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Today on The Alex Jones Show: 2nd Amendment Experts Discuss the Sniper Including:

Craig Roberts
Marine Corp and SWAT Team Sniper, Veteran Police Officer and Army Colonel

Larry Pratt
Executive Director of Gun Owners of America


Aaron Zelman
Executive Director of Jews for the Preservation of Firearm Ownership

Gun Grabbers Get Mileage out of the "Sniper"
In DC, House approves more funds for gun background checks,
and We Are Warned That Tighter gun checks closer -- Meanwhile, We Read in Media Reports Across the Country That the Sniper attacks are returning focus to our national gun policy.

We also read repeatedly that gunowners are being targetted, and that gun fingerprinting will save us all. Even Michael Moore's Attack on the 2nd Amendment Gets Shameless Promotion. Remember Gun Fingerprinting Is Gun Owner Registration.

From Yesterday: The Military May Patrol Maryland, DC, and Virginia: You See Military Occupation Is the Only Thing That Will Keep Us Safe from Terrorists and Criminals

Rumsfeld OKs military assist in sniper hunt
Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld on Tuesday approved the use of military reconnaissance and surveillance equipment in the hunt for the Washington area sniper

Drones Were Even Considered -- But Don't Worry: The Pentagon Has Said It Will "Make Sure" They Don't Violate the Posse Comitatus Act. Remember,They've Been Setting This up for Years, Waiting for the "Right Pretext."

Flashback: Misguided mission for military

Oh, by the Way: They're Going to Use the Traffic Cams in DC to Stop Whatever Patsy They're about to Roll-Out for the Public

And the Police Are Confident, Now That the Military Is Violating the Posse Comitatus Act and Is Working with Them

And WHAT A COINCIDENCE (Just Like all the War Movies and Movies about Terrorist Attacks That Were Just Coincidentally Ready for Release Just after 9-11) -- FOX is Having to Put a Movie about a Sniper Terrorizing Residents around the Nation's Capital on Hold

And...of Course, Gov. Glendening is Using the Sniper as an Excuse to Ban Firearm Hunting in Four Metro Counties

Alex Jones Has Spent Many Hours Developing a Detailed Profile of the Government and Media Theater Production Surrounding This Obvious Government Operation and Has Concluded That Maryland Is Simply a High-Tech Police State Showcase









For more information visit our 911: Road to Tyranny section

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Police and the Police State

The Average American in Caught on Camera 8-10 Times a Day
Big Brother Loves You -- and Loves to Watch -- Still the Cameras Are of No Help in Finding the Sniper -- They'll Probably Ask for More

Sniper Sighting Fails to Create a Clear Picture -- But the Search for the Sniper Does, of Course, Include the Military, and Has the Police Encouraging the People to Spy and Snitch on Their Neighbors -- It Has Also Given the Governor a "Reason" to Ban Hunting with Firearms in 4 Counties

AAA pulls its support for traffic cameras
The AAA, which supports the use of traffic cameras to enhance road safety, has rebuffed the city's plan to expand the program to earn more revenue

The "War on Terror" and the Terrorists

Britons told to leave Indonesia
The foreign secretary, Jack Straw, this afternoon urged British citizens to leave Indonesia if they could, and warned that no one should visit the country.

Iraqis target Prince Andrew at arms fair
Prince Andrew had an embarrassing encounter with an Iraqi delegation in Jordan yesterday while attending an arms fair to promote British exports

UN members speak out on Iraq
Arab and non-aligned nations have been using a UN debate on Iraq to express their opposition to a new resolution explicitly permitting military action which Washington is pushing for.


Tenet Defends CIA Pre-9/11 Efforts
Before Sept. 11, he said, the CIA had a large number of reports that a large al-Qaida operation was in the offing, but didn't know where Osama bin Laden's operatives would strike.

Cheney: Investigators, Keep Out
The vice president blocks an independent commission to investigate 9-11

Bush Doubted on 9/11 Panel
Lawmakers Say He Doesn't Want New Commission

Plan to set up panel to probe September 11 collapses
An agreement announced by leading lawmakers to form an independent commission to investigate the September 11 attacks fell apart late yesterday after the chairman of the House intelligence committee said more details needed to be worked out.

Sept. 11 Hijacker Made Test Flights
CBS News has obtained exclusive information on one of the hijackers who carried out the Sept. 11 attacks. It involves test flights near the Pentagon and World Trade Center towers, proving further that the attack on America was meticulously planned.

What they're hiding down in Venice, Florida
"First we couldn't count votes. Now we're training terrorists."
—Florida law-enforcement official involved in 9/11 probe.

Oh Those Silly, Sloppy Agents -- As If They Had No Idea What Was Going on and Were Just Doing a Messy Job...
FBI Memo Details Pre-Sept. 11 Sloppiness

British Press Gagged on Reporting MI6's £100,000 bin Laden Payoff

The Okla. City-Sept. 11 Connection
Jayna Davis, David Schippers and Larry Johnson make the case for a connection between Mideast terrorism, the Murrah bombing - and the attacks on the Twin Towers.

4 US Officials Describe Iraqi Involvement in OKC Bombing
A Pentagon civilian official has provided a formal affidavit stating that the Pentagon official viewed a surveillance tape video showing a Ryder truck and its occupants moments before it was used to bomb the Murrah Federal Building in OKC on April 19, 1995.

German Newspaper Report details US 'intelligence failures'
Just a month before the deadly attacks, the paper said, Mossad handed over to the Americans a detailed report naming several suspects they believe were preparing an attack on the United States.

Lost Chance on Terrorists Cited
INS, FAA Might Have Found 2 of 19 Hijackers, Officials Say

FBI never compiled a terrorist threat assessment
The FBI never performed a comprehensive written assessment of potential terrorist threats facing the United States and failed to assess the likelihood of future strikes or would-be terrorist targets after September 11, an audit said yesterday

Alert on hijackers not 'urgent'
Two terrorists who were on the hijacked airliner that hit the Pentagon might have been located before September 11 but the FBI and CIA did not alert immigration officials of the danger they posed

Justice Department: FBI Failed to Assess Terror Risks
The FBI, the principal agency in charge of responding to and preventing terrorism, has never conducted a comprehensive risk assessment of the terrorist threat to the United States

9/11 panel eyes information failure
Aviation officials might have been able to stop two Sept. 11 hijackers previously linked to al-Qaida if they had been alerted by intelligence agencies

Globetrotting Iraqi Connected with 911 Mysteriously Released
A globe-trotting Iraqi, suspected of being a terrorist with ties to both al Qaeda and Saddam Hussein, was arrested in Jordan after Sept. 11 and then mysteriously released, U.S. intelligence officials said.

Congressman, families demand WTC collapse data
U.S. Rep. Anthony Weiner and families of victims of the 2001 World Trade Center attack on Monday demanded the release of an immense body of documentary evidence about the collapse of the twin towers.

Gore accuses White House of ignoring 9/11 warnings
Former Vice President Al Gore yesterday made his second attack this week on President Bush's war on terrorism, accusing the administration of ignoring signs that al Qaeda terrorist leader Osama bin Laden planned to attack the United States on September 11

Investigator says FBI, CIA mishandled leads on attacks
The FBI and CIA mishandled key intelligence and investigative leads that could have led to unraveling the September 11 terrorist plot before it was carried out

A Minnesota FBI agent investigating Zacarias Moussaoui testified yesterday that he notified the Secret Service weeks before Sept. 11 that a terror team might hijack a plane and "hit the nation's capital."

FBI scorned terror tips
Panel told bureau rejected flight school warnings

Lawyers For FBI Faulted In Search
Oh sure, stupid them...they didn't understand the law...all that law school for nothing

China’s Military Planners Took Credit for 9/11
Soon after the horrific attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon, two high-ranking Chinese military planners took credit for the 9/11 attacks – and were even hailed as national heroes in China.

FAA Received Warning in April of 2000
In April 2000, a man walked into the FBI field office in Newark and gave an extraordinary confession. He said he was involved in a plot by Osama bin Laden to hijack a Boeing 747.

Agent Cited WTC Attack Ahead of 9/11
A Minneapolis FBI supervisor said in a pre-Sept. 11 conversation with headquarters that he wanted to prevent suspicious student pilot Zacarias Moussaoui from flying a plane into the World Trade Center

FBI knew of bin Laden followers flight training
Before last year's September 11 attacks, FBI headquarters in New
York knew several associates of Osama bin Laden had trained at U.S. flight schools

Politicians Want to Know: What Did Bush Know and When Did He Know It?
Top lawmakers yesterday pressed the White House to cough up details about what President Bush knew of terror warnings prior to Sept. 11.

FBI Agent Urged Search for Hijacker
Request Was Turned Down Before Attacks, Panel Is Told

More Recent Revelations about Govt. Prior Knowledge and Involvement in the Attacks is Available in our More News Section. Also, Check out's Archived Prior Knowledge Section

What Really Happened and Who Stands to Gain?

World Police State News

Australian PM warns of curb on civil liberties
The Federal Government has warned that civil liberties in Australia might have to be limited with tougher anti-terrorist legislation introduced after the Bali bombings.

UK: How mobile phones let spies see citizens' every move
Government's secret Celldar project will allow surveillance of anyone, at any time and anywhere there is a phone signal

800,000 Japanese citizens refuse to join 'Big Brother'
A staggering 800,000 residents in Yokohama have refused to be registered in the controversial resident registry network, officials have announced.

The UK's "Street Wardens"
They've been called toothless, cut-price cops, and litter police; but street wardens are popping up all over the UK

Australian Politicians Using Bali (Problem) as an Excuse to Enact AntiTerrorism Leigslation (Reaction, Solution)
"Let's not allow politicians to undercut democracy"

New World Order
British Intelligence Official Logo
Interpol Official Logo
DARPA Information Awareness Office Logo
Get the Picture about Who's Running the World's Intelligence/Police Agencies?

Cutting Deals with the New World Order
U.S. Offers U.N. Resolution Deal

EU Nice referendum result Sunday evening
In two days, approximately 3 million Irish voters have the possibility to say yes or no to the Nice Treaty – only 34.8 per cent used their vote last year in the first referendum on Nice.

Dutch collapse could delay EU Enlargement
Only three months after its formation, the shortest-lived Dutch government since World War II has fallen to pieces and so relinquishing its legal right to approve enlargement.

US News

FL: Sawgrass Rebellion protesters arrive in state capital
Two weeks after leaving their homes in Klamath Falls, Ore, road-weary members of the Sawgrass Rebellion brought their message and symbols to Tallahassee to protest state and federal efforts to restore portions of the Florida Everglades by flooding lands now containing homes or used for agriculture.

Court rules mother can use deadly force to protect fetus
Michigan panel rules in favor of woman who killed after man hit her in stomach

DC Police Issue Tips for Staying Safe
Police yesterday offered these tips for protection against sniper-style shootings

VH1 to feature some killer rock 'n' roll
The show will air at 10 p.m. and profile "Dark Mischief," a heavy-metal group comprised of murderers, rapists and robbers at Graterford, a maximum-security state prison in Montgomery County.

Mayor Who Touted Operation Safe Streets Admits Lying about Crime Statistics
For weeks, Mayor Street has been touting Operation Safe Streets, his anti-drug program, in neighborhood rallies across the city.

The Economy
Headed for Bankruptcy: United Airlines
Bankruptcy carries its own risks. It destroys any equity value and damages investments by unsecured debtors. It also raises a warning flag to consumers about bookings and forces management to hand over some of their decision making to a judicial process.

Credit crunch grips U.S. energy firms
Debt crisis is the worst since the Great Depression

National Security and the Military

Foreign students may learn deadly skills on U.S. campuses
It turns out that many scientists working in Saddam Hussein's labs learned at American universities how to make chemical, biological and nuclear weapons.

Rumsfeld's Style, Goals Strain Ties In Pentagon
'Transformation' Effort Spawns Issues of Control

World News

They'd Rather Starve Than Eat GM Food: Zambians starve as food aid lies rejected
Despite a terrible drought, the African state says it is right to refuse GM maize from the US

Prior Knowledge: U.S. Says It Told Indonesia of Plot by Terror Group
The United States repeatedly warned the Indonesian government in the weeks before the bomb blast that killed more than 180 people in Bali that a group linked to Al Qaeda was planning attacks to kill Americans and other Westerners

US Govt. Asked Taiwanese Not to Disclose the Information

Why Wasn't The Attack Stopped? Maybe Because the Attack in Bali Increased Support for the War in Iraq

To Learn More about the Police State and How to Fight It, Check Out Alex Jones' Police State Documentaries
Click Here for Video Clips and for More Information
Immigration, Mexico, and the Border

House OKs Visa For Border Students
House Approves New Visa Status for Border Students in Mexico and Canada

Science,Technology and Health

FDA Forces Fatal Chemo on Kids

New technique lets parents pick baby's gender
Using machinery first developed to sort bull sperm, a clinic in Virginia has helped produce 300 babies for couples around the world intent on choosing the gender of their next child

Anonymize: Ditch your ISP and sign up with a service that lets you surf by proxy, keeping your IP address concealed
Our ISP Service, is Your Privacy and Freedom Oriented ISP-- and Allows You to Do Just That. Also, Our Users' Email Addresses Reflect Their Patriotism ( - as Opposed to

Russia, China, Cuba, North Korea

North Korea admits nuclear program
North Korea has acknowledged it has a secret nuclear weapons program in violation of an agreement signed in 1994

Chinese Police Accused of Cover-Up
School collapses on 50 students, Human Rights in China, in a statement sent to news agencies in China, blamed the collapse on officials who embezzled funds earmarked for the school and built it using shoddy construction materials

U.S. Hands Oil-Rich Island to Russia
Billions in oil rights are at stake. But the State Department is handing the oil-rich Sakhalin Island to Russia.

Second Amendment

Gun Grabbers Get Mileage out of the "Sniper"
In DC, House approves more funds for gun background checks,
and We Are Warned That Tighter gun checks closer -- Meanwhile, We Read in Media Reports Across the Country That the Sniper attacks are returning focus to our national gun policy.

We also read repeatedly that gunowners are being targetted, and that gun fingerprinting will save us all. Even Michael Moore's Attack on the 2nd Amendment Gets Shameless Promotion. Remember Gun Fingerprinting Is Gun Owner Registration.

Commentary: Time to Shoot the Second Amendment
It's time for the war on terror to take away our guns

McCarthy/Schumer Gun Bill On Floor
Tomorrow's House Whip notice says the "Our Lady of Peace" bill to *require* states to report now-confidential mental health records to the FBI Instant Check System, H.R. 4757, is on the "Suspension" calendar.

FL: $75 million sought against gun distributor
An attorney said Tuesday he is seeking a $75 million civil judgment against the distributor of a handgun used to kill popular teacher Barry Grunow.

Gun Control Misfires in Europe
What's behind the massacres in Germany, France and Switzerland?

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