Infowars reporter Millie Weaver had to cancel a protest scheduled outside of the Google office located in Pittsburgh, PA after receiving threats of violence from self-proclaimed members of AntiFa and Black Lives Matter.

Originally, there were only a handful of attendees.

However, after the Pittsburgh Tribune ran a hit piece titled “Google’s Pittsburgh Office Targeted By Alt-Right Protesters” linking the ‘Flyover America’ tour Facebook page, alleged Antifa and Black Lives Matter members began leaving serious threats, sharing the event page with other members.

Even though the event had been canceled, the MSM started running more stories that the event was a continuation of what happened in Charlottesville, VA and was still going to occur.

Even the mayor made public statements that he was monitoring “intelligence reports regarding potential right wing protests this weekend in Pittsburgh”.

Weaver is concerned that this is starting to look just like the events which preceded the Charlottesville protest which turned violent and was used to demonize Trump and his supporters.

Is a deep state false flag in the works during the upcoming protests scheduled nationwide?

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