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Police State

Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Over New Jersey Kindergartner Suspended for Playing Cops and Robbers
Kindergarten Suspension Suit Denied

Kindergarten Boy Suspended
Boy Brought Toy Gun To School

Ashcroft's power to detain without charges continues without oversight
The USA Patriot Act requires charges to be filed within seven days of detention. But Justice Department records indicate that "people have been held for weeks and months without charge"

Public Indoctrination Centers: Zero-Tolerance Policy Applied to Snacks
Schools raise hundreds of millions of dollars a year by feeding our kids this junk, but now that they're eating junk food instead of the other garbage they're feeding them in the lunch line they're saying "no." It's all about profits.

Property Damage
A Supreme retreat on the protection of private-property rights

Ashcroft unveilled a new and expanded mission for the Neighborhood Watch Program. He announced a grant of $1.9 million in federal funds to help the National Sheriffs' Association double the number of participant groups to 15,000 nationwide.

A plague of tyrants
To fight bioterrorism, public health officials would unleash a plague of petty tyrants

Probe aims to find if police protected cop in drunken driving case
The city's police commissioner on Sunday promised a thorough probe into whether police helped protect a fellow officer convicted of running down a family of four after a 12-hour drinking binge.

From a Listener: A recorded lecture (UC Berkeley 1962) of Aldous Huxley (Brave New World) on the subject of "The Ultimate Revolution." He talks about using terrorism to create willing slaves out of the population
Audio Link
There is a great new technology that safely and comfortably straightens teeth without the old metal bands and brackets.
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New World Order

US to abandon treaty on International Criminal Court
The United States is disassociating itself from a treaty that created the International Criminal Court because the tribunal is not accountable to any authority and could second-guess US courts

Powell confirms United States to pull out of treaty creating international criminal court
The United States fears the impact on American citizens, arguing that safeguards against frivolous or politically motivated prosecutions of U.S. soldiers and officials are not sufficient

EU cash 'funded' suicide bombers
The Israeli Government has accused Yassir Arafat of secretly using aid from the European Union to finance terrorist attacks.

EU Denies Aid Funded Suicide Bombers
The European Union's head office issued a strong denial Monday to Israeli claims that millions of dollars of aid to the government of Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat were used to fund suicide bombers.

US News

Midwest Pipe Bombs Nearly Identical and From Same Source, FBI Says
Alex says this reeks of a Federal program. Soon they will seize the individual who will talk about how much he loves freedom and how bad the government is. Then, anyone else talking about freedom will "need to be watched" because they might be thinking about planting pipe bombs

Bill Would Ban Indian Mascots
Activists meet little resistance in the Legislature in bid to bar the controversial icons in state's public schools.

CO: Inmate serving life sentence mistakenly released on parole
statewide manhunt is on for a convicted murderer who was mistakenly released from Canon City's state penitentiary on March 26.

CO Senate backs forfeit overhaul
Cities would get share of proceeds

PA: Landgrab Underway
"I think it's wrong for the township to steal this man's land," said Don Reed of 76 Glen Moore Circle. "And I call it stealing because if they take his land because he doesn't want to sell it, then it's stealing."

Passenger Stabbed To Death After Attacking Bus Driver
Bus Driver Able To Defend Himself

Propagandizing for the Environmentalist Control-Freaks, Hollywood Plots Global Warming Extravaganza
Twentieth Century Fox has won an auction for "The Day After Tomorrow," director Roland Emmerich's global-warming extravaganza rife with hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes and the onset of the next ice age.

Another Riot in Ohio
There was no police shooting, no reverends shouting for justice this time — just 300 black people blocking Vine Street on Monday night, pelting cars with rocks, bottles and eggs and yelling “get whitey.”

Pedophilia's apologists truly are sorry
The road to hell is paved with academic studies, speculation about the ``actual consequences'' of what society has always abhorred - and books like Judith Levine's ``Harmful to Minors: The Perils of Protecting Children From Sex.''

INS, in a Panic, Wants List Back
Government sources told the Daily News that the Immigration and Naturalization Service gave congressional investigators a top-secret list of Sept. 11 detainees in an apparent breach of Justice Department policy.

Va. Gov Apologizes for Eugenics Law
Gov. Mark R. Warner issued a formal apology Thursday for the state's decision to forcibly sterilize thousands of Virginians from 1924 to 1979.

Chemical/Biological/Nuclear Threat

Billionaire Warren Buffet: Nuclear Attack on US a "Virtual Certainty"
We're going to have something in the way of a major nuclear event in this country," said Buffett, the firm's chief operating officer. "It will happen. Whether it will happen in 10 years or 10 minutes, or 50 years ... it's virtually a certainty."

Time Mag: Saddam Working Feverishley to Develop Nuclear Weapons
Beyond Bush's advisers, objective monitors too are convinced that Saddam possesses hidden chemical and biological weapons and is working feverishly to build a still elusive nuclear bomb. He's a serial aggressor.

U.S. Government Warns Cuba on Bio Weapons Program
The Bush administration is set to give Cuba a blunt warning today: end your biological weapons program or else.

The Terrorists

Newsweek: Reports Say Bin Laden Healthy, Inside Pakistan
'Al Qaeda Network is Active' There -- 'Operation Mountain Lion' to Expand into Major Offensive On Both Sides of Border, Afghan Official Says

Mullah Mohammed Omar instructs hidden Taliban
Biding time on the instructions of elusive leader Mullah Mohammed Omar, the Taliban is regrouping in mountain hide-outs, waiting for the Afghan government to falter, a Taliban intelligence official in hiding said yesterday.

Digital Angel/Implantable Microchips

Visit Our Digital Angel/Microchip Page
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The War on Terrorism
"Beware the leader who bangs the drums of war in order to whip the citizenry into a patriotic fervor, for patriotism is indeed a double-edged sword. It both emboldens the blood, just as it narrows the mind.

And when the drums of war have reached a fever pitch and the blood boils with hate and the mind has closed, the leader will have no need in seizing the rights of the citizenry. Rather, the citizenry, infused with fear and blinded by patriotism, will offer up all of their rights unto the leader and gladly so.

How do I know? For this is what I have done. And I am Caesar." -- Julius Caesar

Diocletian's Problem-Reaction-Solution
A further example of how elites throughout history commit acts of terrorism as a pretext to create enemies and corral populations behind a tyrannical agenda

Pakistani clerics threaten US troops
Islamist clerics in Pakistan's tribal areas have threatened to attack American troops who are mounting secret raids to track down senior al-Qaida commanders

Operation Snipe aimed at to rescue 76 US hostages
Joined by the US and Canadian troops, more than 2000 British-led Special Commando forces under "Operation Snipe" are gearing up efforts to launch a major attack to rescue around 76 soldiers who were arrested by the Taliban and Al Qaida forces

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World News

Israelis foiled bombing of tallest edifice
Members of an elite Israeli commando squad say they helped foil an attack on Israel's tallest building

Lovely England: Woman Attacked for a bag of chips
The 55-year-old, of Rosedale Avenue, Atherton, near Leigh, struggled home and a neighbor contacted police after two men had grabbed her bag and headbutted her. She suffered two black eyes and was taken to the Royal Bolton Hospital.

Colombia Death Toll Rises To 108
The death toll in an isolated village where rebels and paramilitaries were battling rose Sunday to 108 - including 40 children - while troops began to move into the region.

Indonesia Christian Killings: Militant Leader Arrested
Amid international criticism, Indonesian authorities at the weekend arrested a radical Islamic leader accused of inciting supporters to murder Christians in the strife-torn Maluku Islands.

Parents appeal over "love affair" of girl, 12
The girl, who lives in East Sussex, has been seeing the man for the past four months and her parents fear she is having sex with him – yet police say they are powerless to take action. They say they cannot force her to be examined, or test her clothes or look at messages on her phone because to do so would go against human rights legislation.

Where to Swap Till You Drop
In South American countries such as Chile and Argentina, barter clubs form a booming parallel economy for those short of cash.

Hundreds of SS veterans live quietly in the UK, attending secret reunions to celebrate their time under the Third Reich
SS veterans sing old Nazi songs at the gatherings, which have also been attended by members of the anti-immigration British National Party. At least one BNP member has been given honorary membership in the British branch of the Hilfsgemeinschaft auf Gegenseitigkeit der Ehemaligen Soldaten der Waffen-SS (Mutual Aid Association for Soldiers of the Former Waffen-SS), the SS veterans' association.

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The Economy

Jobless rate hits 8-year high at 6%
The U.S. unemployment rate shot up to an 8-year high of 6 percent in April even as the labor market added jobs for the first time in nine months, the Labor Department reported Friday.

Immigration, Mexico, and the Border

Children Languish as INS Wards
Some Jailed for Months Without Asylum Hearing

US Suspects Mexico Hoarding Water
U.S. officials say that under a 1944 treaty, Mexico owes Texas farmers 1.5 million acre-feet of water. Each acre-foot is enough to cover one acre of land with one foot of water, an amount equivalent to 326,000 gallons.

Mexican Farmers plan to blockade three border bridges
Protest over inability to enforce 1944 U.S.-Mexico water treaty

Blockade of Bridges in Texas Over Water
Blockade Of International Bridges Planned

National Security & The Military

Inquiry Launched Over Alleged Lobbying for Artillery System
The Army's inspector general is conducting an investigation into whether Pentagon officials acted inappropriately in attempting to rally congressional support for an $11 billion artillery system after it was slated for cancellation, the Defense Department said Friday.

Science & Technology

Bread, fries may be cancer risk
French fries, potato chips, breads, cereal and other popular high-carbohydrate foods may contain high levels of a compound that probably causes cancer

Biotech finds ally in Hatch
Utah senator puts his clout behind cloning

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Political News

Senate panel moves hearing, bars public
Federal land-use bill OK'd after meeting suddenly changed location

President Jokes With Fellow Satanist Ozzy Osbourne at White House Awards Dinner
"The thing about Ozzy is, he's made a lot of big hit recordings — 'Party With the Animals,' 'Sabbath Bloody Sabbath,' 'Face in Hell,' 'Black Skies' and 'Bloodbath in Paradise,''' said the president.

Lynne Cheney "Embarrassed" by Satanist Ozborne's Presence at White House Dinner
"He's hardly someone we should be applauding... not a role model, I am rather embarrassed," Cheney said after the dinner, according to sources.

Bush's secret weapon
Is Condoleezza Rice set to become the first black female US vice-president?

GOP Tactic: Tell Them What They’ve Won!
Questions Raised Over House GOP Fund-Raising Pitch

Biometrics in the News
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Russia, China, Cuba, North Korea

Group Says Chinese Arrested Lama
China has arrested an influential Tibetan Buddhist monk and community activist and, on vague charges, linked him to bomb attacks in a southwestern province, a Tibetan monitoring group said.

Second Amendment

Guns in Cockpits
It's Not About Airline Safety, It's About Gun Control

Bush Choosing 'Gun Control Over Terrorist Control'
The Libertarian Party says President George W. Bush, not the anti-gun liberals in his administration, is directly responsible for why America's commercial airline pilots remain defenseless against terrorists.

Family Sues Walmart for Not Teaching Psychological Profiling to Store Clerks
Help wanted: Sporting goods clerk. No sales experience necessary; will train. Doctorate in psychology or psychiatry required. If the plaintiffs in a multimillion-dollar lawsuit against the nation's largest retailer had prevailed last week in a Fort Worth courtroom, that's what employment ads for Wal-Mart might have looked like in the future.

Wal-Mart Not Liable in Shootings, Texas Jury Says
A Texas jury has rejected the contention of two victims of a shooting rampage 10 years ago that Wal-Mart was liable for selling a semi-automatic handgun to the shooter -- a mentally unstable attorney.

Bearing arms
Defensive use of guns can prevent crimes, save lives

Chicago Mayor Daily Sued
1. To restore the rights of peaceful law-abiding citizens to both keep and BEAR arms.
2. To overturn the de facto handgun ban in Chicago and restore the people's right to be secure in their homes

UK: The police need a top gun, not a little tingle
If you were to believe the spate of recent reports, you wouldn’t dare go out at night in any of Britain’s cities for fear of being hit in the back of the head by a marksman’s bullet or by some squelchy bit of a shop assistant who has been inadvertently shot to pieces by an over-enthusiastic sergeant.

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