Army officials are searching for a 5-foot-long, 100-pound dummy missile that fell off an Apache helicopter last Friday over upstate New York.

The Post-Standard reported that as of Monday, Army officials at Fort Drum had been for several days searching unsuccessfully for the lost M36 Captive Flight Training Missile, which bears a close resemblance to the Hellfire missile.

The training missile dropped from the helicopter during a flight from Fort Drum in Jefferson County to Stewart International Airport in New Windsor, Orange County, in New York. While Apache helicopters have retraced the route of the original helicopter, the missile still has yet to be located, according to a spokesman for Fort Drum.

Painted with “U.S. Army” on the side, the missile is non-explosive and is typically used to simulate the weight of actual missiles when strapped to a helicopter during flight. It does not pose a risk to the public.

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