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Police State

FBI Reorganization Gets Under Way
The plan amounts to a wholesale change of focus, from the FBI's historic role of investigating crimes that have already been committed to a new mission: preventing future crimes and terrorism.

Preventing Future Crimes? Hmmm...That Sounds Frighteningly Like the New Tom Cruise Movie (Minority Report) Soon to Be Released -- Check out the Trailer and What It's All about at

Patriot Act's supposed justification is gone
The "lack of specific warnings" can't explain away the lies that were told to Congress and the American people after Sept. 11 to justify the administration's war on civil liberties.

Ashcroft Can Be in Your Computer
The FBI's Magic Lantern

Anti-Defamation League Labels Conservative Event 'Extremist'
An upcoming Fourth of July "FreedomFest," intended to attract pro-gun, anti-tax conservatives and libertarians from all across America, has been deemed "extremist" by the Anti-Defamation League

U.N. agrees on new maritime anti-terror laws
It said in a statement the measures, some of which are recommendations and others mandatory, include placing security officers on board every ship, fitting vessels with onboard technology that can relay information about the ship, cargo and crew back to the mainland, and enhancing existing port security arrangements.

There is a great new technology that safely and comfortably straightens teeth without the old metal bands and brackets.
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New World Order

Bush Welcomes Russia to NATO
"We will also look ahead to other areas, where we can expand our cooperation, such as missile defense and airspace control that can strengthen the security of all of Europe."

NATO strategy fails to silence sceptics
In Rome on Tuesday, leaders of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation countries will formally launch a new, though as yet largely undefined, partnership between them and the country their military alliance spent 40 years preparing to fight - Russia.

World Leaders Quotes On NATO-russia

Calgary Jail makes room for G8 protesters
Hundreds of provincial prisoners in Calgary are being sent to a federal penitentiary to free up jail space for anyone arrested during next month's G8 summit in Kananaskis.

Bush/Prior Knowledge of the 9-11 Attacks
Prior Knowledge, Whitewash and the Cover-up

Bush Whitewashes the Extent of His Prior Knowledge as The Truth Comes Out in the Mainstream Media -- Bush Says He Had Heard There Were Going to Be Hijackings, but That Intelligence Had Never Told Him They Were Planning To Fly the Jets into Buildings. Read After the Mainstream Postings about Bush's Prior Knowledge in August for Articles Showing the Govt. Was Fully Aware of the Threat Hijackings and Suicide Jet Attacks into Buildings in 1995. Has Been Leading the National Fight Against the Bush Crime Family and Exposing Their Problem-Reaction-Solution Activities.
Get 9-11 The Road to Tyranny and Fight out Just How Deep the Rabbit Hole Goes.

Go to's Govt Prior Knowledge and Involvement Archive

Click Here for an Image of a Portion of W199-eye, from Greg Palast's Book

Here Are More Mainstream Articles Covering Bush and W199i Running Defense for the Bin Ladens

Description of W199-eye from the BBC:
"Newsnight has obtained evidence that the FBI was on the trail of other members of the] Bin Laden family for links to terrorist organization before and after September 11th.

This document is marked "Secret". Case ID - 199-Eye W.F. 213 589. 199 is FBI code for case type. 9 would be murder. 65 would be espionage. 199 means national security. W.F. indicates Washington field office special agents were investigating ABC - because of it's relationship with the World Assembly of Muslim Youth, AMY - a suspected terrorist organisation. ABL is Abdullah Bin Laden, president and treasurer of WAMY."

Source: Has Someone Been Sitting on the FBI? BBC Newsnight Greg Palast Transcript -- BBC


FBI Lawyer: Bureau Official 'Deliberately' Thwarted Investigation
The now-infamous memo written by FBI veteran Colleen Rowley, the FBI's chief lawyer in the Minneapolis field office, to her boss, FBI Director Robert Mueller, reveals that bureau officials may have engaged in a massive cover-up to hide their malfeasance and negligence that apparently led to the events of Sept. 11.

Agent accuses FBI of 'sabotage'
Whistleblower says clues to September 11 were ignored

Coleen Rowley's Memo to FBI Director Robert Mueller
An edited version of the agent's 13-page letter

FBI chiefs so lax agents felt they were spies
FBI officials in Washington not only stymied an investigation into flight school student Zacarias Moussaoui before September 11, but also tried to stop field agents linking the suspected 20th hijacker to the terrorist attacks after they occurred

Key Lawmaker: Probe of FBI Warrant Will Look at 'Racial Profiling' Concerns
A top congressman said Sunday he will examine whether concern the FBI would appear to be using "racial profiling" led it to remove key details from a search warrant request whose rejection kept the FBI from learning more about a terrorism suspect before Sept. 11.

Canada had hint of trouble pre-Sept. 11
Both Canadian and foreign intelligence services had heard vague warnings before Sept. 11 that some kind of attack was coming, but nothing detailed enough to guard against, the head of Canada's counterterrorist agency said Monday.

FAA Warned of Bin Laden in 1998
The Federal Aviation Administration told airlines more than three years ago to be on a "high degree of alertness" against possible hijackings by followers of Osama bin Ladeny.

Report: 9-11 Plotter Linked to OKC Bombing
An al-Qaeda conspirator who was involved in a plot investigators now say was an early blueprint for the 9-11 attacks had also claimed credit for the Oklahoma City bombing seven years ago, according to an FBI 302 witness statement

The New Yorker: Why the government didn't know what it knew.

US News

Besieged ISP Restores Pearl Vid
The unedited video of journalist Daniel Pearl being murdered is back online

"Heritage" Zoning Approved! Heroes and Zeroes
This past week, the House of Representatives Resources Committee once again approved legislation attacking private property rights. This time it was HR 2388, the "Heritage Areas Act."

BLM Seizes Indians' Cattle Herd
Bureau of Land Management officials seized about 150 cattle they say a tribe was grazing illegally on federal land in northeast Nevada Friday, and notified two leading state's rights activists their trespassing livestock could be next.

Two Men Killed in Ride Accidents at Six Flags Amusement Parks
A man fell to his death Monday after standing up on an attraction at a Six Flags amusement park

Michigan Town Evacuated After Toxic Rail Spill
The freight train, which was carrying explosive liquid propane and toxic sulfuric acid, began leaking Monday afternoon.

National Security and the Military

Swarms of Flying Drones Equipped with Lasers and Microwave Guns
Air Force focuses on future of 'smart' weapons

Rubber bullets condemned by Israeli doctors
We've known all along how deadly and dangerous this Police State "crowd control" ammunition is

The War on Terrorism/Al-Qaeda

Cold War legacy slows terror fight
Cold War-era rules on both sides are holding up a decade -old US program to reduce the threat posed by Russian nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons by increasing security at storage facilities

US and UK accused of violating human rights
Amnesty's annual report published on Tuesday in London chastises the two democracies for taking the lead in introducing draconian laws , restricting civil liberties in the name of public security.

Taliban and Qaeda believed plotting within Pakistan
Virtually the entire senior leadership of Al Qaeda and the Taliban have been driven out of eastern Afghanistan and are now operating with as many as 1,000 non-Afghan fighters in the anarchic tribal areas of western Pakistan, the commander of American-led forces in Afghanistan said today.

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World News

Three million would die in "limited" nuclear war over Kashmir
A minimum of three million people would be killed and 1.5 million seriously injured if even a "limited" nuclear war broke out between India and Pakistan

Indian Officer: 'India can afford to lose 25 million people. But could Pakistan?'
The fear felt by the rest of the world, but apparently not by many in India and Pakistan, is that the risk of the first nuclear war erupting in the sub-continent is very far from hypothetical.

Nuclear Issues in India and Pakistan
Selected Internet Resources

Pakistan Test Fires Another Missile
As world leaders plead for peace on the volatile South Asian subcontinent, Pakistan test fired another short-range missile Tuesday

India, Pakistan Exchange Mortar, Artillery Fire
At least one person was killed and another wounded in Pakistan by small arms fire across the international border

Musharraf: there will be no more sacrifices
General Pervez Musharraf, Pakistan's military ruler, said on Monday that Pakistan would not make any further sacrifices of the country's "honor and dignity" as the price of avoiding war with India.

Indian Defense Minister Says Options Narrowing
Indian Defense Minister George Fernandes said on Tuesday that New Delhi saw no signs of Pakistan seeing reason and that its options were narrowing.

India and Pakistan: Britain has armed both sides
Recently British defense companies have been granted licences to sell arms to India to the value of £65 million and to Pakistan £6 million.

Nuclear fear: 'Death of the Indian subcontinent'
A full-scale nuclear exchange between India and Pakistan could kill up to 12 million people instantly and injure 7 million

Iran Says Bush Acting Like a 'Cowboy'
Iran said Monday President Bush was acting like a sheriff in the Wild West by trying to bully other countries to end their nuclear and arms cooperation with Tehran

Serial numbers on UK bank notes rub off
A "long-life coating" could be behind embarrassing ink-binding problems with the Bank of England's new £5 note, say printing experts

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Immigration, Mexico, and the Border

Tancredo Outraged at Another Mexican Border Incursion
"I cannot in good conscience stand by and watch another incursion along our border take place," said Tancredo. "Unless we open our eyes and recognize that what’s happening along the U.S. Mexico border is real, one of our guys is going to get killed.

Illegal immigrants from China captured after swimming ashore naked in California
Ten illegal immigrants from China were captured Thursday after they swam ashore naked using life vests and a makeshift raft, police said.

Science,Technology and Health

The future of mind control
People already worry about genetics. They should worry about brain science too

Should the moon be developed?
Lunar golf courses, largescale industrialization under debate

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Check Out -- Your Privacy and Freedom Oriented ISP --
Our Users' Email Addresses Reflect Their Patriotism (
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Russia, China, Cuba, North Korea

China Embraces Rogue States While Condemning Terror
The new Chinese base is part of what the London Economist has styled as China’s "worrying friendships” with rogue nations such as North Korea, Iran, Libya and Iraq

Russian Central Bank Planning to Sell Failing Dollar Reserves to Replace Them with Gold
This announcement initially caused gold to fall. Later Ignatyev cleared up his statement saying he did not mean gold reserves but rather hard currency reserves. In other words, he was referring to the dollar.

Second Amendment

Airlines Accused of Trading 'Safety for Victory'
An airline pilots' group says it was pressure from the airlines' political lobbying group - not fear of potential mishaps - that led the government to forbid commercial airline pilots from carrying guns.

Handgun Giveaway Angering Chicago Law Enforcement
John Birch heads Concealed Carry, Inc., a gun rights group that is awarding one handgun per month to a resident of Chicago, a city that bans handguns.

Finger-gun families win small victory
Children still aren't allowed to point their fingers like guns at Dry Creek Elementary School, but the principal can no longer quiz them about their family's firearms.


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