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Sept. 12, 2013

In warfare, there are three things to know. Sun-Tzu in “The Art of War” teaches everyone to know yourself, know your enemy and know your terrain (environment). There is another thing to learn, and that is to know God. The “Art of War” also recognizes the last, but it is written in a manner that was their best understanding of God for their time. I recommend everyone who is serious about their survival read this book.

Much has been written, filmed and discussed about the enemies of our Liberty. I would think that most everyone reading this here possesses a tremendous amount of knowledge concerning this topic. The focus of these articles is not the enemies of Liberty. The intent is to strengthen ourselves and others in the neglected areas of 1. Know Yourself and 2. Know Your Environment. The Christian Bible is infinitely more adequate than I am in the final endeavor of knowing God. The Bible is another good book to read.

Before we get into these things, there are a few things concerning the enemy, which I believe are overlooked by most people who are informed.

Dr. Fred Schwarz wrote an excellent book called “You Can Trust the Communists (to be Communists)”. During WW2 an Australian patient of his was convinced that American servicemen were intent on poisoning him. This man later killed two American officers with a shotgun and was convicted of criminal insanity. These Americans held no ill will toward this Australian, yet they were violently killed. Why? The Australian man believed a lie. He believed they would somehow poison him. Dr. Fred Schwarz demonstrates that it does not take two to make a fight. A lie in the mind of another is enough. The same is true for Communism. Is the same true for the New World Order? Is it true for environmentalists?

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