Democrat Sen. Kyrsten Sinema has become one of only three Democrats to cross the aisle and join Republicans in the push for a program that would quickly deport migrants found making false asylum claims.

Sinema signed on with fellow Democrats Joe Manchin, W.Va., and Doug Jones, Ala, who joined Senate Republicans in approving the Department of Homeland Security’s Operation Safe Return, Fox News reported.

The policy would reform and speed current reviews of asylum claims but also quickly deport those found to be making false claims, Homeland said.

“Through this program, we expect that we can meet our commitments to humanitarian protections while ensuring proper efficiency, timeliness, order, and fairness in the credible fear screening process,” a Senate letter outlined. “We also expect that Operation Safe Return will help us examine current process deficiencies, identify required increases in capacity, and understand the drivers of migration.”

The plan will remove false asylum seekers in 15 days if they do not meet the criteria of “credible fear” or their lives if they return home.

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An AP report sheds light on the inner workings of the migrant camps where children are well cared for.

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