Two armed men accused of attempting to rob a pharmacy in Maryland this week were forced to flee the store after the owner pulled his firearm.

Wasim Amir, owner and pharmacist at Karemore Pharmacy in Princess Anne, is being called a hero after scaring off the duo on Monday.

“As soon as they came in I was ready to shoot,” Amir told 47ABC.

Amir says the incident began after the two suspects, 22-year-old’s Cody King and Justin Bull, ordered one customer to the ground and all employees to put their hands in the air.

“I looked through the window and I saw my pharmacists and staff holding their hands in the air so I realized it looked like a robbery so before I see anything else I pulled out my gun,” Amir said.

While attempting to shoot the pair, Amir says he fired his revolver and struck a window, causing the two men to run from the building.

“We never had anything like that you know, no incidents like this but when they came I was ready, I was prepared,” Amir said.

An employee called the police shortly after, who were able to arrest both suspects. Police also confirmed that neither men fired their own weapons.

Local residents were shocked that such an event would take place in their small town.

“I was like, ‘Oh my God,’ I mean you don’t expect it right here in your own hometown,” Bonnie Martin told 47ABC.

The two men have since been charged with armed robbery, robbery and conspiracy to commit armed robbery.

Although shaken up, Amir says he and his employees are grateful that the men are now behind bars.

“I’m glad that they arrested them, and they are in their custody now so we’re relieved,” Amir said.

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