, reports the Danish newspaper Politiken.

Brussels and Berlin set to clash on takeovers
The proposals would see the removal of German anti-takeover defences and could facilitate acquisitions of the country's financial services and industrial companies by foreign groups, including UK rivals.

The Cover-up

A dirty bomb from Pakistan? Or a dirty trick from Washington?
Just as the heat was building on the CIA and FBI over failures of intelligence-gathering, up popped a brand new suspect

Read More about Government Prior Knowledge and the Cover-up in's Exclusive Prior Knowledge Section
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The Mainstream Media is Whitewashing and Lying about What Really Happened on Sept. 11

Bush/Prior Knowledge of the 9-11 Attacks
Prior Knowledge, Whitewash and the Cover-up

Bush Whitewashes the Extent of His Prior Knowledge as The Truth Comes Out in the Mainstream Media -- Bush Says He Had Heard There Were Going to Be Hijackings, but That Intelligence Had Never Told Him They Were Planning To Fly the Jets into Buildings. Read After the Mainstream Postings about Bush's Prior Knowledge in August for Articles Showing the Govt. Was Fully Aware of the Threat Hijackings and Suicide Jet Attacks into Buildings in 1995. Has Been Leading the National Fight Against the Bush Crime Family and Exposing Their Problem-Reaction-Solution Activities.
Get 9-11 The Road to Tyranny and Fight out Just How Deep the Rabbit Hole Goes.

Go to's Govt Prior Knowledge and Involvement Archive

Most Recent Articles:

The Big Whitewash -- Look Who's Investigating Sept 11
Head of Sept. 11 Probe Allegedly Obstructed Danforth's Waco Inquiry

Conspiracy Theory Grips French: Sept. 11 as Right-Wing U.S. Plot
In the book, "L'Effroyable Imposture," or "The Horrifying Fraud," Thierry Meyssan challenges the entire official version of the Sept. 11 attacks

Were Israelis Detained on Sept. 11 Spies?
The men were taking video or photos of themselves with the World Trade Center burning in the background, she said. What struck Maria were the expressions on the men's faces. "They were like happy, you know … They didn't look shocked to me. I thought it was very strange," she said.

NSA Taped Warning On the Eve of 9/11
The National Security Agency intercepted two messages on the eve of the Sept. 11 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon warning that something was going to happen the next day, but the messages were not translated until Sept. 12

Officials: Sept. 11 attacks were planned since 1998
Al-Qaeda spent three years planning the Sept. 11 attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon, methodically selecting targets and recruiting skilled participants and "muscle" to hijack the jets

From CNN on 9-11: Hours After the Terrorist Attacks, the Northern Alliance Was Already Striking Kabul
...meaning that not only were US and UK naval forces within position for strikes but so were the Northern Alliance...further implying that it was all part of a single plan...

Audio of Unanswered Questions Press Conference
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Click Here for an Image of a Portion of W199-eye, from Greg Palast's Book

Here Are More Mainstream Articles Covering Bush and W199i Running Defense for the Bin Ladens

Description of W199-eye from the BBC:
"Newsnight has obtained evidence that the FBI was on the trail of other members of the] Bin Laden family for links to terrorist organization before and after September 11th.

This document is marked "Secret". Case ID - 199-Eye W.F. 213 589. 199 is FBI code for case type. 9 would be murder. 65 would be espionage. 199 means national security. W.F. indicates Washington field office special agents were investigating ABC - because of it's relationship with the World Assembly of Muslim Youth, AMY - a suspected terrorist organisation. ABL is Abdullah Bin Laden, president and treasurer of WAMY."

Source: Has Someone Been Sitting on the FBI? BBC Newsnight Greg Palast Transcript -- BBC

US News

Goodbye to the greenback
The Treasury Dept. says a new 'tinted' $20 bill will hit the streets by the fall of 2003.

Mueller Agrees to Deliver Keynote Speech to Group Known for Supporting Hamas and Hezbollah
The American Muslim Council, which is holding a four-day convention in Alexandria that begins Thursday, also has urged members to contribute to two charities, the Holy Land Foundation and the Global Relief Foundation, whose assets have been frozen by the Bush administration for alleged ties to terrorists.

United Seeks $1.8B Federal Loan
United Airlines asked the government Monday for $1.8 billion in loan assistance, making it the biggest carrier yet to seek help from a loan guarantee program created to prop up the ailing industry after Sept. 11.

College Men Disappearing
57 Percent of Bachelor's Degrees Go to Women

Capital Punishment Shift
Recently the climate has changed. Governors in Illinois and Maryland have suspended the death penalty in their states. The rate of executions nationwide has slowed somewhat. And, in the past week, the Supreme Court has delivered its strongest blows to capital punishment in 30 years.

National Security and the Military

Newest Device in the Police State's "non-lethal" weapson arsenal: Sonic Bullets
The shrill cry of a baby can be one of the most annoying sounds of daily life, but it is music to Pentagon strategists

UN Says Bomb Materials Available
Radioactive materials that a terrorist would need to build a ``dirty bomb'' are available around the world, and more than 100 countries may have inadequate programs to prevent or even detect thefts

Airlines Propose Biometric Retinal Scans for Travellers
Several airlines have begun working on plans for a passenger identification system that would rely on background checks, fingerprints, iris scans and high-tech IDs to verify individuals' identities and speed security screening at airports.

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World News

Bush Calls for Arafat's Removal
President Bush urged the Palestinians Monday to replace Yasser Arafat as their leader and adopt "a practicing democracy" that could produce an independent state within three years

Text of Bush's Statement

Israel completes quick-response plan for 9/11-type attack
Any aircraft entering Israel air space without authorization will trigger the nation's air defense system under new Israeli procedures designed to prevent suicide air attacks like those on September 11.

Germany: Animals Have Constitutional Rights
Germany became the first European Union country to protect animal rights in its Constitution yesterday.

German newspaper: Egypt is trying to obtain nuclear weapons
According to the report, Egypt intends to mine natural uranium in the Sinai Peninsula and enrich it to weapons' grade material with the help of Chinese technology.

German Effort Seeks to Clarify End-Of-Life Options
Posters designed to raise awareness of living wills and explain the difference between passive and active euthanasia are to be displayed in 160,000 doctors' surgeries, pharmacies and hospitals as part of the first publicity campaign of its kind in Europe

Scrapie Infection Hits German Farm
Scrapie poses no direct threat to people, but the outbreak of mad cow disease in Britain is thought to be related to feeding meal made of scrapie-infected sheep carcasses to cattle.

To Learn More about the Police State and How to Fight It, Check Out Alex Jones' Police State Documentaries
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Immigration, Mexico, and the Border

Amnesty for Illegals Demanded
Ventura County labor leaders and community activists are waging a campaign aimed at gaining legal status for millions of undocumented immigrants said to be working in the United States.

Sign the Tancredo Homeland Defense Petition
"Please use your authority to deploy the military to help protect our nation’s borders. I am extremely concerned about the porosity of both our northern and southern borders..."

Judge: No immigration checks between U.S. and territories
A federal judge has ruled that immigration checks on people leaving this U.S. Caribbean territory for the United States were unconstitutional in violating people's rights against unlawful search and seizure.

Science,Technology and Health

Latest Spytech: Tiny Robotic "Microfly"
Microfly is at the vanguard of a field known as biomimetics, based on the idea that biological systems are more flexible and adaptable than anything coming out of a laboratory

Eggs on Ice
A woman's fertility often peaks before she's ready to have babies. Does banking her eggs make sense?

Internet sperm bank for lesbians
The world's first sperm donor service designed to help lesbians become parents has been launched in the UK.

UK Opinion on Gene Science
'There is clearly a widespread readiness to accept these techniques but great suspicion about the Government's ability to act as an effective regulator..."

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Check Out -- Your Privacy and Freedom Oriented ISP --
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- - as Opposed to

Russia, China, Cuba, North Korea

China to Buy 8 More Russian Submarines
$1.6 Billion Deal Would Aid a Blockade of Taiwan, Challenge U.S. Power in Region

Prenatal scans aid Chinese couples to abort unwanted girls
In greater numbers than ever, China's villagers are using inexpensive prenatal scans and then abortion to prevent the birth of unwanted daughters and to ensure that they will bear a son, recent studies and census data show.

Russia gets ready to gag online dissent
Russia's parliament may give final approval this week to sweeping restrictions on using the Internet to oppose the government

Second Amendment

"Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun." — Mao Tse-tung (1938)

UK: Trigger unhappy
When guns were easily available, England and Wales had an astonishingly low level of armed crime....A hundred years and many gun laws later, the BBC reported online in January that England's firearms restrictions, including its 1997 ban on handguns, "seem to have had little impact in the criminal underworld". Guns are virtually outlawed, and, as the old US slogan predicted, only outlaws have guns. And what is worse, they are increasingly ready to use them.

'You are not to reference the Constitution ... '
Dismissing the prospective jurors for lunch, Judge Patterson began to lecture Grant, instructing him, according to both Grant's recollection and Stanley's, "I already sent you an order in this case. The order has been mailed to your offices. You are not to mention the Constitution during this proceeding. Do you understand?"

Tougher Sentences OK'd in Gun Crimes
A sharply divided Supreme Court ruled Monday that judges can lengthen the prison sentences of people who use guns while committing other crimes, even if the defendant hasn't been convicted of any charge specifically involving the weapon


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