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Police State

Freeh: Cyberspace next target for terrorists-- Big Brother Will Save You
In order to fight this threat, says Freeh, companies such as Microsoft must be legally obligated to hand over the keys needed to decipher encrypted messages. He says it could prevent al-Qaida from maintaining encrypted communication over the Internet.

UK: 500,000 to provide DNA samples for 'biobank'
The partners are providing an initial £45 million for the "UK Biobank Project" - a study of genes, environment and health, backed by consultations on ethical issues

From a Listener: A recorded lecture (UC Berkeley 1962) of Aldous Huxley (Brave New World) on the subject of "The Ultimate Revolution." He talks about using terrorism to create willing slaves out of the population
Audio Link
There is a great new technology that safely and comfortably straightens teeth without the old metal bands and brackets.
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New World Order

Poland Compares the EU to the Soviet Union
Polish EU accession menaces fundamental values like democracy, free market and Christianity, according to academics and journalists who attended a conference by the EUa-critical League of Polish Families in Warsaw.

EU Unifies Against US Steel Tariffs
The trade war is likely to be an important point on the EU-US summit agenda on Thursday in Washington.

Schröder: far-right breakthrough is reaction to EU
German chancellor Gerhard Schröder warns that the breakthrough of the far-right across Europe is a nationalist drive in reaction against the European integration

EU ministers increase money and powers of Europol
EU justice and home affairs ministers have increased the spending on the European police unit Europol by almost fifty percent to 51,6 million euros this year

US News

Link to ABC News RealVideo Clip of Yale's Skull and Bone Occult Rituals
Click Here to Watch the RealVideo Clip of Initiates Kissing a Human Skull, Conducting a Mock Killing...etc. (Don't Forget George W. Bush Is a Skull and Bones Member)--and Check Out the ABC Whitewash

Occult Activities at the Elite Bohemian Grove in Northern California Exposed!
Alex Jones Tells His Story

Vegan Fanatics More Obsessed with "Animal Rights" Than Human Life Almost Starve Their Baby To Death on an Unnatural Diet
Sixteen-month-old Ice Swinton weighed only 10 pounds, looked like a 2- or 3-month-old and was half the normal weight of a child her age when authorities discovered her close to death last November.

Control-Freak Push for "Fat Tax"
The food industry is already gearing up for the possibility, and the Libertarian Party is thundering against the prospect of "calorie cops" watching what people are eating, and the "grease Gestapo" punishing people who like fatty foods.

Sicko Pedophile Cardinal Law, in Lawsuit, Faults Child and Parents in Abuse Case
Church records show that Cardinal Law and his predecessor, Cardinal Humberto S. Medeiros, knew that Shanley supported sexual relations between men and boys. Archdiocese records also indicate that Shanley was involved with the a meeting that led to the formation of the North American Man-Boy Love Association, and that Shanley allegedly molested teenage boys in 1966.

Cardinal Mahony Sued for Alleged Cover-Up
Two lawsuits claim he knew of molestation allegations against several priests but concealed the information.

HI: Three on Maui Die from Flesh-Eating Bacteria
Three people on Maui have died since the beginning of the year from the rare Group A Streptococcal bacteria infection, also known as flesh-eating bacteria, the state Department of Health reported today. Another three people were also reported to have had the disease.

MD: 6m Gallons Of Sewage Go Into River
Six million gallons of raw sewage spilled into a scenic Baltimore County river after pumps shut down at a waste treatment plant.

School District officials did not call the parents prior to asking the kids to drop their pants, and did not send a letter home to parents explaining the situation.

Chemical/Biological/Nuclear Threat

Ridge: Terrorism Is Here To Stay -- Al Qaeda Terrorists Are Seeking Nukes
Ridge, in an address and question-and-answer session with publishers at The Associated Press annual meeting, said terrorism in America is a "permanent condition" and outlined goals for a long-term security strategy.

Calif. Man Sentenced for Exporting Nuclear Devices
A former U.S. Air Force adviser who fled the United States 16 years ago to avoid prosecution was sentenced in Los Angeles federal court on Monday to 40 months in prison for illegally exporting nuclear triggers to Israel

Montana Lab May Lead Bioterror Defense
A laboratory in Montana's Bitterroot Mountains is on track to become the federal government's fourth Biosafety Level 4 research facility, handling the world's most dangerous microbes to help develop defenses against bioterrorism

The Terrorists

Germany: Al-Qaeda 'plotting to seize hostages in days'
German police are hunting three terrorists who have hatched a plot to take hundreds of hostages in Britain, France and Germany within the next 20 days to force the release of al-Qaeda prisoners in Europe.

Resources/Articles Referred to by Alex Jones During His Broadcast
Resources -- Articles Cited by Alex Jones During His Broadcasts Regarding the Terrorist Attacks on the US

Clinton White House axed terror-fund probe
The Clinton administration shut down a 1995 investigation of Islamic charities, concerned that a public probe would expose Saudi Arabia's suspected ties to a global money-laundering operation that raised millions for anti-Israel terrorists

FBI Whistle-Blower on 9-11 Cover-Up?
The FBI special agent, whose name has yet to be disclosed, alleges that he was retaliated against when he continued to push for and pursue certain terrorist investigations over the objections of his FBI and Justice Department supervisors.

Judicial Watch Press Conference Postponed

Digital Angel/Implantable Microchips

Visit Our Digital Angel/Microchip Page
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The War on Terrorism
"Beware the leader who bangs the drums of war in order to whip the citizenry into a patriotic fervor, for patriotism is indeed a double-edged sword. It both emboldens the blood, just as it narrows the mind.

And when the drums of war have reached a fever pitch and the blood boils with hate and the mind has closed, the leader will have no need in seizing the rights of the citizenry. Rather, the citizenry, infused with fear and blinded by patriotism, will offer up all of their rights unto the leader and gladly so.

How do I know? For this is what I have done. And I am Caesar." -- Julius Caesar

Diocletian's Problem-Reaction-Solution
A further example of how elites throughout history commit acts of terrorism as a pretext to create enemies and corral populations behind a tyrannical agenda

Superconducting Super Collider Site Eyed for Counter-Terror Training Camp
In the late 1980s and early 1990s, the federal government spent more than $2 billion over five years developing the giant, underground super collider before Congress voted to scrap it in 1993. Now ProTac reportedly plans to buy a large chunk of it for the bargain price of $8 million. (ProTac will only confirm they plan to purchase the lot for "more than the asking price of $5 million.")

US Troops Land In Georgia
U.S. troops landed in this former Soviet republic to begin training Georgian troops for the fight against Muslim militants believed to be linked to Osama bin Laden.

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World News

Britain Still Bans Farrakhan
The government won a legal battle Tuesday allowing it to continue barring Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan from Britain on the grounds that his political views are a threat to public order.

Palestinians Begin Leaving Church
Twenty-six Palestinians emerged one-by-one Tuesday through the low-slung door at the Church of the Nativity, the largest number to exit the besieged compound since a standoff began nearly a month ago.

Israel: Captured documents show EU aid subsidizing war
Israel has relayed evidence to the European Union that its aid to the Palestinian Authority is being diverted to finance insurgency attacks.

Bangladesh charmer catches 3,500 cobras
A Bangladeshi snake charmer called in to find two serpents in a suburban home near the capital unearthed over 3,000 deadly cobras and hundreds of eggs.
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Immigration, Mexico, and the Border
In Your Face: Mexican horsemen ride along US border
About 8,000 Mexican horse riders are taking part in a parade along a 50 kilometer stretch of the border with the United States to underline the traditions linking the indigenous people on both sides of the frontier.

Emotions Run Hot on H-1Bs
Numbers difficult to track; impact of visas debated

National Security & The Military

With Our Military Already Stretched Way, Way to Thin and Our Borders Wide Open, the Bush Admin Pushes to Demobilize Reservists, Guardsmen
The administration's plan, outlined in a Defense Department memo dated March 16 and obtained by Reuters on Monday, calls for demobilizing 14,500 reservists and guard members by June 30, bringing the number on active duty to 68,000 from a post-Sept. 11 peak of more than 82,500.

Leader of 9/11 Probe Resigns Suddenly
Ex-CIA official was hired to investigate why spy agencies failed to halt attacks. Some feared he would go easy on ex-employer.

House Committee to Hear About Security Breaches at Federal Buildings
Undercover investigators have breached security in four federal buildings in the Atlanta area, revealing lapses in federal law enforcement procedures and prompting a field hearing by the House committee that commissioned the investigation.

Science & Technology

Frankenfoods: Biotech Crops Make Inroads as Consumers Watch
The conversion of U.S. farmers like Boisen to genetically modified crops has been steady for the last five years. Many of them have embraced the technology even though there is little evidence that consumers -- especially those in Europe and Asia who are vocal in opposing it -- have become any less put off by food made with genetically modified ingredients.

'Frankenfish' spawn controversy
Debate over genetically altered salmon

Scientologist EarthLink Financier Pleads Guilty to Fraud Charges
Reed Slatkin, the investment advisor who provided start-up funds for Internet service provider EarthLink Inc. , pleaded guilty on Monday to 15 charges of fraud and conspiracy for bilking almost 800 clients out of nearly $600 million.

Senate faces fiercest fight: cloning
As Capitol Hill weighs a historic cloning bill, advocates fire fervent ads, and some liberals ally with Christian right.

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Political News
Biometrics in the News
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Russia, China, Cuba, North Korea

China Bolsters Missiles Opposite Taiwan
China delivered a new shipment of missiles to bases near Taiwan last week as part of a mounting buildup under way since the beginning of the year

N Korea calls on Comrade Clinton to broker truce with US
North Korea has reportedly invited Bill Clinton, the former US president, to visit the Communist country to mediate between Washington and Pyongyang, which have been engaged in a spiralling war of words over recent months.

Former General and Powerful Governor Known for Standing up to the Russian Establishment, Yeltsin's Rival, Dies in Helicopter Crash
Lebed was governor of the huge Krasnoyarsk region of Russia, and was considered a key regional leader. But his popularity went far beyond military and regional circles: his willingness to confront the Russian establishment made him a hero to millions of ordinary Russians.

Russian Bombers Probe US Air Defenses in Alaska
Two Russian strategic nuclear bombers flew within 37 miles of Alaska recently in a rare probe of U.S. air defenses, according to U.S. intelligence officials.

Second Amendment

It's Ashcroft-Metzenbaum vs. NRA
The Justice Department of U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft, a life member of the National Rifle Association, has quietly enlisted a lifelong enemy of the gun lobby, retired Sen. Howard Metzenbaum, in the government's fight against assault weapons.

UT: Multijursidictional Task Force to Target Gun-Law Violators
With aggressive prosecution of federal gun charges in connection with state offenses, criminals face an increased potential for a stretch in prison. Federal laws require stiff penalties for firearm possession by a felon, a drug user, a person named in a domestic protective order or who has a prior domestic violence misdemeanor conviction.

In speech to NRA, Democrat chides own party for ignoring gun rights
Sen. Zell Miller of Georgia wowed the National Rifle Association as a Democrat who wants more guns. He also chastised his own party for failing to recognize the social and political reach of gun issues.

NRA has its own homeland security plan
Group suggests arming pilots, IDing and detaining noncitizens

Chicago Police Officers Warned About Possible Gun Sweeps
The ISRA is warning employees of the Chicago Police Department
(CPD) that the department's Chicago Anti-Gun Enforcement (CAGE)
unit may soon swoop down on their homes.

Ominous Cracks Seen in Gun Control Utopia
Europe: Laws stricter than those in the U.S. haven't prevented

Australia: Lobbyists call for hand gun ban
Gun control lobbyists have called for an all-out ban on semi-automatic handguns in the wake of Friday's massacre in Germany and amid reports gun related crime has risen 40 per cent since the Port Arthur tragedy

Media Gets Thumbs Down From Panel On Firearms Coverage
The mainstream media gets a failing grade when it comes to covering firearms and Second Amendment issues, according to a panel discussion of media coverage at the National Rifle Association convention on Sunday.

Canada: Battle against guns heats up
Permanent anti-gun unit about to be announced by chief

NYC Cops Pass Firearms Backlogs to the Feds
The NYPD, apparently strained by the terror attacks, dramatically slowed down gun-crime investigations - until last week, when it feverishly unloaded hundreds of guns on the feds to be traced

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