Democrats in Arizona are still fuming over the four- to five-hour lines faced by primary voters and other signs of voter suppression. They’ve called for the Justice Department to conduct an investigation and correct any unfair regulations, and to do so before the November election. The White House will, at some point, have to respond thanks to a petition, but it’s still not clear when or what actions they will take.

“Let’s be clear – voter suppression happened.”

That was the unambiguous statement from U.S. Rep. Ruben Gallego at a press conference on Thursday, according to Fox News Latino. He later added that what was left to understand is if it was intentional or not, and how to fix the problem.

The frustration stems from the long lines faced by voters on March 24 in the state’s Democratic Presidential Preference election. Particularly bad was Maricopa County, which had 200 polling stations in 2012, but only has 60 now. Republican officials, who reduced the number stations, say it was a measure to cut costs.

But according to voters, not only did they have to wait four- to five-hours in line, many of them could not even cast ballots afterwards. At least 20 Democratic voters contacted the Arizona Democratic Party to complain.

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