MariAn Gail Brown
Connecticut Post
May 2, 2009

As if to underscore how dangerous swine flu is to anyone not taking it seriously already, the World Health Organization ratcheted up the threat level on the virus to its second-highest setting, sending a message: a global pandemic is coming NOW.

[efoods]Take precautions. This is not a drill.

At least 350 schools around the country where students either have tested positive or been exposed to someone infected with swine flu are shuttering their doors — anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks to disinfect their premises. Texas, the apparent epicenter of this outbreak, is operating under a “state of emergency.”

The power to quarantine

Many of those suspected of having swine flu are practicing voluntary “social distancing.” Essentially, they’ve promised their doctors, local health directors and the state Department of Public Health that they will stay home from work or school, refrain from stepping out to go to the gym, dine out, attend sports events, concerts or anywhere they would come into close contact with others.

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