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Congressman Tancredo on Mexican Incursions into the US, Survivors of the USS Liberty and Much, Much More....

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Police State

Meuller to Unveil FBI Makeover
In some ways, Mueller's FBI will make a break with the past with a new focus on fighting terrorism. But in many other ways, the FBI will remain the same controversial bureaucracy, with agents in its 56 field-office fiefdoms setting their own agendas and scrapping to preserve their turf at all cost.

Big John Ashcroft Wants Your Reading List
Section 215 of the Patriot Act "would grant FBI agents across the country breathtaking authority to obtain an order from the FISA [Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act] court . . . requiring any person or business to produce any books, records, documents, or items."

'Zero Tolerance' Policy Doesn't Make the Grade
Is the cure worse than the illness? Some of the ridiculous outcomes in our public school districts make one wonder.

There is a great new technology that safely and comfortably straightens teeth without the old metal bands and brackets.
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New World Order

Blair's 'battle plan' for the euro
Blair's chief strategists have drawn up a secret "war plan" for a referendum on joining the euro, possibly as early as next year

Prime Minster's Pollster's Stinted Study finds more people warming to euro
The report was put together by GGC/NOP - co-founded by Philip Gould, the Prime Minister's personal pollster.

G8 Elite to Meet Behind Police Lines in 5-Star Hotel Ski Resort to Plan for Upcoming Summit
"We want to continue to press for strong action in the global campaign to combat terrorism and cooperate internationally in doing so," a U.S. Justice Department official said.

The IMF and World Bank
BBC Whitewash

Friends of Hillary Clinton Influencing UN Agenda on Children
As the United Nations opens its Special Session on Children, two feminists with close ties to Hillary Clinton will be playing significant roles.

Cold war enemies warm to New World Order
NATO stands on the brink of a "revolutionary" new relationship with Russia, which will become an active partner with its former cold war enemy in a world transformed by September 11, according to the Nato secretary general, George Robertson.

Euro led to price rises, says German minister
Germany's finance minister has admitted for the first time that the introduction of euro notes and coins almost five months ago has led to significant price rises across the country and left consumers feeling they are carrying the burden of the transition to the new currency.

Watch Out for Global Taxes on the Sly
Just as we almost had amnesty for 3 million illegal Mexicans foisted upon us "on the sly" by a little rider attached to a piece of innocuous legislation, so, too, we might get the U.N.-sponsored global tax "on the sly."

Expert warns against Mexican participation in Northern Command
Luis Diaz Miuller, a specialist in the university's Institute of Legal Investigations said the creation of a Northern Command military structure among Mexico, the United States and Canada "is a unilateral and interventionist act" that does not respect regional treaties or military alliances

US News

In Texas: remembering the Alamo differently
The old way of teaching the Texas Revolution – the freedom-loving Americans against the tyrannical Mexicans, or good versus evil – is falling by the way as fast as "the myths" surrounding the Alamo

Henry Lamb: 6 new treaties go to Senate
only the "enlightened elite" environmental organizations have ever heard of them.

Pentagon's PR firm's propaganda work is lucrative, and top secret
Rendon makes images, manipulates scenes and manages news. He advises politicians and spreads propaganda. Rendon and his public-relations firm, The Rendon Group, have many clients, but none bigger--or more loyal--than the U.S. government.

Devilish deal: Probers unveil memo showing Boston FBI protected killer
Congressional investigators released a ``smoking gun'' 1965 memo yesterday showing FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover knew informant Vincent ``Jimmy The Bear'' Flemmi murdered seven men but still protected him from the electric chair and let four other men go to prison for one of the murders

The Ozzy and Dubya show
Satanic lyrics, evil worldview, disgusting mouth, no musical ability, drug abuse. This is Osbourne. He is a depraved moral terrorist, seducing young kids who don't know any better into deadly lifestyles.

Lion Bites Arm off Fla. Zookeeper
A male lion bit the arm of a 21-year-old zookeeper Sunday at Busch Gardens, severing it at the elbow, park officials said.

Mom Sues Over Ejection From School Assembly On Homosexuality
A St. Louis, Mo. mom is suing the public high school that blocked her from observing a school-sponsored assembly conducted by the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network

Unaccompanied Children Detained by the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service

National Security

Lax oversight at hundreds of Agriculture Department laboratories where dangerous viruses are stored
The Agriculture Department review found that even after the anthrax attacks by mail last year, several agency labs did not keep accurate records of potentially dangerous biological agents, had no centralized inventory system and kept vials without labels.

Security of Biological Agents Said Lax
Investigators reviewing federal safeguards against terrorism found lax oversight at hundreds of Agriculture Department laboratories where dangerous viruses are stored and say the Energy Department failed to closely track nuclear material sent abroad decades ago.

Spies, or students?
Were the Israelis just trying to sell their paintings, or agents in a massive espionage ring?

9-11 Security Lapses

Unheeded Warnings
FBI agent’s notes pointed to possible World Trade Center attack

FAA Probed, Cleared Sept. 11 Hijacker in Early 2001
Federal aviation authorities were alerted in early 2001 that an Arizona flight school believed one of the eventual Sept. 11 hijackers lacked the English and flying skills necessary for the commercial pilot's license he already held, flight school and government

FBI Cites Inadequacies Over Terrorist Warning
The FBI's failure to follow up on an agent's pre-Sept. 11 warning about Islamic militants attending U.S. flight schools highlights inadequacies in the bureau's counter-terrorism efforts

Prior Knowledge and the Cover-up

Graham: 9/11 study hindered
The Justice Department and CIA are not being fully cooperative with Congress' investigation into how the terrorists who carried out the Sept. 11 attacks escaped detection

9/11 inquiry delayed as staff chief is ousted in CIA dispute
According to several government officials, the leaders of the joint House-Senate panel forced Snider to resign after they learned that he had hired a CIA officer who was the subject of a counterintelligence investigation.

Terrorist Threats

Intelligence: Terrorists Planning a July 4 Nuclear Plant Attack
The claims of a plot were obtained by U.S. intelligence agencies last week. It coincides with other recent reports indicating that two al Qaeda terrorists are planning an attack inside the United States using radioactive material in a conventional bomb.

U.S. prepares for terror attack in food
Americans already know what it is like to fear lethal anthrax lurking in their mail, but when they go to take a bite out of a sandwich or sit down to a family dinner, how can they be sure they are not about to ingest these deadly microorganisms?

U.S. Fears Use of Suicide Belt Bombs
Mideast-Style Suicide Attacks Difficult to Counter

FBI Releases Alert on "Soft Targets" Such as Shopping Malls, Restaurants...
The bureau has sent word to its field offices and 56 federal terrorism task forces that they should advise local officials to tighten security around large apartment buildings, as well as busy malls, supermarkets and restaurants.


US companies face new pressure on stock options
US companies will this week come under increased pressure to deduct the cost of stock options from earnings.


Hil for Veep in 2004?
Idea of senator in No. 2 spot generating a quiet buzz

Clintons Leave Lawyers High & Dry on Legal Tab
Various documents and sources familiar with the Clintons' legal debts reveal they have yet to retire hefty bills from the Whitewater, Paula Jones and Monica Lewinsky scandals, as well as Bill Clinton's impeachment battle.

How Bush, the elder, influences son's White House
Affecting everything from this president's war on terrorism to his economic message, and from politics to personnel, Bush I has fundamentally shaped Bush II

The War on Terrorism/Al-Qaeda

British troops saved by Afghan warlord
British troops in Afghanistan were saved from a rocket attack yesterday by a local warlord who found and dismantled two Chinese-made weapons before they were fired.

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World News

Arafat says foreign powers support suicide bombers
Arafat declined to answer when asked if the foreign powers were Iraq or Iran -- which the United States accuses of supporting terrorism. Both countries deny the U.S. charges

Saudi Admits Money Going to Families of Suicide Bombers
Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Saud al-Faisal condemned suicide attacks against civilians but acknowledged that the families of the bombers have benefited from millions in Saudi aid given to the relatives of Palestinians killed since the beginning of the intifadeh.

Sharon delays Gaza invasion after pressure from U.S.
Sharon blamed what he termed leaks from the military for the delay in the planned attack on Islamic insurgency strongholds

OPEC chief warned Venezuelan Pres. Chavez about coup
Yeah, no kidding -- Greg Palast on the Alex Jones Show on March 4th Said There Would Be A Coup -- Backed by the IMF and World Bank

Foot-and-mouth spreads in S Korea
Fears that the latest foot-and-mouth outbreak in South Korea could escalate into a crisis grew on Saturday as further cases of the disease were reported at four farms in the north of the country

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Immigration, Mexico, and the Border

Mexican soldiers in border crossings
Heavily armed Mexican soldiers and police are crossing the U.S. border repeatedly, provoking charges from Capitol Hill that they are providing cover for drug smugglers and illegal immigrants.

Mexican official confirms border crossings
Says military or law enforcement came into U.S. 23 times in 2001

Remember This: 8.000 Mexican horsemen ride along US border
About 8,000 Mexican horse riders are taking part in a parade along a 50 kilometer stretch of the border with the United States to underline the traditions linking the indigenous people on both sides of the frontier

Mexican drug smugglers tunnel under border to elude U.S. guards
Over the past decade, officials have discovered at least 16 tunnels along the 2,000-mile (3,200 kilometer) U.S.-Mexico border, all thought to be used for smuggling drugs

GOP wary of immigrant welfare cut
Renewal of '96 law has political cost

Science & Technology
Mainstream Media Frenzy over the "First" Implantation of the VeriChip Subdermal Microchip ID
A barrage of media attention has surrounded Applied Digital Solutions, the Palm Beach company that makes the chips, including appearances on national network TV news and talk shows, cable investor programs and local and national newspaper write-ups.

Family Gets Computer Chips Implanted for Medical Information
Notice How All of This Coverage Is Positive. How Absolutely Wonderful -- an Embedded Microchip! And Affordable Too! Get Yours Today!

Read Loving Mom Leslie Jacobs' Glowing Propaganda -- She Is Sooo Thrilled Her Entire Family Will Be Microchipped
Family chipper about its microchip implants

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Russia, China, Cuba, North Korea

US and Russia 'to reduce nuclear arsenals'
Yeah, all this is going on while the UN arms to the teeth

Putin Hails Nuclear Arms Deal
Russian President Vladimir Putin welcomed the agreement reached Monday between U.S. and Russian negotiators on landmark cuts in nuclear weapons that he and President Bush will sign at a summit next week

Russian Foreign Minister Ivanov denies Russia planning nuclear tests in Arctic
The US House of Representatives on Saturday urged President George W. Bush to seek access to a Russian nuclear test site in the Arctic amid reports the Russians were preparing to resume testing.

China: Boom in homemade arms reflects distrust of police
Police, after all, are distrusted because of their tendency toward corruption, and local officials can be all too easily influenced by personal connections.

Growing sex imbalance shocks China
An alarming rise in the sex ratio of newborn infants in China suggests that increasing numbers of female fetuses are being aborted by parents intent on having a male child.

Carter Meets Dissidents In Cuba
Jimmy Carter had breakfast Monday with Cuban political dissidents and was to visit a major biotechnology lab at the invitation of Fidel Castro, who has denounced as lies a U.S. allegation he was making biological weapons.

Second Amendment

Canada: Guns in the family
As more women take up shooting, some moms find a day at the range helps bring the family together

Gunning for A Bad Book
Is author Michael Bellesiles trying to prove that the pen is mightier then the gun?

Libertarian wants to serve in DC— if he can take his machine gun
“When I´m walking around Washington, DC, it´s the murder capital of the United States,” said Gothard, a 48-year electrical engineer who designs printers at Hewlett-Packard. “There are terrorists there. I´m scared to death to go there without being armed.”

Student drops gun in school yard; mother arrested
The mother of a 6-year-old student at Samuel B. Huey Elementary School was arrested yesterday after her son dropped a .32-caliber handgun on school grounds.

Bearing Arms: Latest Stories from the Times-Dispatch

NY Attorney General Urges Panel to Reinstate Public Nuisance Suit Against Gun Industry
Arguing his first case since being elected New York attorney general in 1998, Eliot L. Spitzer last week urged a panel of appellate judges to reinstate a novel lawsuit against the gun industry


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