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The Military May Patrol Maryland, DC, and Virginia: You See Military Occupation Is the Only Thing That Will Keep Us Safe from Terrorists and Criminals

Rumsfeld OKs military assist in sniper hunt
Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld on Tuesday approved the use of military reconnaissance and surveillance equipment in the hunt for the Washington area sniper

Drones Were Even Considered -- But Don't Worry: The Pentagon Has Said It Will "Make Sure" They Don't Violate the Posse Comitatus Act. Remember,They've Been Setting This up for Years, Waiting for the "Right Pretext."

Flashback: Misguided mission for military

Oh, by the Way: They're Going to Use the Traffic Cams in DC to Stop Whatever Patsy They're about to Roll-Out for the Public

Alex Jones Has Spent Many Hours Developing a Detailed Profile of the Government and Media Theater Production Surrounding This Obvious Government Operation and Has Concluded That Maryland Is Simply a High-Tech Police State Showcase









For more information visit our 911: Road to Tyranny section

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Police and the Police State

The Police State Capitalizes on the Sniper: The Loving Traffic Cams Are Now Being Touted as Big Brother Crime Busting Devices
Big Brother Loves You! It's For Your Safety

Thank God for the Snitch Society -- Using Stories Like These to Encourage Parents and Children to Spy on Each Other
Nosey mom tips off cops

'Big Brother' IDs Coming Soon
National driver's licenses? 'Trusted Traveler' ID cards? Yes, Virginia, there IS a Big Brother ... or there will be, if the TSA and some lobby groups get their way.

Federal Takeover Drill Deep in the Heart of Texas
Training you how to be a victim that gives up your rights to the men in black uniforms -- immediately!!

Former FBI chief takes on encryption
When Louis Freeh ran the FBI, he loved nothing more than launching into a heartfelt rant against the dangers of encryption technology.

President seems unable to bear the sight or sound of dissent
In town after town where Bush has come to raise money or make a speech, his venue and the route leading up to it have been purged of protesters

How Dare They Oppose His Royal Highness' Policies!! No easy sentence: Peace protesters do time with hardened cons
Some protesters -- including a priest and a grandmother-to-be -- were sentenced earlier this year to serve their six-month sentences alongside thieves and drug addicts behind razor wire in a rural Georgia jail

Laser device packs stunning wallop
Dazzler gaining wider interest as nonlethal weapon for pilots, police

VeriChip Corporation Will Benefit From New United States Patent --#6,400,338-- Awarded to Digital Angel Corporation, Manufacturer of VeriChip
As previously announced by Digital Angel Corporation, the new patent builds on Digital Angel Corporation's underlying "keystone" patent (#5,211,129) for its implantable RFID microchip.

The "War on Terror" and the Terrorists

Guantanamo Bay Commander Relieved of Duties. According to the AP Whitewash He Was Removed for Treating the Terrorist Suspects Too Nicely
The Photos That the Government Has Released Clearly Show Torture...

Army wants more Middle Easterners for war on terror
The Army is considering recruiting Middle Easterners into the ranks of its elite Special Forces, defense officials say.

Alarm in Europe at US plan for general to govern Iraq
America's European allies are reacting with alarm at a plan being prepared in Washington to install a United States general to govern a newly liberated Iraq.

World Bank ready to rebuild Iraq in case of a war
World Bank President James Wolfensohn said here that his institution would be ready to take part in financing the reconstruction of Iraq in case of war.

US tobacco companies face claims of smuggling to Iraq
Two American tobacco companies are being sued by the European Union in connection with billions of cigarettes smuggled into Iraq since the Gulf war in breach of United Nations sanctions.

Ukraine 'sold aircraft detectors to Saddam'
British and American experts arrived in Ukraine yesterday to investigate the alleged illegal supply of military equipment to Iraq in a mission which could permanently sour relations between the West and Kiev.

What's the Big Deal? High Ranking Iraqi's Are Attending a a Major Sales Drive by UK Weapons and Military Technology Firms

War on Terror Going as Planned:
Afghan opium yield increasing

No tidal wave of recruits to fight Saddam
The commander-in-chief may be banging the drums of war against Iraq, but that is not stirring up a flood of new recruits looking to join the fight.


Bush Doubted on 9/11 Panel
Lawmakers Say He Doesn't Want New Commission

Plan to set up panel to probe September 11 collapses
An agreement announced by leading lawmakers to form an independent commission to investigate the September 11 attacks fell apart late yesterday after the chairman of the House intelligence committee said more details needed to be worked out.

Sept. 11 Hijacker Made Test Flights
CBS News has obtained exclusive information on one of the hijackers who carried out the Sept. 11 attacks. It involves test flights near the Pentagon and World Trade Center towers, proving further that the attack on America was meticulously planned.

What they're hiding down in Venice, Florida
"First we couldn't count votes. Now we're training terrorists."
—Florida law-enforcement official involved in 9/11 probe.

Oh Those Silly, Sloppy Agents -- As If They Had No Idea What Was Going on and Were Just Doing a Messy Job...
FBI Memo Details Pre-Sept. 11 Sloppiness

British Press Gagged on Reporting MI6's £100,000 bin Laden Payoff

The Okla. City-Sept. 11 Connection
Jayna Davis, David Schippers and Larry Johnson make the case for a connection between Mideast terrorism, the Murrah bombing - and the attacks on the Twin Towers.

4 US Officials Describe Iraqi Involvement in OKC Bombing
A Pentagon civilian official has provided a formal affidavit stating that the Pentagon official viewed a surveillance tape video showing a Ryder truck and its occupants moments before it was used to bomb the Murrah Federal Building in OKC on April 19, 1995.

German Newspaper Report details US 'intelligence failures'
Just a month before the deadly attacks, the paper said, Mossad handed over to the Americans a detailed report naming several suspects they believe were preparing an attack on the United States.

Lost Chance on Terrorists Cited
INS, FAA Might Have Found 2 of 19 Hijackers, Officials Say

FBI never compiled a terrorist threat assessment
The FBI never performed a comprehensive written assessment of potential terrorist threats facing the United States and failed to assess the likelihood of future strikes or would-be terrorist targets after September 11, an audit said yesterday

Alert on hijackers not 'urgent'
Two terrorists who were on the hijacked airliner that hit the Pentagon might have been located before September 11 but the FBI and CIA did not alert immigration officials of the danger they posed

Justice Department: FBI Failed to Assess Terror Risks
The FBI, the principal agency in charge of responding to and preventing terrorism, has never conducted a comprehensive risk assessment of the terrorist threat to the United States

9/11 panel eyes information failure
Aviation officials might have been able to stop two Sept. 11 hijackers previously linked to al-Qaida if they had been alerted by intelligence agencies

Globetrotting Iraqi Connected with 911 Mysteriously Released
A globe-trotting Iraqi, suspected of being a terrorist with ties to both al Qaeda and Saddam Hussein, was arrested in Jordan after Sept. 11 and then mysteriously released, U.S. intelligence officials said.

Congressman, families demand WTC collapse data
U.S. Rep. Anthony Weiner and families of victims of the 2001 World Trade Center attack on Monday demanded the release of an immense body of documentary evidence about the collapse of the twin towers.

Gore accuses White House of ignoring 9/11 warnings
Former Vice President Al Gore yesterday made his second attack this week on President Bush's war on terrorism, accusing the administration of ignoring signs that al Qaeda terrorist leader Osama bin Laden planned to attack the United States on September 11

Investigator says FBI, CIA mishandled leads on attacks
The FBI and CIA mishandled key intelligence and investigative leads that could have led to unraveling the September 11 terrorist plot before it was carried out

A Minnesota FBI agent investigating Zacarias Moussaoui testified yesterday that he notified the Secret Service weeks before Sept. 11 that a terror team might hijack a plane and "hit the nation's capital."

FBI scorned terror tips
Panel told bureau rejected flight school warnings

Lawyers For FBI Faulted In Search
Oh sure, stupid them...they didn't understand the law...all that law school for nothing

China’s Military Planners Took Credit for 9/11
Soon after the horrific attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon, two high-ranking Chinese military planners took credit for the 9/11 attacks – and were even hailed as national heroes in China.

FAA Received Warning in April of 2000
In April 2000, a man walked into the FBI field office in Newark and gave an extraordinary confession. He said he was involved in a plot by Osama bin Laden to hijack a Boeing 747.

Agent Cited WTC Attack Ahead of 9/11
A Minneapolis FBI supervisor said in a pre-Sept. 11 conversation with headquarters that he wanted to prevent suspicious student pilot Zacarias Moussaoui from flying a plane into the World Trade Center

FBI knew of bin Laden followers flight training
Before last year's September 11 attacks, FBI headquarters in New
York knew several associates of Osama bin Laden had trained at U.S. flight schools

Politicians Want to Know: What Did Bush Know and When Did He Know It?
Top lawmakers yesterday pressed the White House to cough up details about what President Bush knew of terror warnings prior to Sept. 11.

FBI Agent Urged Search for Hijacker
Request Was Turned Down Before Attacks, Panel Is Told

More Recent Revelations about Govt. Prior Knowledge and Involvement in the Attacks is Available in our More News Section. Also, Check out's Archived Prior Knowledge Section

What Really Happened and Who Stands to Gain?

World Police State News

UK: How mobile phones let spies see citizens' every move
Government's secret Celldar project will allow surveillance of anyone, at any time and anywhere there is a phone signal

800,000 Japanese citizens refuse to join 'Big Brother'
A staggering 800,000 residents in Yokohama have refused to be registered in the controversial resident registry network, officials have announced.

The UK's "Street Wardens"
They've been called toothless, cut-price cops, and litter police; but street wardens are popping up all over the UK

Australian Politicians Using Bali (Problem) as an Excuse to Enact AntiTerrorism Leigslation (Reaction, Solution)
"Let's not allow politicians to undercut democracy"

New World Order

Canadian Poll: 38% in U.S. favor annexing Canada:
While 38 per cent of respondents said they would be "in favor of Canada being annexed to the United States," 49 per cent disagreed

Europe to become a Super Power
EU member states must realize the importance of their role in the World, said the EU's foreign policy chief, Javier Solana in an interview published by the German paper, Die Welt.

U.N. adds new cases of sex abuse
The United Nations' investigating arm has cleared several U.N. workers of charges of sexual abuse against West African refugee children but has substantiated 10 new cases against aid workers

New World Order Aims to Take Kaliningrad
The Kaliningrad enclave is moving further and further from Russia

As Seen on a Balcony in Ohio:
Check Out What This Great Activist is Doing to Make a Difference and to Get the Word Out at His University
US News

Sniper Claims Ninth Victim -- Still One Less Death Than the Milwaukee Pileup --But You Don't Hear Them Calling to Ban Cars, Do You?

Sniper hunt focuses on military marksmen
The FBI has asked the Pentagon to search its records of recently discharged soldiers with sniper training, another step in the hunt for the killer

Trial in Brutal Killings Grips Kansas
The grim details of how two brothers allegedly committed a nine-day crime rampage that left five people dead are being closely monitored by a community that is still shaken nearly two years after the slayings

IRS Weighs Using Debt Collectors to Get Back Taxes
the Internal Revenue Service is considering using private collection agencies to get taxpayers to pay the government

National Security and the Military

Plane Evacuated at Seattle after Laptop Found
Authorities evacuated a United Airlines plane at Sea-Tac Airport Monday night as a precaution after a laptop computer was found on board that didn't belong to any of the current passengers.

World News

Chemtrails Help British astronaut spot homeland from space
"The only way I could find it was by all the jet contrails leading into Heathrow and Gatwick that made a big cross over the middle of the British Isles - so that's how I knew somewhere down there was London."

Palestinian Christians protest plan to demolish homes
Over 100 Palestinian Christians staged a protest march Sunday against Israeli plans to demolish a church-related apartment complex near Har Homa.

To Learn More about the Police State and How to Fight It, Check Out Alex Jones' Police State Documentaries
Click Here for Video Clips and for More Information
Immigration, Mexico, and the Border

'Criminal negligence' reported in visas of terrorists
At least 15 of the September 11 hijackers should have been denied visas to enter the United States, according to an analysis of their visa applications

Colo. Latinos Eye Bilingual Ed Law
Some Hispanic immigrants are blaming such classes for slowing children's progress in English. An amendment on the Nov. 5 ballot would require 70,000 children to learn English in an intense program aimed at getting them into regular classrooms after one year.

Border schools weed out nonresidents
Say Mexican kids taking spots meant for U.S. students

Science,Technology and Health

Scientists find molecular path to fear
Researchers reported Tuesday they have discovered a unique molecular pathway in the brain involved in regulating fear, a finding that could lead to improved treatments for anxiety and other psychiatric disorders.

Anonymize: Ditch your ISP and sign up with a service that lets you surf by proxy, keeping your IP address concealed
Our ISP Service, is Your Privacy and Freedom Oriented ISP-- and Allows You to Do Just That. Also, Our Users' Email Addresses Reflect Their Patriotism ( - as Opposed to

Russia, China, Cuba, North Korea

Russian nuke exercise
Russian strategic nuclear forces are preparing to conduct a long-range aviation exercise that is expected to include aerial probes of U.S. air defenses

Second Amendment

Sniper Kills Eight, Wisconsin Pile-up Kills 10

Serial Rapist Shot by Would-be Victim
Police said the suspect, a black man in his early 20s, pointed a rifle at the woman in two separate incidents. The second time, the woman, who is licensed to carry a gun, shot him

India Gun Grab Propaganda Piece
"Mercifully for us, the authors of the Indian Constitution did not consider "the right to bear arms" germane to our conditions..."

NYT Promotes Tiny Bar Codes on Bullets
Last week Ivan Grow, an inventor from Kansas City, Kan., patented something that he says will revolutionize firearms forensics: a gun that imprints an individual bar code on each bullet it shoots.

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