September 12, 2009

[efoods]We have a warning for everyone in Greece. Don’t be alarmed by what you see Saturday morning. Your town is not under attack. We’re not sure there’s a lot of people that know about this, but soldiers are going to be landing in the town early Saturday morning.

It’s a military exercise by the 401st civil affairs battalion — the army reserve unit based in Webster. Chinook and Black Hawk helicopters are going to fly over the city and into Greece and drop the soldiers at the town hall grounds. After that the soldiers will drive around the town in their army humvees. The point is to train. The 401st is a unit that tries to help war torn communities build back up both physically and emotionally. So Saturday the soldiers will have one on one meetings with Greece police, public works people, fire fighters and teachers. Those are the same people they meet overseas. The one main concern now is not frightening people.

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