From ineffectual and corrupt police forces to a mangled and distorted election system, the Law in the United States has devolved into an irrational and byzantine mess. How many of these strange laws that are still on the books have you broken?

1. In Arizona if you are apprehended while in the process of stealing a bar of soap you must continue to wash until the whole bar has been consumed or face the consequences.


2. In Idaho, if you present your fiancee with a box of candies weighing more than 50 pounds you are subject to arrest.


3. If you use Public transportation or attend a public event within four hours of eating onions or garlic in indiana, you’re in breach of the Indiana law.


4. In Alabama, if they catch you wrestling a bear they’ll hit you with a citation.


5. In Texas it’s illegal to sell your eyes.


6. In Arizona the sentence for cutting down a cactus could be as much as 20 years!


7. In Utah, you can’t marry your cousin under penalty of incarceration, unless of course they’re over the age of 65.


8. In New york it is illegal to greet someone by putting your thumb to your nose and wiggling your fingers.


9. In  Waynesboro Virginia the only way a woman can drive down main street legally is if her husband walks in front of the car while waving a red flag.


10. If you harass Bigfoot, Sasquatch or any other undiscovered subspecies you’ll be committing a felony in Washington State.


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