An armed militia patrolled the streets in Kenosha, Wisconsin, last night to stop looters and rioters, newly surfaced video reveals.

The footage, hosted on YouTube by Concealed Nation, captured the second night of chaos and destruction by fire on the streets that ruined private property the night before.

“That guy is running around with a machine gun, yelling at people, and these people got guns I guarantee you that’s not gonna end well,” said the cameraman walking by the militia and an intense fire. “Meanwhile, you got another structure fire going on [across the street], that building butts up against a residential neighborhood, let me make that very clear.”

“So I really do pray the fire department… They need to get the fire department here… If that spreads it’s going to hit the residence.”

Alongside looting, setting buildings ablaze appeared to be the choice action of the agitators.

Notably, the buildings not seen surrounded by armed people were set on fire.

“This is insane, they’re just burning buildings down left and right,” lamented the cameraman.

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