Joe Biggs interviews two local ranchers out of Hereford, Arizona, who think the border situation is a planned event by our government, and that our border security is meant to be a complete failure.

“They took agents off the border because it’s a force multiplier,” border rancher John Ladd tells Infowars, regarding an Arizona Border Patrol station which lies further inland. “They’re 25 miles north on the freeway, and everything that’s happened is deliberate to let this border be wide open.”

“We’ve been screaming for 20 years,” says rancher Fred Davis. “We’ve been overrun for 20 years, and nobody has listened, they thought it was our problem.”

Citing concerns over reports that many illegals are harboring communicable diseases, in addition to surging immigration numbers, Davis warns the U.S. economy cannot possibly sustain.

“The diseases these people are bringing in, and the drain on our systems are going to be phenomenal. The infrastructure of America cannot handle this influx.”

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