Mike Adams
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Feb 11, 2013

A few days ago, Argentina’s populist female president Cristina Kirchner ordered a price freeze on food products. This price freeze was levied against the largest food retailers in the country, and it is just the latest example of utterly insane economic policies made by populist national leaders who inevitably end up causing massive suffering and economic damage to the nations they claim to lead.

In case you’re not familiar with Kirchner, this woman is a mafia-style criminal, a populist political hustler who has, for years, fabricated economic data to claim Argentina has low inflation. (In truth, the inflation rate there is over 25%.) She has been caught using government-created money to pay off political bribes. She has been slapped on the wrist by the IMF for falsifying economic data, and now she is about to thrust her country into nationwide food shortages that may very well be followed by riots.

The people of Argentina deserve better than Kirchner. Argentinians are, by and large, extremely friendly and capable people, yet they have suffered under the most absurd dictatorial rulers for at least a generation, possibly longer. Kirchner is just the latest in a long line of thuggish betrayers of the people who elected her.

“Cristina Kirchner’s Argentina illustrates an alarming trend. Her government has expropriated major foreign investors, falsified statistics, destroyed central bank independence , used the nation’s currency reserves for political payoffs, and faces default,” writes Paul Roderick Gregory at Forbes.com

Welcome to the land of populist governments led by charismatic people who have no clue whatever how economies work. These national leaders are a disgrace to humanity, and nations like Argentina would be far better served if they through Kirchner in prison rather than listening to any more of her delusional economic demands.

For starters, the price freeze means that food importers will halt most imports because they would lose money by selling their food at the prices ordered by the government. So the price freeze results in immediate food shortages.

But people still need food, obviously, so they begin to seek out black market sources of food sold at actual market prices. This causes a mass diversion of purchasing behavior away from the grocery stores to “food smugglers” who inevitably create complex systems of corruption and criminality in order to deliver the products that people want.

Think of this as “food prohibition.” Any time a government enacts prohibition of something the people really want, it inevitably creates a criminal black market, complete with payoffs and violence. The Kirchner regime can then point to these black market operations and blame them for all the results of Kirchner’s own failed economic policies. Whatever goes wrong inArgentina, she will blame it on “the black market gangs” that have defied her insane government dictates. (If this sounds familiar, it’s because in the USA, Obama blames all his failures on “terrorists.”)

Insane tyrants seek power at any cost

With tyrants like Kirchner, it’s always about staying in power at any cost to society. No matter how many people must suffer, starve or be imprisoned, Kirchner is going to shore up her own power, even if it means destroying the very country she claims to be serving.

Right now, she’s also attacking Argentina’s largest newspaper conglomerate, Grupo Clarin SA, by outlawing grocery store advertising in the newspapers! This move is wholly designed to bankrupt the newspaper as punishment for the publishing of accurate inflation numbers that Kirchner has now cursed upon Argentina.

And this is how it goes, you see: Much like as we see with Obama in the USA, Kirchner is willing to destroy her own nation’s economy as long as she terminates a few political opponents along the way. With tyrants like Kirchner — and everyone else who seeks total domination over the population — it’s an endless game of destruction, and much like in the USA,everybody pays the price for the arrogance and shamelessness of the top political leader.

Argentina today, America tomorrow

If you’re wondering what all this has to do with you, listen up: Argentina is smaller reflection of what’s happening on a much larger scale globally. Everywhere around the world, governments are lying to the People about unemployment numbers, inflation numbers and national debts. Just like in Argentina, top political leaders routinely use their power to crush their political opponents, no matter what the cost to society. And just like with Kirchner, political tyrants everywhere will do absolutely anything to stay in power, even if it means announcing government mandates to be enforced at gunpoint.

Kirchner, like many other dictatorial tyrants throughout history, is an egomaniacal murdering criminal who is best dealt with through the use of a short rope and a tall tree. The best message Kirchner could possibly announce to her countrymen at this point would be the message that is broadcast by having a corrupt, criminal regime ex-tyrant swinging in the breeze without a pulse. Only then will the hard-working people of Argentina get what they truly deserve: SOMEONE ELSE other than Kirchner at the helm.

Let it be known that the day the Kirchner regime is removed from power — and this evil woman is marched through the streets to face the people whose lives she has ruined — will be a day of great celebration for liberty and justice around the world. To all those in Argentina who are right now fighting against the criminal regime of Kirchner, let it be known that there are many of us here in the USA who are praying and cheering for your victory against tyranny.

May you achieve victory and rid yourself of the putrid parasite known as Kirchner.

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