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Police State

Latest privacy threat: Monitor glow
Law enforcement and intelligence agents may have a new tool to read the data displayed on a suspect's computer monitor, even when they can't see the screen.

How Big Brother Plans Your Career
The School to Work program, which is written into U.S. law, aims to decide for your children what line of work they should be trained and educated for, according to the needs of the state, collaborating with big business. It has all the appearances of a back-door approach to the police state.

The Ultimate In Cyberspace Spying
Eaton demonstrates as his program captures every keystroke made on a computer – every mouse click, every e-mail sent, every word typed or deleted, everything – and then it secretly reports back to the person spying on you.

Zero tolerance takes toll on pupils
10-year-old Aaron Godec and six other fourth-grade boys were being suspended for the rest of the day for pointing their fingers like guns during a game of army-and-aliens on the playground.

There is a great new technology that safely and comfortably straightens teeth without the old metal bands and brackets.
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New World Order

China Envoys to probe use of U.S. funds for forced abortions
A White House team will leave for China today to investigate whether U.S. contributions to a U.N. population agency are funding forced abortions

US Decision on Kyoto ruled out for ten years
The decision to pursue an independent path until 2012 means that the US will not take an active part in talks to set the next list of emissions reduction targets, which are due to begin in 2005.

Blair and Schröder attack Right
The socialist leaders joined forces last night to condemn resurgent Right-wing extremism, saying it could destroy plans to build a wider and more united Europe.

NATO ministers focus on pact with Russia, enlargement
A day after the US and Russia agreed to a landmark cut in nuclear warheads, NATO foreign ministers met to seal an accord with Moscow to bury Cold War enmity and formalize new cooperation, notably against terrorism.

Police 'over-reacted' at G20: report
Some protesters were 'brutalized' by Ottawa department members, citizens panel finds

US News

CO Sheriff Warned a Year in Advance of Colombine
This Is Only the Tip of the Iceberg. This is a Federal Operation -- There Is So Much Evidence, Just Like Sept 11th

Mailbox Package with Terrorist Message Explodes in Philly
The bomb, packaged in a styrofoam restaurant take-out box with no postage, no address, wires poking from it and a note that read "Free Palestine" and mentioned Al Qaeda, alarmed the mail carrier who found it in a sidewalk postal box around 12:30 p.m.

Big Media Not Doing Well as Americans Pursue the Truth on Alternative Media Sources

Earthquake Rocks San Francisco Area
No injuries or significant damage were initially reported from the quake, which had a preliminary magnitude of 5.2. But it caused a low rumbling in San Francisco, where it seemed to last for several seconds and get stronger as it went along

US youth says video games led him to shoot friend
The boy's attorney is arguing the shooting occurred when his client cut school with his friend to spend a day playing video games. The suspect mimicked the actions of violent games the pair had been playing, and used his mother's gun to shoot his friend to death as he acted out the video game action

Appeals Court: Race-Based Admissions Policy Is Legal
In December, the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals heard two hours of arguments from lawyers in two consolidated lawsuits that contend Michigan's law school and undergraduate admissions policies discriminate against whites in favor of less-qualified minorities

Police Seize Rental Truck With TNT Traces
Budget truck was pulled over in Oak Harbor, Wash., last Tuesday near the Whidbey Island Naval Air Station and found to have traces of TNT on the gearshift and traces of RDX plastic explosive on the steering wheel

Santa Rosa police arrest 22 in gang sweep
Officers conduct 4-day countywide crackdown in wake of Cinco de Mayo violence

Poison Pill
Power Plant Buys Out Town It Poisoned

National Security and the Military

Oil fuels US army role in Georgia
pipeline protection is a key motive behind a US operation training Georgia's army to fight terrorists

Pentagon Trains Bees to Detect Explosives, Clear Minefields
For the past three years government-funded scientists have been doing tests, training bees to detect materials other than pollen. Officials hope that they could be used as apian sniffer dogs, swarming into action when required

Truckers to Look Out for Terrorists
The trucking industry plans to offer classes for drivers and provide a toll-free number to report anything unusual, with the information forwarded to law enforcement agencies.

9-11 Security Lapses

Chicago FBI Agent Sues Bureau, Alleges FBI Ignored Hamas Activities
Chicagoan Sues, Saying Bureau Refused to File Charges, Disrupt Pre-Sept. 11 Crimes

Unheeded Warnings
FBI agent’s notes pointed to possible World Trade Center attack

FAA Probed, Cleared Sept. 11 Hijacker in Early 2001
Federal aviation authorities were alerted in early 2001 that an Arizona flight school believed one of the eventual Sept. 11 hijackers lacked the English and flying skills necessary for the commercial pilot's license he already held, flight school and government

FBI Cites Inadequacies Over Terrorist Warning
The FBI's failure to follow up on an agent's pre-Sept. 11 warning about Islamic militants attending U.S. flight schools highlights inadequacies in the bureau's counter-terrorism efforts

Prior Knowledge and the Cover-up

Graham: 9/11 study hindered
The Justice Department and CIA are not being fully cooperative with Congress' investigation into how the terrorists who carried out the Sept. 11 attacks escaped detection

9/11 inquiry delayed as staff chief is ousted in CIA dispute
According to several government officials, the leaders of the joint House-Senate panel forced Snider to resign after they learned that he had hired a CIA officer who was the subject of a counterintelligence investigation.

Terrorist Threats

Coast Guard Issues Warning: Al-Qaeda Sneaking into US on Cargo Ships
The Coast Guard has issued an urgent warning to law enforcement agencies that as many as 25 terrorists linked to Osama bin Laden's al Qaeda network have sneaked into the United States aboard cargo ships

US on alert for Three Mile Island attack
The threats, which were received last week by the CIA, gave warning of a potential terrorist strike against the plant or another nuclear site in the northeastern United Sates


US companies face new pressure on stock options
US companies will this week come under increased pressure to deduct the cost of stock options from earnings.


Hil for Veep in 2004?
Idea of senator in No. 2 spot generating a quiet buzz

Clintons Leave Lawyers High & Dry on Legal Tab
Various documents and sources familiar with the Clintons' legal debts reveal they have yet to retire hefty bills from the Whitewater, Paula Jones and Monica Lewinsky scandals, as well as Bill Clinton's impeachment battle.

How Bush, the elder, influences son's White House
Affecting everything from this president's war on terrorism to his economic message, and from politics to personnel, Bush I has fundamentally shaped Bush II

The War on Terrorism/Al-Qaeda

U.S. Troops in Thailand for Anti-Terror Exercise
More than 20,000 troops from the United States, Thailand and Singapore began annual war games in Thailand on Tuesday, which for the first time include training in battling terrorism.

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World News

Saudi officials silent as anti-U.S. boycott spreads
A national boycott against U.S. products is growing in Saudi Arabia and spreading to other Gulf states.

Gaza's Children Worship Martyrdom
"The climate in Gaza gives the impression that being a martyr wins respect," said Abu Hein, who, together with other experts, says parents, Palestinian media and mosque preachers are not doing enough to shelter children.

Ottawa fears gang-terror merger
Justice ministers confer: 'It's a great concern that the two paths will meet,' says Solicitor-General

UK Schools report rise in number of younger pupils with autism
The new report, which is published today, will re-ignite parents' concerns about autism, which has been linked controversially with MMR, the combined measles, mumps and rubella vaccine introduced in Britain in 1988.

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Immigration, Mexico, and the Border

Mexican soldiers in border crossings
Heavily armed Mexican soldiers and police are crossing the U.S. border repeatedly, provoking charges from Capitol Hill that they are providing cover for drug smugglers and illegal immigrants.

Mexican official confirms border crossings
Says military or law enforcement came into U.S. 23 times in 2001

Remember This: 8.000 Mexican horsemen ride along US border
About 8,000 Mexican horse riders are taking part in a parade along a 50 kilometer stretch of the border with the United States to underline the traditions linking the indigenous people on both sides of the frontier

Matamoros and Brownsville pledge cooperation in case of crisis
Border officials in Matamoros and Brownsville, Texas, on Monday agreed to provide mutual emergency assistance during future crises like terrorist or biological weapons attacks

Drainage and waste contaminate Rio Grande
Waste, sewage and other contaminants have converted the Rio Grande River, the border between Texas and Mexico, into one of the most polluted rivers in either of the two countries, according to Mexican experts.

“Sheer Lunacy”
“No” to alien amnesty.

Science,Technology and Health

Applied Digital Solution's Stock Tumbles 29% on the Day It Televises Human Chip Implantation
The drop came after millions of Today Show viewers watched one of the "chipping" procedures live from a doctor's office in Boca Raton.

Study Says US Cancer Rates to Double By 2050
The number of Americans diagnosed annually with cancer will double over the next 50 years, from 1.3 million to 2.6 million

Scientists Meet to Discuss Cyborg Technology
"In the past few years, the biosciences and robotics have been getting closer and closer," Dario told the conference. "More and more, biological models are used for the design of biometric robots (and) robots are increasingly used by neuroscientists as clinical platforms for validating biological models."

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Russia, China, Cuba, North Korea

Carter backs Castro on 'lie'
Former President Jimmy Carter, after touring a Cuban biotechnology plant yesterday, said the Bush administration had tried to undermine his trip by accusing Havana of developing weapons of mass destruction.

Carter, State Dept. Issue Conflicting Accounts on Bioweapons Briefing
The State Department and Jimmy Carter contradicted one another Monday over claims the former president was briefed by U.S. officials about Cuba's capability to produce biological weapons.

Cubans Deliver Petitions Proposing Referendum to Change Socialist System
Activists presented the signatures of over 11,000 Cubans to the National Assembly on Friday in a push to reform the country's Socialist system and ensure the civil liberties of citizens.

China Envoys to probe use of U.S. funds for forced abortions
A White House team will leave for China today to investigate whether U.S. contributions to a U.N. population agency are funding forced abortions

Russia to Get Bigger Voice in NATO
NATO and Russia will seek to put decades of enmity and distrust behind them at a meeting in Iceland on Tuesday, setting up a new forum for cooperation on security threats from terrorism to weapons of mass destruction.

Bush Says He'll Sign Treaty in Moscow
US President George W. Bush said on Monday he would sign a treaty with President Vladimir Putin in Moscow later this month to cut the two countries' long-range nuclear weapons by two-thirds and "liquidate the legacy of the Cold War."

Second Amendment

'60 Minutes' Lets Anti-Gun Docs Distort Issue
It didn't take CBS's "60 Minutes" long to join gun-grabbing liberals and their media allies and climb on the panic wagon following last Monday's Justice Department action reversing decades of official government policy on the meaning of the Second Amendment.

Schumer: Ashcroft Decision Betrays Promise "To Follow Letter of the Law" Made During His Controversial Confirmation Hearings

Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Ashcroft overshooting boundaries of his post
"In 1803, Chief Justice John Marshall declared it the duty of the U.S. Supreme Court to interpret the Constitution. Almost 200 years later, we have an attorney general who wants to unilaterally reinterpret the Second Amendment, contrary to what the Supreme Court has decided..."

Gun Manufacturers in Germany Facing Tough Times
These are unsettling times for German hunting and sports gun manufacturers and dealers.

America: It's Our Right to Bear Arms Poll Finds Most Support Individuals' Right to Own Guns


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